Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo Hoverboard – Which One is the Best for You? (A comparison Review in 2023)

The idea of riding a hoverboard hovers back to the era of the 1980s’. However, it did take quite some time to convert the ideology into reality permanently. And, you can’t argue with the delay as well. A hoverboard is, indeed, a piece of dreamful art. So, the time-taking was quite natural.

Since their availability in the USA (in 2015), hoverboards have been quite popular among kids and teenagers. According to a report, almost around 2.5 million of the same were sold during the period. And, it kept growing until the latter months of the year.

However, there was a hitch, which stalled the further growth of the market – injury. The early-day hoverboard models did not have proper safety modules at all. Thus, around 26,854 children had to visit the hospital during 2015-16 due to the injuries caused while riding the hoverboard.

Nonetheless, the scenario has changed entirely right now. Almost each and every hoverboard getting released today is well-built and features a set of safety features. And, amongst them, the Tomoloo and Hover 1 are considered to be the best in the business!

But, you can’t merely buy both of them due to their expensive pricing. So, which one of them should get the nod for you?

To decide the answer to the question, here, we are going to make a comparison between Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo. So, be sure to stick around till the end!

Hover 1 VS Tomoloo

Hover 1 Hoverboard: A Detailed Overview

The Hover-1  brand is considered to be a pioneer in the hoverboard industry. It has been on the scene since the inception of this particular idea. And, after so many years, it, still, has been going pretty strong. Hopefully, it will offer us some more gems in the near future!

The Hover 1 electric hoverboard, in essence, is a little bit advanced for the kids. So, it can be an ideal option for college-goers. It comes with a dual motor set-up, which offers decent on-road and off-road performance. It has an eye-catching design as well.

When you are choosing one between Tomoloo vs. Hover 1, you will need to consider the factor of construction as well. The Hover 1 passes quite fruitfully in this aspect. The model features a decent structure and, thus, can cater to a rider of around 265lbs with ease.

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Hover 1 Hoverboard: Performance

The overall performance of the Hover 1 model seems pretty desirable. For a better understanding, we have broken down the same a little bit down below. So, do check it out!

  • Motor: As mentioned before, Hover 1 comes with the coveted dual-motor design. Thus, it can provide greater efficiency while you are riding on the road. But, its off-road capabilities are off the charts as well. Each of the motors has the same power of 250W. It, in turn, makes it one of the most powerful hoverboards available out there.
  • Top Speed and Range: The range of the model is quite admirable as well. It can run around 12 miles per charge. The hoverboard can also achieve a top speed of 7.45 miles/hour. It is also considered to be ideal for riding in the mountains due to its 17-degree inclining technology.
  • Safety: The model is compliant with the UL certification. There is also a small shield available in the hoverboard to protect its battery section from exterior damages. It also offers protection from overheat. The Hover 1 is water-resistant as well. But, it is not water-proof. So, submerging it in water can be quite devastating for it.

Tomoloo Hoverboard: Overview

Like Hover 1, Tomoloo self-balancing scooter, too, has always been one of the brightest names in the market of hoverboards. Thus, it’s no wonder that this model is going to be one of the best in the business. For starters, like the previous one, this model, too, comes with a decent design.

It looks pretty good when you are driving in the sunlight. Besides, the overall performance of the product seems to be decent as well. The balancing action and ease of use are a bit better than Hover 1. So, aside from teenagers, it can be used by the kids as well.

Tomoloo Hoverboard: Performance

So, let’s learn a little bit about the performance of the model to further our discussion of Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo.

  • Motor: Like its sole rival, the Tomoloo model, too, comes with a dual-motor module. Each of the motors has a maximum power capped at 200W. So, the power production will be divided here as well. But, anyway, it does offer a decent on-road and off-road riding experience.
  • Top-Speed: With it, the hoverboard can reach a top speed of 9.3 miles/hour. So, in this aspect, it is better than the Hover 1 model. But, if you are considering the riding distances, then this one stops at 8.7 miles, which is lower than the former. However, if you are not having a race, then this speed is pretty desirable.
  • Safety: Regarding safety, the model is both UL-2272 and UL-2271 certified. Therefore, if you tend to ride safely, then you will not feel any issue with the model. The hoverboard also features a GPS system, which can help you to find your way almost instantly.

Comparison Between Hover 1 Hoverboard vs. Tomoloo Hoverboard

As of now, we have already gone through the overview and performance status of both of these models. So, before we can make a final verdict, let’s put up a Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo comparison first.

This way, it will be easier for you to find out the suitable one for you!

CriteriaHover 1Tomoloo
Safety CertificationThe design of the model has been certified by UL. According to the company, it can be used by anyone who is over 15 years old.This product has obtained the certification of both UL-2271 and Ul-2272. So, its design and battery module are both safe to use.
Water ResistanceThe Hover 1 has a water-resistant design. But, it is not water-proof.The Tomoloo model features a water-resistant design as well. But, it has a water-proof charging socket.
Bluetooth SpeakerAvailableAvailable
Learning ModesIt comes with three different learning modes for helping novice riders.It does not have any learning mode at all. But it is quite easy to use.
LED LightsAvailableAvailable
Motor SystemIt has a dual-motor design with a combined power of 500W. The model can produce a top speed of 7.45 mph and offers a stable ride.This one, too, features a dual-motor component with a total power of 400W. But, it can generate a top speed of 9.3 mph, which is faster and much more stable.
Riding DistanceWhen fully-charged, the model can cover a maximum distance of 12 miles.After replenishing its battery, the product can run a maximum distance of 8.7 miles.
BatteryIt features a 36V lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. There is a small battery indicator, too, available in the model for more convenience.This model comes with rechargeable batteries as well. There is a multi-layered protection system, too, available here, which nullifies damages to this section.

Final Verdict

So, at last, we are at the end of our discussion of Hover 1 vs. Tomoloo. And, as you can see, each of these models is quite well-equipped and –designed. So, choosing one of them is not going to be an easy job for you. But, if you are considering speed and stability to be your prime factors, then the Tomoloo model would be the winner for you. Otherwise, in terms of overall

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