Best Jeans For Skateboarding in 2022 | Check Top Picks

Best Jeans For Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not all about jumping onto the longboard or skateboard and starting motion. Your speed and tricks will not only be determined by how much you are good at skating, or by how experienced you are, but also by what you are wearing.   How heavy are the jeans, and how easy can you stretch your legs out for support if you lost balance?  Do the … Read more

Top 8 Best Longboarding Shoes In 2022 | With Buying Guide

Best Shoes For Longboarding

Longboarding is the funniest activity and excellent transport to get you around in short and long distances. Just take the longboard, wear good longboarding shoes and ride it anywhere. However, choosing shoes for longboarding can be tricky. And there’s a lot to consider in getting appropriate longboarding footwear that would not cause unnecessary accidents when … Read more

Top 9 Thrilling SwagTron Hoverboard Reviews 2022

SwagTron Hoverboard Reviews

Transportation has advanced a lot and is continuously being improved by technology. One of the newest additions is the hoverboards which are also referred to as the self-balancing scooters. Some of the benefits of using a hoverboard are that they are eco-friendly, reduce traffic, and get you faster from point A to point B than … Read more

Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo Hoverboard – Which One is the Best for You? (A comparison Review in 2022)

Hover 1 VS Tomoloo

The idea of riding a hoverboard hovers back to the era of the 1980s’. However, it did take quite some time to convert the ideology into reality permanently. And, you can’t argue with the delay as well. A hoverboard is, indeed, a piece of dreamful art. So, the time-taking was quite natural. Since their availability … Read more