Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth | Let’s Find Out The Solution !

Imagine having your Bluetooth turned on, paired to your hoverboard, and even connected. But, somehow, your Bluetooth seems to be failing to connect to your hoverboard. And the reason for such mishaps seems vague.

How frustrating!

We’ve all been there, and you’re not alone. Worry not; in this article, we will classify the fundamental reasons why your hoverboard may not be connecting to Bluetooth.

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Hoverboard

You might need and want to turn on the Bluetooth option on your hoverboard for numerous reasons. In order to elevate your two-wheeler ride like no other, it’s necessary to know how to turn on this feature first.

Stick with us to know-how!

Step 1: Fire up your hoverboard by pressing down the power button.

Step 2: Whatever phone device you’re using, you have to go through the settings options to get into the Bluetooth log. Both Apple and Android users can utilize this feature and connect their hoverboards to the phones.

Step 3: Turn on and make the Bluetooth option recognizable to the hoverboard.

Step 4: Search for the available devices on your phone and press on the name “Bluetooth,” which denotes your hoverboard.

Step 5: Once you press on the name, your hoverboard should chime, alerting you of the active connection.

Step 6: Now, hop onto your phone’s music app or YouTube and click on any song for the hoverboard to blast it from its speakers.

And you’re done! Enjoy the most exuberant experience in your ears and your feet as you roll away.

Reasons For Why Don’t My Hoverboard Connects To Bluetooth

Unfortunately, there is a hand full of reasons why your hoverboard and the device’s Bluetooth might resist connecting. Like any other troubleshooting precautions, you ought to know the cause or the location of the issue first, rather than jumpstarting on mindless fixes.

For what it’s worth, aimlessly fixing could hamper the system even more than leading you to a proper solution. To eradicate that, let’s look at some of the most common issues that can cause the Bluetooth not to connect.

  • Bluetooth Isn’t Turned On 

You need to make sure that both the devices are trying to connect within close proximity. The Bluetooth on both devices needs to be on and searchable. Even though turning on the devices’ Bluetooth isn’t the problem. However, it might switch off on its own after a couple of minutes of inactivity or no connection. Thus, reconnecting might be one of the plausible ways out; however, if the connection errors still persevere, the issues lie deeper.

  • Charging Issues

Not having sufficient charge is a possible yet, simple explanation. If you see that the problem is still persistent even after having adequate charge, you might need to check the charger itself. Perhaps your hoverboard is charging too slow, which is a result of a worn-out or defective charger. There are plenty of good quality options if you see that your hoverboard’s charger needs a change. Be very mindful of which replacement charger you’re getting your hands on.

  • Battery Issues

Let’s say that the charger isn’t the issue. Well, that only leads us to something greater lying in the battery. Fortunately, checking to see if the battery is at fault is quite simple. Here is a way:

    • Keep your hoverboard connected to the charger and notice if the green indicator remains on.
    • 2- Turn on your hoverboard.
    •  If you notice that the hoverboard starts flashing orange light in the battery indicator, you must know that, unfortunately, your battery has gone corrupt. It needs an immediate replacement.

On the contrary, if this isn’t the case, you can further check for a depleted battery. When the underlying issue is the BMS, which detects heavy amperage during charging, it will shut off the power.

To check if this is the case, you have to remove the battery utilizing a screwdriver carefully. Undo the wire that’s connected to the hoverboard’s lights. Utilize a voltage meter on the end of the battery’s terminal once the battery is disconnected.

If you notice that the voltage is lower than 36, then the battery is too low for it to be charging on its own. Similarly, if it’s higher than 40, then the problem is in the BMS.

  • Wire Issue

Take off the cover from your faulty hoverboard, check the wiring. Check to see if everything looks okay, with no signs of damage or frays. Also, be mindful of the wires that go through the charging port and motherboard.

  • Motherboard Issues

Sadly, there isn’t one single way to comprehend a motherboard issue. Instead, you have to use the processes of elimination of knowing what could be the most probable error.

Nonetheless, whatever the case may be, the solution could be a motherboard replacement from the hoverboard’s brand and company.

How To Fix Bluetooth On Hoverboard

  1. Remove the part of the outer shell that’s opposite from the battery’s location.
  2. Remove all the screws using a screwdriver and remove the power button, plates, headlight cable, and charging port.
  3. If you bought the add-on kits from the store, they would come with the Bluetooth module and speakers and the remote control and receivers.
  4. You need to glue the Bluetooth module on the interior of the outer shell. When that’s done, place the speaker on the Bluetooth module and surround it with glue as required.
  5. Connect the speaker and power wires to the Bluetooth module.
  6. Reconnect the LED lights and other wires as they were before. Plug them all in place along with the Bluetooth cables.
  7. Place the outer shell atop the system and screw it back carefully. Switch on the hoverboard. You should be able to connect the Bluetooth to both of your devices now.

How To Connect Tomoloo To Bluetooth

 TOMOLOO Hoverboards Bluetooth with Led Light Flashing Wheels

  1. First up, switch on the hoverboard and its Bluetooth option.
  2. Switch on the power of the Tomoloo hoverboard and Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  3. Let your phone search for the Bluetooth signal from the Tomoloo device.
  4. Select the Bluetooth for the Tomoloo device by confirming the pairing.
  5. Turn on the GPS on your phone.
  6. Open the Tomoloo app and enter its Bluetooth search page to search for the Tomoloo hoverboard Bluetooth.
  7. Select the Bluetooth signal and enter the password.
  8. You should be able to the mileage values and other information about the hoverboard on the app’s interface. When you do, be assured that the devices have successfully connected.

How To Connect Hover-1 To Bluetooth

Hover-1 is a renowned brand in the field of the hoverboard. Hover1 hoverboard is well known for its ultra-functioning bluetooth facilities. Let’s delve into the ways to connect the hover1 hoverboard to bluetooth.

Hover 1 Titan Electric Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

  1. Switch on both the devices and switch on their Bluetooths.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth on both devices. You should be able to play music on your hoverboard with your mobile now.
  3. Open the Hover-1 app and connect it to your board.
  4. You should be able to change the LED lights, shift the riding modes, play music along with changing the LED lights, track your riding locations and statistics, and so much more!


Now, you know all the secrets. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or a tech-geek to pull out these methods of fault identifications and solutions. With our accurate error classification and eradicating techniques, you will finally be able to enjoy a blissful and fun ride anywhere!

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