Best Jeans For Skateboarding in 2023 | Check Top Picks

Best Jeans For Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not all about jumping onto the longboard or skateboard and starting motion. Your speed and tricks will not only be determined by how much you are good at skating, or by how experienced you are, but also by what you are wearing.   How heavy are the jeans, and how easy can you stretch your legs out for support if you lost balance?  Do the … Read more

How to Clean Longboard Trucks In 2022 (Step By Step Guide)

Cleaning Longboard Trucks

The longboard trucks are different compared to skateboard trucks to some extend. For instance, longboard trucks are reverse kingpin due to which they turn and lean differently compared to the other standard traditional kingpin skateboard trucks. Longboard trucks are longer (usually 150mm-180mm) in width comparing to skateboard Longboard trucks kingpin is outside faced while standard small … Read more

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth | Let’s Find Out The Solution !

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth

Imagine having your Bluetooth turned on, paired to your hoverboard, and even connected. But, somehow, your Bluetooth seems to be failing to connect to your hoverboard. And the reason for such mishaps seems vague. How frustrating! We’ve all been there, and you’re not alone. Worry not; in this article, we will classify the fundamental reasons … Read more