15 Best Longboard Trucks for the Money (Updated 2020)

best longboard trucks

A longboard truck can make or break your game. Having a subpar truck will jeopardize your performance. Similarly, the best trucks for longboarding with quality will help you take your game to the next level. Your skills and the quality of the board are certainly important but so is the truck.

The truck that comes with the board often lacks in quality. We suggest that you equip the longboard with a truck to bring out your best performance. However, it’s not easy to get the perfect longboard truck as there are tons to choose from.

To help you jump start with the process, we have come up with the best longboard trucks in the market. All these trucks are top of the line and they’ll surely help to bring out your best performance. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks of longboard trucks for cruising, carving, sliding, turning, freestyle, speed, free-ride, dancing, etc.

Our Top Picks Longboard Trucks

  1. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  2. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Review
  3. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  4. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks
  5. Independent Stage 11 Flat 4 Cross Single Standard Skateboard Trucks
  6. SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set
  7. Cal 7 180mm Trucks
  8. Speed 5″ Turbo Trucks Set
  9. BEAR Grizzly Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  10. VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  11. Owlsome Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo
  12. Mini-Logo Skateboards 7.6-Inch Trucks
  13. Caliber Trucks II Forty-Four 184mm
  14. CORE Skateboard Trucks
  15. Paris Savant 180mm 43° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Top 15 Worth Buying Longboard Trucks In 2020

best longboard trucks

#1. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks review

If you’re looking for the best longboard truck for cruising and carving then this bad boy is the perfect choice for you. This truck set comes as a package with wheels and bearing. Sounds like a great deal, right?

Despite the budget-friendly price tag, in terms of quality, this will surely outperform many other expensive skateboard trucks out there. The trucks are constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy. It also features 90A PU bushing along with HD7 reverse kingpin that offers excellent stability and control. It can be your best budget longboard trucks

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks review

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The Yocaher Longboard trucks come in nine different color variations so that you can pick the best one to match your longboard. The bearings that come with this package have a rating of ABEC 5 and these are pre-lubricated with chrome for smooth and comfortable riding experience.


  • Comes as a set with wheels and bearings
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Adjustable trucks
  • Variety of color options
  • Suitable for carving and cruising


  • Not suitable for speedy rides


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#2. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks for Cruising

The Gullwing Sidewinder II is highly raved by professional skaters and it is hands down one of the best trucks for cruising. The trucks have a solid construction with excellent durability. These are available in three different colors: black, orange, and silver to match your longboard or skateboard.

Best Longboard Trucks for cruising

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One feature that helps to stand out these trucks from others is that they have two separate kingpins. This will allow you to have two separate points of turns and enable you to surf effortlessly.

However, you can also make it a single kingpin truck by taking out the middle joint. This will let you have the standard kingpin truck with a 10-inch wide hanger.

These trucks also come with barrel bushing and cone bushing. The duo of these bushing helps you to make smooth turns while carving and cruising on the road.


  • Excellent durability
  • Comes in three color variants
  • Unique design with two kingpins
  • Barrel and cone bushing for better stability


  • Expensive

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#3. Paris V2 180mm 50°  Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Trucks

The Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks are phenomenal in terms of durability and performance. These are an outstanding choice having a smooth ride and they’re one of the best freestyle longboard trucks.

The trucks are made using virgin aluminum. They need to go through extensive procedures to enhance the quality of the trucks. Also, it includes grade 8 steel axles, pressed-in kingpins for added strength.

Paris V2 Longboard Trucks reviewCheck Price On Amazon

The trucks come with Paris’s signature stock 90a urethane bushing. The quality of the bushing needs no explanation as they’ll let you enjoy a smooth and safe ride. It features a 6-hole base-plate that supports both old-school and new-school mounting options.

As these babies are made to last so, Paris is quite generous when it comes to warranty. The trucks come to a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy your rides to the fullest.


  • 6 color options
  • Incredible durability
  • Made with virgin aluminum
  • Universal 6-hole base-plate
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some users experienced squeaky noise


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#4. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP – Best Longboard Trucks for Freestyle

If you’re looking for trucks with innovative design with top-notch performance then the Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks are the one for you. These trucks come in a set of two with a whopping 16 different color shades.

Along with the incredible design, the trucks also offer remarkable durability. Caliber incorporated new in-hour heat treatment that has enhanced the strength of the trucks up to 40%. The unique bushing seats will provide you higher stability on all kinds of terrains.

