About Us

Welcome to boardsrider.com !

We are 2 friends who are equally interested in outdoor sports like Skateboarding, Longboarding, Hoverboarding and Snowboarding  from school life. We used to read blogs about these sports, try our own different sports techniques & equipment’s. We thought why not to share our gathered knowledge about these sports with more people!

That’s why we have started the blog named boardsrider.com through which we can share our knowledge, interest, experience, and recommendation about outdoor sports and sports-related equipment.

Our Mission

There are many people who like outdoor sports like us. But lack of knowledge as well as informative guides from experts, making them not giving a try.

Why not get you out and enjoy the sports which give tremendous pleasure and greater refreshment!

That’s why we have come up with some mission to provide:

  • Ultimate guidelines, that helps you to choose sports-related products and equipment’s professionally.
  • Tips and tricks to use to ensure better skill in sports
  • Answers of the FAQs that you might be searching for
  • Reviews of the products that are considered the best picks in some aspects, like price ranges, designs, quality, functions, and so on.

We focus on the product review section most because people make mistakes while buying products that suit their needs and also buy products from unreliable brands that result in a poor experience and ruin the enjoyment that would be gained otherwise.

Whichever it ends with wasting your precious time and efforts, receiving nothing but just a useless, trashy item.

Not to mention that some products are very costly. If they don’t match your demand then it’s no different than throwing your money to ditch.

So, we are here to offer you the thoughts and recommendations of the best products only. We pick them based on our years of experience and research on the products and recommend to buy only if we find them useful and best quality to our readers.

In boardsrider.com we give priority to your safety first and suggest those products that are less prone to accident.

Our Team

1.Mostafa Rafid, Founder and editor

I am Mostafa Rafid, one of the founders of boardsrider.com, a skateboarder for over 4 years. I like and love to skate out when I get time and enjoy my riding very much. I have tested more than 50 Skateboards and Longboards of different brands during my whole skateboarding life. I know the skateboards well as I live on the Skateboard and ride on Skateboards.

If you are looking forward to buying a skateboard for you, don’t know which one is suitable for you and want suggestions, then you are in the right place.

I have recommended the best skateboards and accessories that will help you to make the best buying decisions and also shared different tricks and tips to ride properly and safely. You will enjoy reading and learning the tricks.

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2. D.M Shahed, Founder and editor

I am D.M.Shahed, another one founders of boardsrider.com, who loves to ride Hoverboards and Snowboards. I have been riding Hoverboards for more than 6 years. I love Hoverboards and that’s the reason I have collected for more than 15 of them from different brands for myself. I go to my University on my Hoverboard and take it anywhere I go. I have experience and knowledge about Hoverboards and thought that there are many people seeking information about it in the world.

So, I with my friend Mostafa Rafid have built a site to provide valuable information about Hoverboards and accessories.

I have shared all the tricks and tips about Hoverboarding that i gained from my long-time experience on boardsrider.com and have recommended the best products and accessories necessary for efficient and pleasure ride on the site.

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Thank You

We are very happy that you want to know about us and have read about us. Thank you for visiting our website and provide value to our ratings and recommendations. We appreciate your attempt and hope for the best riding experience for you.

We are always ready to help you. Please feel free to Contact Us whenever you face any problem riding your boards.

At the very end, finding a good place to share your interest is like getting the best mate. Isn’t it right? Share the experiance with us. We are egarly looking forward hearing from you.