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Top 6 Best All Terrain Hoverboard In 2020 | Tried & Tested Review

Best All Terrain Hoverboard

Getting the best all terrain hoverboard can be a challenging task. More people are looking for an adventurous experience away from their usual indoor floors, smooth pavements, and sidewalks.  

The standard hoverboards are not capable of giving them this experience. They usually have small wheels and frame. Their motors are also not powerful enough to produce the speed and torque you require on rough surfaces.  

Here enter the all-terrain hoverboardsThese beasts will offer you what you need in terms of speed, wheel size, safety, weight limit, frame construction, and durability.

However, before buying one, you need to do thorough research.  

In these all-terrain hoverboard review, we bring you genuine reviews of some of the best in the industry. We will highlight some of the great features that make the products amazing. Youll also get to know the user experience, pros, and cons of each product to help you make an informed decision. 

Without wasting time lets start the review !

Our Top Picks

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Detailed Review On Best Off-Road Hoverboard

Big-footed and heavy riders will find EPIKGO hoverboards quite appealing. Its powerful motors and wide wheels can take you anywhere you wish. 


  • 8.5 High tread tires 
  • UL2271 certified batteries 
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • Aluminum alloy body frame 
  • IP56 waterproof 
  • More foot space 
  • 400Wx2 motors 
  • Max. the climbing angle of 18 degrees 
  • 30 pounds 

User experience 

  • More space for your foot 
  • Travel over rough terrain 

Why you should buy the product?

EPIKGO hoverboard is yours to have if youve been looking for a bigger board that has amazing speeds. It is 30% bigger than most products out there.

Additionally, its robust motors are among the most powerful in the industry. 

Therefore, youll enjoy the larger foot space and stability as you ride over rough terrains. There’s no need to worry about it collapsing under your feet. It can sustain up to 240 pounds of weight. 

Epikgo All Terrain Hoverboard Footspace

The powerful motors can enable you to climb up to 18 degrees slopes. You only need 2 hours to charge the battery, thanks to its amazing technology fully. With a single charge, you can cover 10 miles over one hour.

The guys also gave great attention to your safety to ensure you enjoy your game without worries.  The UL-2272 certified hoverboard doesnt blow off while riding or charging. Its batteries are UL-2271 certified to provide power without causing explosions. Therefore, its among the best allterrain hoverboards for beginners and experienced riders.

They went through more than 160 tests to ensure they adhere to safety regulations. Therefore, both young ones and adults can enjoy a relaxing afternoon riding on these amazing hoverboards 

You can go anywhere with this board. Its wide high-tread tires can take you over hills with small pebbles, rough cracks, and also can ride the hoverboard on grass and gravel. 

Epikgo Hoverboard Tire


  • Safety prioritized 
  • More foot space 
  • More power than most brands  
  • High load capacity 
  • 30% larger than other brands 


Might be expensive for some people 

Its not easy to get a hoverboard that supports heavy individuals. After several searches, we spotted this one for you. Furthermore, it is among the most portable one in the market. 


  • 25.2V and 4Ah lithium-ion battery 
  • Dual 250W motors 
  • 2-3 hours charging  
  • In-built wireless speaker 
  • Max cruise speed of 6mph 
  • 8.5 all-terrain tire 
  • 3 selective driving modes 
  • Supports up to 264 pounds 
  • 15 degrees max climbing angle 

User experience 

  • Stable rides 
  • Safe rides 
  • Up to 3 modes of speed