Choosing The Best Longboard For Tricks In 2020 | Everything You Should Know !

Whether you are a learner or a pro in racing, we all want to go for tricks when it comes to Longboarding. We all want the best longboard for tricks to practice and master different tricks. Longboards come in different sizes and with various features. These features will help you determine the best longboard for skills. 

Most people prefer longboards for tricks because they are longer and come in many varieties. When finding the best longboard for methods, you will go for features like the shape of the longboard and the size of wheels. 

Some longboards come in smaller sizes, and this makes it hard for balancing, especially to the learners. I always recommend people to go for longboards for tricks. Lets read!

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In your journey to finding a good longboard for tricks and sliding, we will provide you with all the varieties to select. We give features of the longboard, including the size, material used to make it, and the pros and cons.

These will help you decide on which longboard to go for tricks.  Also maximum longboards are under $500 and ready to ride longboards.

Our Winner Longboard For Tricks

Best Longboard For Tricks-Our Top Pick List

Detailed Review On Best Trick Longboard

Due to its maximum stability, I would recommend slendor longboard for going downhills. Also, its ease of pushing makes it thbest longboard for freestyle tricks. 


  • Longlasting wheels fitted with rings for shockabsorbing 
  • Made with 7inch legitimate aluminum truck 
  • Very high speed 
  • Suitable for all age groups 
  • Vast turning circle 
  • Built for downhill, speed and freestyle riding 
  • Longboard trucks are adjustable up to 45 degrees for smooth movement 
  • Height of up to 4.5 inches 

Users Experience

  • The best longboard for doing longboard tricks 
  • The wellbuilt deck that can support heavyweights 
  • Easy to ride and turn on the board 
  • Gives sense of security due to its stability 
  • Its durable wheels can go through rough terrains at a speed 
  • A recommendation for people who want to learn longboard tricks 
  • The sprung wheels provide comfort especially on bumpy roads 
  • The board responds well while turning because of its wheels which turn up to 45 degrees 

Whenever you think of doing useful longboards tricks, your thoughts should also tell you to go for slendor longboard. This board is broad, has a good build body, and durable wheels that provide security. 

It is suitable for rough terrains, and its sprung wheels provide comfort on bumpy roads.

It has wheels that turn 45 degrees, and this makes it respond well while turning. 

I would recommend this board to beginners who want to learn longboard tricks because its wheels are steady. Since this board is broad, it helps beginners to balance well 


  • Very secure 
  • Gives smooth rides 
  • Good speed and can go through rough terrains 
  • Favors all age groups 
  • Good outlook 


  • Not recommendable for steep hills 
  • The wheels are tight, and they have to grease them 
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As good as it looks, volador free ride longboard gives the best longboard tricks and rides. It provides excellent performance due to its flexibility and presence of shock absorbent that offer comfort. 

Its symmetrical shape makes it easy to operate, giving a more comfortable ride compared to the others. A legitimate aluminum alloy is used in making of the body, and chrome steel is used to make the bearings.

It has bolts made of copper steel and wheels that are highly rebound. 


  • Has shock absorbents and its very flexible 
  • Made of legitimate aluminum truck 
  • Has absorbents that give smooth rides 
  • Its kingpin Longboard trucks can adjust up to 45 degrees 
  • Easy to control because of its ability to rotate 
  • It is made attractively by engineers 
  • Can hold the weight of up to 7.6 pounds

Users Experience 

  • It has a big turn radius, and this makes it turn smoothly. 
  • It offers good speed 
  • Itlovely, and its big wheels give comfort. The wheels also make it flexible, and this provides a great ride 
  • This board is suitable for cruising in places like around campus and streets  
  • It is easy to kick flip 
  • It is flexible and can carry heavyweights 
  • It comes in a great size, and its strong 
  • Its super springy, and this makes it very comfortable

This product is highly recommendable for doing longboarding tricks since it turns very quickly. Its wheels have springs that act as shock absorbents making it very comfortable to ride. 

Very legitimate materials like aluminum and copper alloys are used in making the body, and that makes it durable. These materials have a long life hence reducing the expenses of replacing the boards. 

