8 Best Hover 1 Hoverboard Reviews | The Ultimate Review Guide (2020)

Hover 1 Hoverboard Reviews

Are you looking to purchase a hover 1 board but you don’t know where to start?
I know how hard it can be trying to find that amazing hoverboard that will take your riding experience next level.

Do not worry, since we have your back.

In this article, I will walk with you through the hover 1 hoverboard reviews. We shall discuss their features, pros, cons, why you should buy them.

I compiled the following list of the top h-1 hoverboard products. Each product has a rating we gave based on their features, pros and cons
Hover-1 Hoverboard model Rating (X/5)

hover-1 nomad hoverboard reviews

Hover-1 Nomad


I really love the titan model. Its great features and pros make it stand out from the pack. You should have one in your collection.


  •  Bluetooth speakers that are in-built
  • Rechargeable and battery made from lithium-ion
  • The battery capacity is 36V and 4Ah
  • 10” tire wheels
  • LED ultra-bright headlights
  • Dual 150 W motor
  • Battery indicator
  • A compatible app for hands-free control

Why you should buy it

If you fancy shiny modern design, you can get hover 1 titan hoverboard in several colors- blue, gunmetal and pink. Its built-in battery indicator will alert you the level of the battery charge.

Its wide wheels measuring 10” will keep you stable. They can carry up to a maximum of 265 pounds. The LED headlights are bright enough to keep your paths lighten.

Hover 1 titan is the real titan, as it features two motors. Each of these motors delivers a whopping 250 W that will drive you up to 8 miles at 7 miles per hour. You need approximately 3.5 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery up to its full capacity of 36V and 4Ah.

Furthermore, it comes with Bluetooth speakers that let you enjoy your music as you ride. Additionally, you can download and use an app on your phone to monitor your range and battery life. You can easily use real-time GPS to map out your journey on the app.


  • A dual-engine that can deliver enough power
  • Can transport weight of up to 265 pounds
  • The size of the wheels is 10% wider than most in the industry
  • Has LED headlights to help you see in dark areas
  • You can use an app to control it and map out your journey
  • Has a mile range of up to 8.4 miles


  • A little bit expensive
  • The charge may not last for long

Hover 1 chrome is a great board that you can control easily. The creators packaged amazing features in this product to ensure your game is top-notch.


  •  6.5” tire wheels
  • Dual 150W Motors
  • The lithium-ion battery of 24V, 4Ah
  • Protection against overcharge and discharge
  • IPX4 resistance against water
  • Ultra-bright LED headlights
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers

Why you should buy it

The Hover 1 Chrome is an amazing hoverboard within $200 that comes in amazing colors. You can select either gunmetal, pink, or rose gold to catch the eyes of your admirers.

The hover also has tire wheels measuring 6.5” for high stability, and its IPX4 rate ensures it’s resistance to water. You can easily carry around the product due to its lightweight of 19.29 lbs.

If you fancy music while hovering around, you will enjoy the in-built Bluetooth speakers. Simply connect your mobile device and get double entertainment from the hover and your lovely music.

Once you begin hovering, the board ensures that darkness and low battery don’t stop you. It has a battery indicator to inform you about the level of the battery. It also has ultra-bright LED headlights to ensure you keep on enjoying your favorite game even in those areas where visibility is low.

Hover 1 Chrome hoverboard has two motors that deliver 150 W and comes with a 24v, 4Ah lithium-ion battery. Don’t worry about overcharging and discharging, as the battery has protective features against these problems.

hover 1 chrome hoverboard motor

However, it takes about 4- 5 hours to charge fully. That is a longer charging period than other models.
You can easily reach up to 6.07 miles with this hover 1 chrome board, thanks to its lithium-ion batteries and dual motors. Although its maximum speed is 6.21 mph, riders that weigh 220 pounds or above can reduce its rate.


  • Stable wheels to transport you
  • Easily controllable
  • Has protection against overcharging and discharging
  • You can over through low visibility areas because of its LED lights
  • Has built-in Bluetooth to keep you entertained by music as you hover on


  • Its charging period is longer than most other models, around 4-5 hours
  • The battery charge runs out faster

If you want a board whose batteries will charge faster, you need Hover 1 H1 Hoverboard. It also comes with other amazing features that will take your enjoyment to a higher level.


  • 2.5 hours charge time
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • In-built 36V, 4.3 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • LED headlights
  • IPX4 water resistance

Why you should buy it

The Hover 1 H1 is an amazing play tool that goes faster for a longer time than most other brands. You can ride up to a maximum of 9mph, and people that are as heavy as 264 pounds can still enjoy it.

You can set aside just 2.5 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery up to its full capacity of 36V. 4.3 Ah. The good thing is that the battery has protection against undercharge and overcharge.

hover-1 h1 motor

You can continue riding in low visibility areas due to its customizable LED headlights. Additionally, you can check the level of the battery by using its battery indicator.

The hoverboard comes with Bluetooth smartphone app to allow you seamlessly change skill mode, and customize your headlights. Are you a lover of music? You will enjoy playing your favourite tunes from the in-built Bluetooth speakers, and change the volume as you wish.


  • Lower charging time than the other models
  • LED lights to enhance visibility in darker areas
  • Resist water
  • Has in-built Bluetooth features to offer hands-free control
  • Moderate speed of up to 9 miles per hour
  • Can carry a heavier weight than many other models


  • Can be a bit expensive, but you get value for your money
  • Their warranty period is short

Hover 1 chrome 2.0 is another play toy that you can add to your collection. It has almost all the features that any hoverboard fanatic desires.