Best Longboard Trucks for Freestyle

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Caliber has been constantly trying to up their game and this one provides much higher quality than its predecessors. It has a circular kingpin with a diameter of 17.4mm that works outstanding well for speedy rides and freestyles.


  • 16 color options
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Suitable for speedy rides
  • Suitable for all terrains and weather conditions
  • Quality bushing seats with excellent stability


  • Bearings are not sturdy

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#5. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks for Speed

The Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks are quite underrated, but we cannot rave enough about these trucks. These trucks are one of the best for turning and speedy rides. The unique design of the trucks will let you have the utmost control over the board even on rough and curved terrains.

best Longboard Trucks for Speed

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These are made with high-quality materials that can endure some heavy abusive without deteriorating its quality. Despite the budget-friendly price tag, it can put the other high-end brands to shame with its incredible performance.

The bushing is made with the optimum amount of comfort and stability. You can ride like a pro and have a proper balance on the board while cruising on the road. It’ll help you enhance your longboarding skills and enable you to perform better with its incredible stability.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft bushing with optimum stability
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • High-quality Chromoly steel axle
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Comes in only one color

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#6. SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

If you’re looking for the perfect combo set to pair up with your longboard then this baby is the perfect choice for you. The set comes with silver-colored trucks and neon green wheels. These are available in only a single color and it may not match up to everyone’s preference. The trucks are compatible with most longboards out there.

The set comes with a pair of trucks. ABEC9 bearings and 70mm wheels to go along with it. The trucks and wheels are suitable for cruising around. However, if you plan to take them downhill or on rough terrains then these may not be the right choice for you.

SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Trucks review

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The truck comes up with a 7″ hanger and a steel axle that adds up to its sturdiness. Considering the price range, this one is surely one of the top longboard trucks out there at a budget-friendly price.


  • Comes with wheels and axle
  • Lucrative design
  • Includes ABEC9 bearing
  • Compatible with most longboards


  • Not suitable for rough terrains

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#7. Cal 7 180mm Trucks review

This one here is one of the most budget-friendly combo set. It not only comes with trucks but also includes wheels, bearings, and hardware. It comes in tons of different colors that keep your options open to match up your board with the perfect one.

The trucks are made with solid aluminum that helps them to last a long time on all terrains and weather conditions. It features a 50mm baseplate that helps you to make smoother and faster turns.

Cal 7 longboard Trucks review

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You’ll also get grade 8 axles that are constructed with top-quality virgin aluminum. The axles will provide you additional strength along with help you ride effortlessly on all types of surfaces.

The Cal 180mm truck set includes wheelsets with a size of 70 x 51mm. These PU leather wheels will help you cruise around and enhance your longboarding skills.


  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of color selection
  • High-quality trucks and wheels
  • Smooth bearings


  • Subpar kingpin

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#8. Speed 5″ Turbo Trucks Set

Durability is one of the strongest traits of the Speed 5″ Turbo Trucks Set. These are made with 100% metal alloy that gives it a superior finish with remarkable longevity. The truck set also comes with screws made by Phillips to make the installation process more convenient and sophisticated.

The trucks incorporate a 5-inch hanger and a 7.63-inch axle to make it suitable for a wide variety of longboards. However, the manufacturer recommends the trucks to be fitted with deck sizes of 7.5-inches, 7.63-inches, and 7.75-inches.

Speed 5 Turbo Trucks review

This truck set has a durable and robust construction. Therefore, you can ride the longboard easily on all types of surface conditions with the help of this truck set. So, if you have a narrow board and you’re looking for longboard trucks for freeride then this set is the perfect option for you.


  • Durable aluminum alloy finish
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Solid screws made by Phillips


  • Not suitable for wide boards

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#9. BEAR Grizzly Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly is one of the most prominent names in the longboarding/skateboarding world. They come at a super affordable price tag and offers outstanding performance. These trucks are available in a myriad of color options to give your longboard the best possible outlook.

The trucks have a solid construction and they’re suitable for different types of riding styles. It’s made with highly durable materials that can take some heavy beatings without a hitch. The trucks have a 181mm axle that lets you have a smooth riding experience regardless of your skill level.

BEAR Grizzly Longboard Trucks reviewThe baseplate of the trucks has a slightly different design than the regular trucks out there. The manufacturer came up with this innovative design to reduce the weight of the trucks.

The baseplates have a sturdy construction as well. Overall, the BEAR Grizzly Gen 5 is one of the best longboard trucks for sliding and turning.


