How to Clean Longboard Trucks In 2022 (Step By Step Guide)

The longboard trucks are different compared to skateboard trucks to some extend. For instance,

  • longboard trucks are reverse kingpin due to which they turn and lean differently compared to the other standard traditional kingpin skateboard trucks.
  • Longboard trucks are longer (usually 150mm-180mm) in width comparing to skateboard
  • Longboard trucks kingpin is outside faced while standard small board kingpin faces inside

Thus, choosing these models can be quite confusing for you. So, to help you out, here, we will be discussing everything that you should look for when buying a longboard truck.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Cleaning Longboard Trucks

What are the Parts Available in A Longboard Truck?

While cleaning a longboard truck, you will need to maintain each and every part of the module. Hence, knowing about them becomes imperative for you!

Mainly, five different parts of the longboard trucks help in working with the longboard trucks.

  • Axle- Axle is mainly the long pin, which runs through the hanger and attaches to the wheels. It is also considered to be one of the most important parts of the longboard trucks.
  • Baseplate- These are more like hardware that you can easily change once. It is important to keep in mind that changing baseplates is necessary if you want to make your board a freeride. As a normal rule, a higher degree means more turn and less stability. Alternatively, a lower degree means fewer turns and more stability. It is a rectangular metal piece, which screws the deck with the other parts of the truck. Baseplate angle is mainly the angle of the kingpin and plays a significant role in managing the turning of the longboard.
  • Bushings (pivot cups) – Also known as pivot cups, bushings are the soft urethane rings, which stay fitted around the kingpin. It lets the board turn and pivot smoothly. Here, the customizations take place, as they come in various shapes as well as sizes, and there is no combination limit. If you are someone who has been in the field of longboarding know about the shapes as well as harness they like. Others who feel like experimenting mostly believe in bushings feel like changing freeride setup into downhill setup.
  • Hanger- Axles are one of the most important parts of longboard trucks. Hence, if you fail to build the axle strongly, chances are there it might bend. Bent axles are not a good option if you want to ride straight. Similarly, if you choose poor quality axles, things can easily strip off, if you try to switch wheels. Unless you manage to find a rethreadder tool, the hangers, and the trucks will turn out to be useless. Due to this reason, at the time of purchasing trucks, it is best to buy something that is more durable and are long-lasting.
  • Kingpin- These helps in holding the bushings or the hangers. Besides, it also provides a pivot point.

How Do You Clean Skateboard Trucks? (Step By Step Cleaning Of the Longboard Trucks)

Cleaning longboard trucks is no doubt a hectic process since it involves various procedures. Before you begin with the cleaning, you have to make sure that you are having all the necessary tools for cleaning. Then follow the following process step by step:

  • Step-1: Detach the Wheels and Remove Bearings and Spacers

It is more self-explanatory and is the first step. You have to detach the wheels from the board and keep them aside safe.

Try to keep things safe and not to lose the nuts, spacers, or the spacers, as you have to clean them.

Once you are done with cleaning, store them in the glass jar and keep the bearings away.

Detaching Trucks

  • Step-2: Detach the Bearings

This is the first process where you have to detach the bearings using the rubber shields. For this, all you have to do is use SIM ejector pins.

If you do not have pins, you can use the straightened out staple pins as well. You have to push gently through the bearing between the balls.

Make sure that you are giving a gentle pressure; otherwise, you might damage the bearings.

After removing the bearing as well as the rubber shield, keep both the pieces in the glass jars.

  • Step-3: Pour Alcohol for Cleaning

Make sure to pour alcohol in a glass jar so that the bearings and the spacers can get submerged.

Close the lid, shake the jar properly, and then keep the jar away for better cleaning. In the meantime, you can clean the wheels as well as the board.

  • Step-4: Clean the Boards and the Wheels

While the bearings and the spacers soak in the alcohol, take time to clean the bottom of the board along with the wheels.

For this, you can use soap and water or disinfectant wipes are also the best options for cleaning the wheels.

Make sure that you are not wearing whites since it can make them dirty.

  • Step-5: Take Out the Components from the Jars and Clean Them

After soaking the components for quite some time, make sure to empty them completely and dry them.

Also, it is better if you clean them safely while pouring out the alcohol; otherwise, you might end up losing the small parts. You have to end up buying another set of bearings.

  • Step-6: Use LubricantsUse Lubricant to clean trucks

A small lubricant bottle goes a long way if you know how to carefully clean them using the necessary amount for lubricating.

Use a drop of lubricant on a single ball bearing, and then keep the rubber seal on the bearing. Make sure to pinch the bearing between your fingers.

You have to spin the bearing continuously until you get a sloshy sound. Keep repeating the same process for every bearing.

  • Step-7: Put Back Everything

After cleaning and lubricating, you will have to reassemble the wheel and keep everything back on the truck.

Make sure to tighten the nut firmly to make sure that everything is in its place. Finally, according to your preference, you can either loosen the wheels or tighten them.


Therefore, as you can see, maintaining longboard trucks does involve a lot of different processes. However, if you follow everything properly, especially the cleaning procedure, your longboard will stay in a good condition throughout the years.

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