Top 5 Best Hoverboard For Grass In 2020 | Honest Review (Updated)

Hoverboards go on grass

Hoverboards are fast, fun, and easy to ride on the road. However, are they just as good on grass?

Well, if you are looking to enjoy a ride on your lawn, you need the best hoverboard for grass.

Whether it is in your backyard or at the local park, which hoverboard will it be?

With the vast number of picks you have, the answer to your decision lies in this article. 

Well, the answer is yes hoverboards can go on grass if you purchase the right one.

The most preferably model that can provide you with a smooth ride is all-terrain hoverboard. Firstly a standard hoverboard was made for riding on smooth pavements and even ground exclusively.  

However, as hoverboards became more popular, people intended them for use on different grounds. Therefore, as they evolved, they now work on diverse kinds of terrain. Consequently, with the right hoverboard, you can enjoy a ride on grass. 

List Of Best Hoverboard For Grass In 2020

Detailed Review On Best Hoverboards For Lawn

If you are adventurous but tired of having to keep on the road, grab your Two dots hoverboard and get off the road to grass.


  • Built from carbon fiber 
  • 19.32 miles per full charge 
  • Wireless inbuilt Bluetooth speaker 
  • 9.32 miles per hour 
  • 36V, 4.0 Ah batteries 
  • It carries weight from 44lbs to 264lbs 
  • Ride sensor

It is a two-wheeled yellow hoverboard that is perfect for outdoor and off-road riding in any terrain.

Its 8.5-inch wheels offer the right balance for the hoverboard. It gives a sturdy and secure ride, even for kids. Are you worried about having to handle a torch when skating late at night? Guess what; this hoverboard has great lights light up the dark. 

For you to ensure a good balance, the Two dots hoverboard has sensors. These correspond with your body balance to support and keep you from falling over. So, no need to worry about the patches in your grass. You are up for the ride of a lifetime. 

Lamborgini Hoverboards all-terrain


  • Great for riding in any terrain 
  • Self-balancing 
  • Awesome look 
  • Better handling 
  • Multi-layered protection 
  • Unisex  
  • Improved safety features  


  • Mainly for beginners  

This Hover 1 light-weight hoverboard weighs only 24 pounds. However, though light in weight, it can carry a person with a maximum of 265 lbs.


  • Speed, 7.45 miles per hour 
  • 36V, 4Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker 
  • Battery indicator 
  • Carrying capacity of 265 lbs. 
  • Monitoring application 

The makers trust this hoverboard so well that it comes with a 90-day warranty. Therefore, you have more time to make sure you have value for money.

A fantastic phone application allows you to use your phone to monitor your hover music or battery life and other features. It also allows you to remotely access a few features and functions of your hoverboard on your phone. 

Hover-1 Titan wheels


  • Goes on grass or rocks 
  • Adjustable speed 
  • Comes with charger 
  • 90 days warranty 
  • Can attach the deluxe seat 
  • Inflated tires 
  • Quick charge 
  • Does not scratch easily 


  • Less control via an app 
  • Shorter battery duration 
  • Inadequate led lights 
  • Cannot move quickly off-road  

If you are fond of hilly areas or slopes, an Xpirit hoverboard is tailor-made just for you.


  • Wireless Bluetooth enabled Hoverboard 
  • 8.5-inch tires 
  • Top speed six miles per hour 
  • It carries from 32 up to 264 lbs. 
  • Li-ion battery 4.0Ah, 25.2V, 100.8WH 
  • 13.94 kg weight 

It’s designed to allow for a 15-degree slope. So if you have been yearning to go up and over hilly areas your Xpirit hoverboard and start climbing, aluminum bumper panels that stop it from running backward have fortified it—making it perfect for and safer on the slopes. 


  • Rides uphill  
  • Passed UL 2272 certification 
  • Good grip for off-road 
  • Sturdy 
  • Climbs up to 15-degree angles  
  • Good look 


  • The battery lasts about 45 mints 
  • Battery problems 

It has bright headlights making it perfect for night riders.


  • Dual motors 
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker 
  • Headlights 
  • Colorful LED lights 
  • Speed, 7.41 miles per hour. 
  • Lasts 3 hours after full charge 
  • 15.2 pounds of weight 
  • It carries from 33 up to 165 lbs. 

The wormhole also comes coupled with a Bluetooth wireless speaker guaranteeing you a groovy ride. It has a battery alert function that notifies you when the battery is running low, thus avoiding unexpected inconveniences. 

In order to minimize danger, the Wormhole has been tried and tested for safety.

Therefore worry less, ride more. No need to fuss about the rain, when you have a Wormhole hoverboard, it is safely protected by its waterproof structure. 

WORMHOLE Hoverboard Wheels


  • Safe 
  • Self-balancing 
  • Battery low warning 
  • Great for children 
  • Waterproof 
  • Can go on grass or sand 
  • Easy balance 
  • Lights sync with the music  
  • Lasting battery charge  


  • More comfortable for shorter people to ride 
  • Moves too fast 
  • Short battery life 

The Hoverstar hoverboard is suitable for men and women of all ages.


  • 200W power 
  • Chrome black color 
  • 6.35-inch wheels 
  • 6 to 10 miles per hour 
  • Charges for 2 to 3 hours 
  • It carries up to 165 lbs. 
  • Lithium ion battery 

It has modified durable covers that make them safer and better. This hoverboard comes as a package that includes a clear manual on how to operate it. A hoverstar also comes with its charger. 

If you are in the hunt for something fast and exciting to ride, look no further. Get yourself a good quality, chrome black Hoverstar hoverboard. It is beautifully decorated with LED lights that give it an awesome finish. It is also comes in affordable price within 200.


  • Self-balancing 
  • Wireless inbuilt Bluetooth speaker 
  • Greater stability 
  • Safety certified 
  • Additional LED lights  
  • Gleaming and attractive 
  • Comes with charger 
  • Suitable for all ages 


  • Common battery problems  
  • Can stop charging 

Final Comments

Which hoverboard you pick entirely depends on your choice and preference. Even though these hoverboards share quite several similar structures, other features are exclusive to certain hoverboards 

Therefore, select the best hoverboard for grass that suits your needs.

Do you need ride sensors for balance, or you need to ride on sloped areas? Considering such factors will help you chose the right and best hoverboard for you. 

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