  • Highly durable
  • Available in various colors
  • Suitable for sliding and turning
  • Adjustable baseplate


  • The kingpin is non-removable

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#10. VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks – best downhill longboard trucks

If you’re in search of the best longboard for downhill, then this will be the perfect buy for you. The trucks have a solid virgin grade aluminum finish. This makes them highly durable and suitable for all types of weather conditions.

It features a 7-inch hanger and a 9.75-inch axle. All these components will let you have the best longboarding experience with little effort. You can perform various tricks and enhance your skills with these trucks equipped on your longboard.

best downhill longboard trucksThe trucks are suitable for boards with wheel sizes ranging from 70mm to 86mm. The 90A bushing offers the utmost stability and comfort even when you’re riding downhill. It incorporates a 6-hole baseplate design that ensures that they fit in most drilling patterns.

The installation process is super simple and easy. All the necessary tools and accessories are provided with the board to help with the mounting process.


  • Suitable for riding downhill
  • Durable finish
  • 6-hole universal mounting design
  • Virgin grade aluminum construction


  • Available in only two colors

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#11. Owlsome Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo review

The lightweight construction with superior performance has made the Owlsome Longboard trucks one of our top choices longboard trucks. It has an aluminum alloy coating that helps to increase the durability as well as the looks of the trucks.

These trucks come in a combo set with wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. It’s a great choice for the beginners who’re looking for a budget-friendly set with all the necessary components. The design of the trucks is simple yet elegant. The wheel is made with funky colors that will add up to the beauty of your longboard and can be the best longboard trucks and wheels.

Owlsome Longboard Trucks review

The Owlsome trucks feature a 5.25-inch hanger that helps you have a smooth and convenient riding experience. Also, the 8-inch axles are with Carson steel that provides incredible durability. The 53mm wheel comes with rising pads that will help you have a smooth ride even on the bumpiest road.


  • Affordable
  • Highly durable axle and hanger
  • Ensures that you have a carefree ride on all terrains
  • Includes wheels and bearings
  • Aluminum alloy finish


  • The screws tend to wear out with time

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#12. Mini Logo Trucks Review

The Mini-Logo trucks are made with high-quality material that will ensure you have the best longboarding experience. The trucks offer ultra-high performance that offers incredible strength and stability.

It has a lightweight construction with aluminum alloy design. Mini-logo has also incorporated the trucks with high rebound bushings and premium quality axles. Their urethane bushing is one of the finest in the market and they are an excellent choice for cruising and carving around the town.

Mini-Logo Skateboards Trucks review

The design of the trucks is quite simple and straightforward. It comes in only silver color which may not suit everyone’s preference. One of the best features of these trucks is that they come with a lifetime warranty. No matter where you go, rest assured that the trucks will let you have the best riding experience.


  • Quality finish with incredible durability
  • Urethane bushing offers excellent stability
  • Premium quality axles
  • Suitable for cruising around


  • Available in only one color

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#13. Caliber Trucks II Forty-Four 184mm 

We have got another gem by Caliber to make your longboarding journey an utter bliss. These trucks are best suited for riding downhills as well as cruising around the town. Caliber has come up with innovative technologies and these trucks offer much better performance than its predecessors.

Caliber Trucks review

The trucks are made with a high-quality alloy that offers phenomenal durability. Also, Caliber has come up with the new in-house heat treatment to provide the trucks with extra strength. This will ensure that you ride like a pro even on the roughest terrain without deteriorating the quality of the board or the trucks.

It comes with a 17.4mm kingpin that allows you to take smooth turns. You’ll achieve a better response rate with higher accuracy during your rides. The trucks also have reinforced baseplate to obtain greater strength and resistance against impacts.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Offers better strength
  • Provides better control on the longboard
  • Designed for riding downhill


  • No color variation

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#14. CORE Skateboard Trucks

If you’re picky about colors and can’t find the perfect match for your longboard, then you’re in for a treat. The CORE Skateboard Trucks come in tons of different colors and designs. The trucks not only have a great outlook, but they also provide outstanding performance.

It is one of the best cheap longboard trucks, you’ll not have to worry about the quality of the product. The trucks have an aluminum alloy construction with lightweight built-quality. You can surf freely without the trucks weighing out the board.

core skateboard Trucks review

These trucks incorporate premium quality bushing that provides the ultimate support. You can ride with the utmost comfort and convenience. The trucks are fully assembled in the USA. Therefore, you can completely rely on them without worrying about their quality.


