Longboard Accessories

15 Best Longboard Trucks 2022 |14th is Good Quality Low Price

A longboard truck can make or break your game. Having a subpar truck will jeopardize your performance. Similarly, the best trucks for longboarding with quality will help you take your game to the next level. Your skills and the quality of the board are certainly …

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Best Downhill Longboard Wheels In 2022 | Buying Guide (Updated)

Whether you are an Adrenalin junkie that just enjoys downhill racing or you want to lose weight by adding skateboarding to your workout plan; you need downhill longboard wheels. Getting the ideal set guarantees your safety, enjoyment, and saves money too. This post will help …

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Top 8 Best Longboarding Shoes In 2022 | With Buying Guide

Longboarding is the funniest activity and excellent transport to get you around in short and long distances. Just take the longboard, wear good longboarding shoes and ride it anywhere. However, choosing shoes for longboarding can be tricky. And there’s a lot to consider in getting …

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