Top 8 Best Longboarding Shoes In 2021 | Detailed Review & Buying Guide

Longboarding is the funniest activity and excellent transport to get you around in short and long distances. Just take the longboard, wear good longboarding shoes and ride it to anywhere.

However, choosing the  shoes for longboarding can be tricky. And there’s a lot to consider in getting appropriate longboarding footwear that would not cause unnecessary accidents when you’re on the ride.  

If you are on the hunt for good longboard shoes, this detailed article on Best Longboarding Shoes has everything you’re looking for. And you will be glad to find long lasting longboarding shoes ever.

All types of shoes compiled here are from the world’s leading companies like Adidas, Nike, Converse, Vans, etc.

So you can even choose according to your desired level and style.

No matter how experienced you are, regular shoes won’t allow you to control the longboarding speed accurately. Thus you have to opt for suitable shoes. When having a longboard shoe, you’ll get assured that you are protected in case of falls or accidents.

Either you ride affordable electric longboard or casual longboard, you need longboard shoes for better experience.

Every part is designed explicitly for longboarding. They are also padded in sensitive areas like toes and heels.

Above all, longboarding shoes are made of durable material that can handle both smooth and rough terrain. Longboarding shoes ensure traction and grip for controlling the board as you want. Whether you are commuting or going for downhill longboarding, longboard shoes are must for convenience and best experience. 

List Of Best Longboarding Shoes

You need best skate shoes that last a long time in duration.

Here’s the list of 9 durable skate shoes that we’ve compiled for you to choose from. Each of these products has highly recommended by thousands of users. So, this review will help you to get one that suits your budget and needs.

Detailed Review On Shoes For Longboarding

If you ride your longboard regularly, this authentic Vans longboarding shoes would be your best option. Vans Unisex is featured as top selling skate shoes in market. 

They’re made of very sturdy material that lasts for a long time. You can use them in mud or snow and still stay fairly. They have a rubber sole that doesn’t squeak. And they’re effortless to clean. 

So, if you’re looking for everyday longboard shoes, look no further. These can match any outfit, from jeans, track pants, and so forth. They’re super cute and stylish. If you want to gift someone, either your girlfriend or boyfriend, who is a longboard rider, these would be a great option. 

Above all, It is comfortabe whenever you are on a longboard ride. These skate shoes have heel padding to prevent your heels from developing blisters. They’re not that kind of shoes that cuts the back like a razor and gives sleepless nights whenever you wore them during the day. 


  • Unisex 
  • Stylish 
  • Affordable 
  • Very sturdy 
  • More comfortable 
  • Cushioned soles


  • No arch support 
  • The laces are pretty cheap. 

These are one of a kind genuine leather skate shoes.

This shoe offers you maximum comfort whether you are skating or you are just walking around. Its foam-padded collar and tongue offer you maximum support and protection on and off the longboard. It has vent holes for breathability, which makes this shoe ideal for summer. 

Grafik longboarding Shoes accommodate all people, especially those who can’t seem to keep a pair of shoes. Unlike other brands, this shoe is made with durable material; they are guaranteed to last for a very long time. It can survive under any weather condition.

Not only are these shoes comfortable, but they are also very convenient.

Moreover, they are available in all sizes, and everyone is able to find a pair that perfectly suits them. The best thing about Graffik shoes is that they are unisex, and even females can also rock these stylish shoes. 


  • Durable leather 
  • lightweight 
  • stylish 
  • strong rubber sole 
  • comfortable 
  • Good quality


  • Underside sole wears off 
  • Toe seam rips off 
  • Run small 
  • Long laces 

These are original sneakers from one of the top best-trusted brands that produce shoes.

These comfy unisex shoes come in a variety of beautiful colors. What you see is what you get, they look as precisely as they are pictured.  

These are perfect substitutes for regular Chucks. These Converse Chuck All Star are narrower and less bulky as compared to other regular All-Stars. To-go-to shoes when you need more protection.

Moreover, these are comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on and off. They look fabulous, especially for women with a cute summer dress. And this is the perfect shoe for imperfect feet, offers a wide range of sizes. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Perfect laces 
  • Nice design 
  • Fit perfectly well 
  • Wider design 


  • Nonresistant to water 
  • Glue comes off 
  • No arch support 
  • No impact resistance 
  • Soles wear out

Another recommended skate shoes Adidas Original Men’s Seely Sneaker are the beautiful Adidas original male shoes you can own.

You won’t go wrong with it as Adidas is the top brand of sports. And you can wear these choices on your daily longboarding. They are very comfortable and stylish as well. You can even wear them if you’re not longboarding. 

