Reasons Of One side of hoverboard not working | How To Fix The Issue?

Despite its growing popularity among the younger generation, hoverboards can be a tricky device, acting up often. It is built up with motors, batteries, gyroscopes, and many other sensitive parts to perform well. Because of its multiple complex components, it is difficult to troubleshoot slightest problem and you may not know how to fix it. 

Among many potential problems with hoverboards like loose cable connection, circuit malfunction, sensor malfunction, wheels motor problem, battery faultiness etc. there are an important problem that resist the hoverboard to perform at its best.

One side of hoverboard not working is a common problem; however, it’s not as bad as both sides are not working. Riding hoverboard on uneven surface like riding on grass or gravel or mud can cause the problem.

The good thing is that you can fix this issue in the comfort of your home with absolutely no hassle. 

In this article we will go through the reasons of the problem and also will tell you how to fix the issue. 

Read on to learn how to correct not working of one side of the hoverboard.

Reasons for one side of hoverboard not working

One of the most common hoverboard issues is malfunctioning of one side of hoverboard. When your hoverboard has this problem, you should find the cause of the problem.  

  • The problem may be a wheel motor that has gone out. However, cases of wheel motors going out are rare. This is because motors in hoverboards are pretty sturdy.  
  • The main reason for the problem is a faulty gyroscope.  
  • Motherboard has nothing to do with the problem. 


The gyroscope is a vital component of your hoverboard. This is the part that enables you to maintain balance and tilting while riding the hoverboard. The gyroscope makes it easy to go forwards, backward, or sideways with your hoverboard while maintaining balance at the same time.  

Gyroscopes can be male or female and knowing what gender yours is can help you solve some hoverboard problems. All-terrain hocverboards normally contains male gyroscope.

Let’s look at how to determine whether your gyroscope is male or female. 

  • Male gyroscope: Male gyroscopes are the most common type of gyroscopes on the market. To figure out whether your gyroscope is male or female, you’ll have to consider the number of receiving ports your gyroscope has and see if a wire harness is present on it. If you notice two receiving ports on your gyroscope and a wire harness leaving it, your gyroscope is male. 
  • Female gyroscope: Unlike a male gyroscope, female gyroscope has more than two receiving ports and no harness leaving it.

Checking & Fixing The Problem

You must follow the steps below to find where the problem has occurred actually.

  1. Check Wheel Motor
  2. Check Gyroscope And Fix The Issue
  3. Check Faulty Light & Fix It

Wheel Motor

If one side of your hoverboard has stopped working, you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting a technician to fix the issue. Check your wheel motors and see if they aren’t out. If they are out, fix them. Although wheel motors on your board rarely go out, checking is worthwhile. 

Fixing The Problem Caused For Gyroscope

To solve the problem of the hoverboard not working one side, you have to find the actual reason behind the problem. Check the gyroscope first to find out whether it has gone out of service. See the gyroscope is working or not. 

You ought to replace your gyroscope if the problem is in gyroscope. To do that, you will need to know whether your gyroscope is male or female. It is essential to replace the faulty gyroscope with a perfect gyroscope. Otherwise, it won’t be resolved. 

  • To fix the issue of one side of hoverboard not working, replace your bad male gyroscope with a perfectly working male gyroscope if the gyroscope is male. 
  • You should replace a bad female gyroscope with a female to fix a single side of the gyroscope not working. If the cause of the problem is the wheel motor, you’ll have to fix the motors, and your faulty hoverboard side will start working again. 

How To Fix The Problem Identified By Fault Light Test

You should use fault light checks for correct identification of hoverboard issues.

  • If the red-light flashes one time remove the main cover of your hoverboard and disconnect and then reconnect cables or jacks in the hoverboard, as the chances are that there are loose connections in the hoverboard.  
  • If the red-light flares two or three times, there is an issue with the internal circuity. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this issue quickly. You’ll have to purchase a new circuit board and replace it. The red light flashing four times indicates that there is an issue with the internal motor on the motherboard side. To correct the issue, you’ll have to replace the faulty motor. 
  • If the red-light gleams five times, there is probably an issue with the motor (internal) on the battery side. To fix this issue, you will have to replace the faulty motor with a perfectly working one. Your hoverboard battery is faulty if the red-light flashes six times. To correct this problem, you should replace the faulty battery. Overuse of Bluetooth music can cause battery problem. Use good hoverboard for Bluetooth facility to prevent the problem.
  • Seven or eight times of gleaming red-light indicates that there is an issue with your hoverboard gyroscopes. You can replace the faulty gyroscopes with new ones. However, it is highly recommended that you get a complete circuit board replacement kit. 

Final Word 

The leading cause for not working the hoverboard’s one side usually is bad gyroscopes, so you’ll need to replace them. You may prevent the problem by taking measures before the problem arises. Always try to maintain the hoverboard. Don’t extra charge the board. Don’t ride on rough places if it is not off-road one. Try to get good hoverboard in affordable price available in the market.

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