  • Myriad of color options and designs
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Lightweight construction
  • Quality bushing


  • Not suitable for rough terrains

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#15. Paris Savant 180mm 43° Best Longbord Trucks for Dancing

Getting the Paris Savant trucks may seem like a splurge in the beginning. However, if you’re looking for the best dancing longboard trucks then this pair is the best option for you. It’s made with high-quality virgin grade aluminum for extra strength and durability.

Paris Savant Longboard Trucks reviewParis makes no compromise when it comes to the quality of their products. The trucks incorporate inner and outer speed rings that help to keep the longboard wheels aligned. Also, the trucks feature axle’s signature “captive axle lock” that ensures the screws are always tightened up securely.

These trucks have a tight bushing seat and race pivot that are perfect for a speedy ride. They are also one of the best dancing longboard trucks due to their precision design and strong build quality.


  • Made with high-quality virgin grade aluminum
  • Top-notch axle and hanger
  • Sturdy design
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for speedy rides and dancing


  • Expensive

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The Main Components of a Longboard Truck

Kingpin: The kingpin is a large bolt that is equipped inside the longboard bushing. The purpose of the kingpin is to hold all the truck parts together.

Bushing: The bushing is the soft urethane ring that’s equipped around the kingpin. It helps to move the board turning turns and help you maneuver the board effortlessly.

Axle: The axle of the truck is the long pin that runs through the hanger. The axle stays attached to the wheels.


Buying Guide

Factors to be Considered Before Buying the Best Trucks For Longboard


The kingpin is a large pin that holds different components of the truck altogether. Having a quality kingpin will make a huge difference in your overall riding experience. There are two types of kingpins: standard and reverse.


The standard kingpin faces towards the center of the board. This kingpin is essential for riders who prefer doing tricks on their board. These pins are more suitable for performing tricks as the bolt doesn’t clash with the grinds on the rails.


Reverse kingpins are faced toward the front of the board. They are generally used on the longboards due to their high responsiveness rate. They also enable the rider to have better stability and control on the board.


The bushing is the cushioning between all moving parts of the board. The hardness level of the bushing varies from truck to truck. Harder bushing refers that the truck has a stiffer built and you’ll need to learn more to make a turn. Whereas, a softer bushing will help you make the turns quickly and effortlessly.


The baseplate is the equipment that connects the truck to the deck. The purpose of the baseplate is to evenly distribute the weight of the rider around the deck. This will allow the rider to move smoothly and comfortably. Also, it will enable the rider to have better stability while riding the longboard.


The hanger connects the wheels to the body of the truck. The quality of your ride heavily relies on the quality of the hanger. Make sure that the hanger of the truck is made with high-quality material to ensure the utmost durability. The quality of the hanger is highly crucial if you perform tricks with the longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) On The Best Trucks Longboard

1. What is the difference between a skateboard truck and a longboard truck?

Ans: Longboard trucks have a T-shaped design and it’s mounted at the bottom of the deck. The purpose of connecting the longboard trucks and skateboard trucks are similar. However, the longboard trucks are slightly wider compared to the skateboard trucks.

Longboard trucks are also known as a reverse kingpin as the axle is situated at the side of the kingpin, unlike a skateboard truck. Also, these trucks also have a more rugged and robust bushing as the longboards are designed for speedy and freestyle riders.

2. Why does the truck make a squeaky noise during turns?

Ans: Sometimes the trucks make a squeaking noise while cruising or carving. If you face such an issue, then tie up the truck with duct tape. This will help to minimize the noise to a great extent.

3. Can I put longboard trucks on a cruiser?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, the longboards have a larger deck size. So. the trucks are also bigger compared to regular cruiser sizes.

4. Do trucks come with hardware?

Ans: Trucks come with hardware required to connect the axle and hanger. However, they don’t include the hardware that is needed to attach the trucks to the deck.

5. Should longboard trucks be loose or tight?

Ans: There are pros and cons with both the finish. Tight trucks will not allow you to make turns on tight spaces. You’ll also not be able to slide properly with a pair of tight trucks. Tight trucks with longboards are a bad combination as it may get hard to move the board during turns.

On the other hand, a loose truck will make it hard for you to carve. Also, the board will wobble when you ride at a high speed.

Final Thoughts

Longboarding offers tons of fun and excitement. Having the right board with the right truck will take your performance up a notch. We understand how daunting it can be to find the proper truck to go with your board.

In this article, we have gathered the best longboard trucks, most of them will work with an electric longboard, out there for various riding styles. Be it for cruising around the city or for dancing, we have reviewed it all for your convenience. So, pick your best match and get ready to have the best riding experience of your life.

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