The sole is slightly firm, which helps to give a perfect ride. So if you need grippy shoes, these would be a great choice. They can fit like a glove if you get the right size for you. So be prepared for the floods of compliments whenever you get these. 

Furthermore, these Adidas sneakers withstand any weather conditions. Even if you’re living in a wet climate where shoes get dirty always, you can easily wash them. The great aspect is that they don’t wear out quickly or stain. And this shows the durability of the material used.  


  • Durable 
  • Stylish 
  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Very affordable 
  • Great sole 


  • A bit narrow 
  • Lack of padding 
  • They’re not softer  
  • Less arch support 

Unlike other shoes that are fashion statements, globe fusion skate shoes are real deals.

It is designed uniquely. Its tongue is an all-in-one as it connects to the heel collar. And this keeps the tongue in place whenever you are on the ride. 

They also have stretchable ankle bridge and thick ankle padding that you may feel like you are walking on cushions. Its outer part it’s so tough, so you can’t even get injuries with Globe Fusion skate shoe. 

Additionally, these shoes are triple stitched, which simply reflects its quality. Because stitching is what determines the durability of a product, also they’re lightweight, which will enable you to ride so faster. 


  • High quality 
  • Lightweight 
  • Triple stitched 
  • Synthetic uppers 
  • Very padded 
  • Very comfortable


  • Less heel supports 
  • Pretty squeaky 

These are one of the fantastic skate shoes you could get compliments on them.

They hold up amazingly, and you can even wear them without socks and still feel comfortable. If you have more shallow feet, these would be a great option as they won’t squish your feet.  

Furthermore, they can give you a comfortable ride since they don’t have laces to keep on pressing down. After all, the design and quality of these Vans are elegant. You can match with a variety of outfits and have a new look. The good thing is that they come in different colors so that you can choose your desired color.

This is a skate shoes with good arch support.


  • Super comfortable 
  • Very stylish 
  • Good quality 
  • Good arch support 
  • Very attractive 
  • Lightweight 
  • Thick sole 


  • Thin upper part 
  • Limited sizes 
  • Not waterproof 
  • It’s very narrow 

If you in the hunt for comfy shoes that are 100% leather, then DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes are for you. One classy shoe that is pure and simple, guaranteed to make you look good.

These shoes from DC are perfect, snug, and super comfortable. To find the ideal fit always get half the size up—the ideal shoe for everybody, even those who are not skaters. You can wear them anyway. 

The small grip circle at the bottom provides a bit of grip when it comes to oily and greasy surfaces.

On the other hand, the two breather holes on the side come in handy to eliminate odor and sweat. There is the best alternative to Vans. 


  • Brilliant quality 
  • Stylish 
  • Ample padding 
  • Durable leather 
  • Strong rubber soles 
  • Abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole 
  • Affordable 


  • Inside material wears off sometimes
  • No arch support 

Osiris is one of the top brands that are well known for creating high-top skate shoes.

Osiris men’s nyc 83 is among the best vulcanized skate shoes over there.

Vulcanized skate shoes are made of durable upper, textile lining and also have a removable cushioned insole. These stylish performance shoes offer extra comfort with their padded tongue and collar.  

These are definitely, one of a kind shoes that endeavor to protect your toes from harm’s way with the wraparound mid-sole with a textured toe bumper. This shoe is eye candy, and best believe, it would make a great present. These skate sneakers come along with black/white laces and an extra pair of orange laces to switch up anytime you like.  

The Vulcanized skate shoes are definitely that one shoe that fits right looks right, feels right, and is very comfy.

Even though there are strictly made for skateboarding, and you can still wear these shoes anywhere. To maintain them, you should stuff them with tissues to prevent slight caving. 


  • Durable 
  • Good quality 
  • Very stylish 
  • Wide selection 
  • comfortable 
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole 
  • Textured toe bumper 


  • Soles wear off 
  • Stitching comes off 
  • Squeak 
  • Too narrow 
  • Gets dirty easily 
  • Long laces 

Nike Men's Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe Review

If you want a smooth longboarding ride, these are the best options for you. Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe is crafted with leather and breathable upper for super comfortability. Its Vulc outsole provides traction, grip, and flexibility. It is among the good shoes for longboarding.

Even though they have a flat sole, they are padded on foot for providing extra comfortability. Therefore, you can comfortably wear these shoes all day long. And these shoes are made of high-quality materials which enables them to hold up properly to wear in all terrains. 


