Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard Vs Penny Board (5 Key Differences & Best One For Your Kids)

The Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard

The Kryptonics Skateboard is a skateboard that has an old-school chick style, as it was introduced back in the 70s.

The legendary skateboard is known for its slightly curved board with a stiffer plastic composition that helps to increase its rigidity, thereby making it the perfect skateboard for heavier readers to look out for when going for a skateboard.

Kryptonics Classic pp Board
For skaters that wish to have a skateboard with high durability, it is advisable to also look out for the Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard.

The Penny Board

The penny skateboard is an entirely different skateboard from the Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard. The Penny board is a short and solid plastic skateboard that is specially designed for cruising along with the neighborhood, streets, or for short distance travels.

Penny Australia Standard Skateboards
The penny skateboard was designed by an Australian-based company that was founded in 2010 by Ben Mackey.

Key Differences Between Kryptonics Torpedo And Penny Board

Kryptonics Torpedo VS Penny Board

Although they are both made of plastics, there are some significant di9fferences that exist between the Kryptonics torpedo skateboard and the Penny Skateboard and they have been outlined below:

  • The Kryptonics skateboard is majorly for beginner skaters who are still learning how to ride a skateboard. While the Penny board is for pro skaters.
  • The Kryptonics torpedo boards are thickly built, making them durable in order to give comfort and balance to learners. The Penny boards are a bit lighter compared to the Kryptonics boards but still strong and rigid.
  • They both come in different sizes, but the Kryptonics torpedo decks are majorly wider than that of the penny boards.
  • The Kryptonics skateboards come assembled, while the penny skateboards can be purchased as either fully assembled skateboards or each of its parts can be bought as well
  • The Penny boards are relatively more expensive than the Kryptonics torpedo Skateboards.

Best Skateboard For Kids Between The Kryptonics Skateboard And The Penny Skateboard

As earlier said, the Kryptonics torpedo skateboard is the ideal skateboard for a beginner which also makes it the perfect skateboard for kids and this is due to its built.

The Kryptonics skateboard has got a wide deck alongside high impact and flex which give comfort to beginner skateboarders, as well as a grip pattern and rear grip tape that helps provide stability and traction to its users, thereby assuring you a smooth ride.

On the other hand, the penny board is suitable for pro skateboarders, and this is because of its high quality and stainless Abec 7 bearings that provide unimaginable speed to its users. The penny cruiser skateboard is also the perfect skateboard for long-distance commuting, as it has got just the perfect smooth 83A wheels that provide speed and balance to its users.

The penny skateboard has a high-quality Abec 7 bearing, compared to the Kryptonics skateboard with Abec 5, which makes the Penny board a lot faster than the Kryptonics Skateboards.

Penny Board Or Normal Skateboard, Which Is Better To Learn?

As earlier said, the perfect skateboard for beginners or wanna-be skateboarders between the above-mentioned skateboards is the Kryptonics Torpedo skateboards. This is because the durable custom-molded deck of the Kryptonics skateboard gives its riders all the comfort and balance required.

The Kryptonics skateboard has also got the perfect wheel and Abec 5 bearings that help deliver a smooth ride for beginner skateboarders.

Kryptonics Original Torpedo Inch Complete SkateboardPenny Skateboards Classic Complete Skateboard

For those skateboarders that intend to have a multi-choice skateboard that is suitable for both beginners and pro, then I had suggested you go for the Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard. It is difficult for a kid or a beginner skateboarder to learn with the penny board due to its high speed, but an already perfect skateboarder can ride on the Kryptonics as it will have no side effect on his or her already acquired skating skills.

In all, for beginners, the ideal skateboard to kickstart your skating career is the Kryptonics torpedo skateboard, as it provides the comfort and relaxation needed. Also, make sure not to ride in the park, busy places, or rocky areas to avoid the accident of any kinds, and be sure to always put on your safety guard like your helmet, wrist guards, etc. to help prevent you from incurring serious injuries in case of accidents.

Lastly when learning how to ride be sure to have a guardian, as learning with the Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard does not guarantee automatic success without the help of a pro skater to put you through.

Final Thought

Haven read through all pieces of information given above, I believe you have now known the perfect skateboard for each skateboarder. If you are a beginner or you have got a kid that wishes to start their skating journey, the Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard is the perfect skateboard to purchase.  While the Penny Skateboard is the ideal skateboard for Pro skateboarders that wish to improve their skating abilities, ride on long-distance commuting or improve their pro skating tricks.

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