This board is made by the engineers attractively, and you wouldnt want to see someone else owning it when you dont have. 

It has big wheels, and this offers security, especially to beginners. 


  • has sprung wheels that provide shock absorbents 
  • it is very flexible 
  • made of good material hence durability 


  • Its bearings are not strong enough, and they will need replacements 
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If you are looking for high speed and elasticity, I would recommend twister longboard. Real leather is used in making of the wheels, and this protects the wheels from tearing. 

Its made of highperformance aluminum, which makes it sturdy and durable, cutting you the expenses of repairs. This board is suitable for beginners. Highly experienced people can use it to learn those longboard tricks 

It is suitable for riding on sidewalks, streets, and skate parks.


  • Its deck has seven layers of marble 
  • has a bearing made of chrome steel 
  • its design suits both adults and children 
  • both males and female/unisex can ride it 

Users Experience 

  • This board offers a good exercise especially to those who want to lose weight 
  • It has a long life because of the excellent material used to make it, and this reduces the cost of repairing and replacements 
  • Real leather is used in making of the wheels, and this protects them from tearing 
  • This board is unisex. It can be ridden on by males and females 
  • Its design also suits both adults and teenagers  
  • It can support heavyweights 

For many people who have been struggling with losing weight, here is the best exercise you can do to lose weight fast. Boarding on a twister longboard also tones muscles, an activity you would only get in a gym. 

Since leather is used in making the wheels, this makes them durable and protects them from tearing. This board fits both adults and teens, so parents can still ride on their childrens boards.

It is also unisex, and you dont need to have a challenge when choosing the colors. 


  • Its durable 
  • Gives a good exercise especially to people who want to lose weight 
  • Real leather is used in making wheels 
  • Helps to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance 


  • If you are not good at balancing, you can fall easily 
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From the well experienced to the beginners, this is among the good longboards for tricks.

This board has emergency straps that increase friction between the tires, making it very secure. It is the best board to build courage on longboarding tricks or to those who are just learning the skills. 

The board comes when its complete and in the right size. 


  • Has a length of 107 cm and a width of 24 cm 
  • Itrobust and durable and can carry up to 200 kg 
  • It has straps in between the tires that make it easy for breaking, and this is good for beginners 
  • The board comes when it is complete  therefore there is no more assembling to be done 
  • It is suitable for both male and females 
  • Can be ridden on by both children and adults 

Users Experience 

  • Very suitable for beginners since it has grips on the wheels for natural breaking 
  • It gives a lot of security because of its ease to break 
  • Its wheels have a long life, and this has reduced the expense of replacements 
  • The board comes with the right size; therefore, its suitable for both children and adults 
  • Can carry heavyweights  

This product does not discriminate against age or size. It rides on by both adults and children cutting off the cost of buying too many boards. Since this board has grips on the wheels, it is suitable for beginners. 

I would also recommend it for people who are perfecting their useful longboard tricks. Real leather is used in the making of the wheels making them the durable cutting cost of replacements 

SHIJING Skateboards Parsing


  • Good size 
  • Security 
  • Durability 
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are longboards good for tricks?

When comparing a longboard and a street board, a longboard is more adaptable, making it more suitable for doing tricks because it also has wider wheels for balancing, making the answer to be yes the answer to be a yes.

Can you kick-flip on a longboard?

It is easy to manipulate a longboard in any way. With the skills, you can quickly flip the board with your feet while jumping.

Is longboarding easy to learn?

For beginners, they can say that this is hard, but once you decide that you want to learn, you will never regret your decision. Longboarding is more fun than other forms of boarding.

What is the easiest longboard trick?

Cross step is among the easiest longboards tricks you should consider learning. You just shift your weight to the tail, start the cross-step, walk up the board then ride the nose. Easy, right!

Final verdict

Although the internet gives all the answers to the questions we are seeking; it is good to ask people who know much about the best longboard for tricks. 

Among the many that we have discussed above, I would recommend the Volador-Free ride. They are the best trick longboards since they have many features favoring even the beginners and people who want to learn more longboard tricks. 

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