  • Great price 
  • Canvas 
  • Come with an extra pair of lace 
  • They’re super durable 
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Rubber outsole 
  • Flat heel height 


  • Limited sizes 
  • They’re too narrow 
  • Lacks heel support 

Buying Guide For Best Longboard Shoes

Before purchasing your longboarding shoes, there are some things to consider. Here we’ve outlined the essential aspects to help you get yourself that perfect pair to enhance your experience. 

1. Vulcanized Soles

When it comes to longboarding, Vulc shoes are more popular as they give a smooth ride. Vulcanized soles are similar to casual shoes. They are flexible, thinner, and lightweight. And they offer a better board feel for slides and grinds tricks. These shoes provide longboarders comfort while practicing different tricks with longboard.

Vulcanization is a specific construction process where the sole is adhered to the upper part of shoes by heating the rubber sole,without any stitch and gum. So you feel the board much better as there is only rubber between your feet and the board.

But they’re not cushioned as cup soles. Also vulcanized sole lack heel support as they are flat in shape, so if your heels bruise, you might consider cup soles.

Despite lacking padding, the vulcanized sole doesn’t easily absorb water. Thus, you can use it even in wet areas. 

Additionally, when compared to cup soles, vulcanized soles are less expensive. So, if you’re under a tight budget, need best budget skate shoes, they would be a great option. And most of them are so stylish.

2. Cupsoles

Cup sole is a type of construction of shoes where the upper and lower parts are separate. And they are sewn together provided a cup under your feet.

Cup soles are what most longboarders describe as the answer to their wishes. A shoe specifically designed to please you in terms of comfort. This type of shoes offers great support to the feet and ankles. They are protective of your feet because of the padding in the shoe. 

However, despite all the manufacturing additives for your Cupsoles shoes, they are harder to break in than the vulcanized soles. Cupsoles shoes, also, reduce your feelings of the board as well as make the shoe heavier than the vulcanized counterparts make. They are also understandably more expensive.

Decks are attached to trucks of longboard which must be pressed down while riding to ensure speed and safety. Cup-soles help longboarders in this aspect.

3. High tops, mid-tops, and low tops

All longboarding shoes and casual shoe cuts fall under these broad categories. It might be a headache for you to choose which one is perfect for you. I am going to split down for you to get what comes with each one. 

  • High tops 

The ones with the highest cut, usually encompassing the ankle. They give you more stability when you wear them. Most usually comes with additional padding for your comfort, safety, and protection. Naturally, they are warmer, making them ideal for winter times but might be a problem when it comes to breathing.  

  • Mid tops 

Mid tops, as the name suggests, are lower than high tops and higher than low tops. They usually ride up to or just below the ankles. They guarantee you more padding than the low tops, more stability, and flexibility than the high tops. Suitable for season transition. 

  • Low tops 

The peoples’ shoe is what I will call it. Low tops are the standard and most common shoe cut in the sneaker world. They guarantee you more flexibility as they are lightweight due to reduced padding and material.  Low tops are best for cruising longboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do longboarding shoes last?

Longboarding shoes can last for five years or more if the shoes are made of high-quality materials. However, if the quality is poor, they can only last for a few months. Thus, it is advisable to try out well-known brands. Also, lasting of longboard shoes depends on the sturdiness of longboard as well as how much you ride it.

Are skateboard and longboard shoe the same?

Skateboard shoes are the same with longboard shoes. Skate shoes are designed to accommodate both skateboard and longboard users since these sports all require comfortability whenever you're on the ride. And their interior and exterior materials are intended to protect and withstand any abuse.

Are converse good for longboarding?

Converse are good for longboarding because all shoes that work perfectly for skateboarding also do to longboarding. Some particular models, like Converse CONS, are designed to accommodate both longboard and skateboard users. These two types of sports mostly require comfortability. And Converse made of a material that meets the needs of the interior and exterior of the shoe.

What are the best shoes for longboarding?

Mid tops are the best shoes for longboarding. They offer comfortability ride because the backside of the shoe doesn't scratch when you are pushing. Also, high sidewalls shoes are ideal for protecting your feet when you're sliding.

Can I longboard on other shoes?

You shouldn't longboard on other shoes because those shoes won't be designed for longboarding. Some regular sneakers are painful in such that you'll be feeling the board. And they're not safe since they would be not cushioned, and it would be difficult for you to control your longboard's speed. Regular sneakers don't provide heel and ankle support.

Final Comments

While going through this post, I’m sure you have already picked one pair that suits your needs out of these best-selling skate shoes. You won’t spend other tons of research again since this guide has detailed everything. So just go ahead and get yourself fabulous skate shoes.

If you like it please share this post with your fellow longboard riders. 

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