  • Bluetooth speaker that is built-in
  • Rechargeable built-in battery with a capacity of 36V and 2.0 Ah
  • Ultra-bright LED headlights
  • Dual 150W motor
  • IPX4 water resistance

Why you should buy it

The hover 1 chrome 2.0 is among the best hoverboards. It comes with an inbuilt battery UN 38.3 certified. The charge capacity of 36V and 2Ah will keep you riding for a long time.

Its discharge and overcharge protection will keep you battery fit for a long time, and the battery indicator is important for checking the charge level.

The dual 150W motor brings amazing performance. It can take you up to 6 miles, hovering at a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour. You can incline up to a maximum of 5 degrees.

In all these performances, you will enjoy stability as it comes with 6.5” tire wheels. Unfortunately, we believe that the charging time is much longer than some other models and brands. It takes up to a maximum of 4 hours.


  • Wide wheel size for stability
  • Can carry up to 220 pounds of weight
  • Not susceptible to damage due to water
  • You can hover even in darkness due to its LED light
  • The high-capacity lithium-ion battery will keep you going for long
  • Has built-in Bluetooth where you can play music while hovering


  • Has a higher charging period of 4 hours compared to some other models and brands

A friend of mine purchased a hover 1 ultra-hover. For sure, he says that for now, he can’t exchange it for any other. So, let’s find out why he loves this playmate.


  • Battery shield and other fire safety features
  • 120 days warranty
  • UL Certified Power adapter
  • UL 2272 Certified

Why you should buy it

The hover 1 ultra-board is among the stable models in the industry as it has a wheel size of 6.5 inches. It can handle weights of up to 220 pounds. Furthermore, your board can hit up to 10 miles per hour and can take you up to 12 miles maximum distance.

The manufacturer had a classic yet eye-catching model in mind when they were designing this play tool. You can choose pink or blue. The LED lights beneath your feet will keep your eyes happy while you ride through the dark areas.

You will not find it cumbersome to carry around, as its weight is just 22.49 pounds, and measures 24 by 9 by 9.5 inches.

The technology that went into manufacturing this board is another thing that will amaze you. It has a self-balancing feature to help learners and kids have a great moment.

Its 500W motor will help you easily reach up to 12 miles at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. If you are patient enough to recharge the battery to its full capacity within 4 hours, you will surely enjoy your game.

The batteries are of lithium-ion types. It has fire safety protection features such as a battery shield to keep you safe from fire and overheating. It is UL 2272, and UL 2271 certified to ensure the board, its battery and power adapters are okay.

Furthermore, you will enjoy this board’s warranty for 120 days. It covers the creator’s defaults.


  • Can travel up to a maximum distance of 12 miles
  • Its maximum speed can reach up to 10 miles per hour
  • It has battery shield and other safety features that protect against fire and overheating
  • It is UL 2272 certified
  • It comes with a warranty of 120 days to cover aginst manufacturer’s defaults.


  • Do not have an in-built Bluetooth speaker
  • Lacks an app for control
  • The charge time is 4 hours

6. Hover 1 Nomad Review

Hover 1 nomad is another great addition that the manufacturers brought to the industry. Its great features and pros can make you be a real nomad who never gets tired of exploring new hoverboarding areas.


  • It has an app for GPS and tracking
  • Two 220 W motors
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Battery life indicator
  • Overcharge and discharge protection
  • UL certified power cord
  • Bright headlights
  • UL 2272 certified
  • UN certified battery
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity 36V, 4 Ah
hover-1 nomad hoverboard reviews

Why you should buy it

The hoverboard has two 220W motors that can power your ride up to a maximum distance of 8 miles. It can travel up to a speed of 7 miles per hour. The maximum weight it can carry is 220 pounds.

It features a 20 cell lithium-ion battery that has a full capacity of 36V, 4 Ah. The battery is UN certified, and the board plus the power cords are UL certified, ensuring your rides are safe from fire outbursts.

Additionally, the battery comes with overcharge and discharge protection features.

The solid tire wheels measure 8.5 inches and can take you over all terrains in your hood. You can still hover on when the light gets dim, as it has customizable LED headlights that are ultra-bright. It also has a battery life indicator to keep the ride uninterrupted suddenly.

Another feature that stands out is the compatibility of an accompanying app. You can map out your hoverboarding using GPS tracking. Additionally, whether you are a beginner, intermediate gamer, or an expert in the game, you can set the skill-mode that suits you using the app.

hover-1 nomad hoverboard app

While riding, you can enjoy your favorite tunes from the in-built Bluetooth connected to your phone.


  • You can plan out your route, and play around with controls on its app
  • It has powerful motors that take your weight up to 8 miles
  • It is UL 2272 and UN certified to ensure safety while riding and storing and charging the board
  • You can monitor the battery life using its indicator
  • You can listen to your favorite music via its Bluetooth speaker
  • Has overcharge and discharge protection


  • You will need 4.5 hours to recharge the battery fully.

Another hoverboard that has in-built Bluetooth speakers and other robust features is Hover 1 horizon. It takes lesser time than most of the other models to get charged fully.


  • App compatible to control the board
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 36V and 4 Ah
  • Has a battery indicator
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker
  • 8 inches wheel size

Why you should buy it

The board has a lithium-ion battery that you can recharge to the full capacity of 36V, 4Ah within only 3.5 hours. Once recharged, you can ride with a speed of up to 7.45 miles per hour. The board can cover up to a maximum distance of 8.4 miles range.

Do not worry about the darkness, as it has bright lights beneath the feet. You can check the battery life using its indicator located right at your feet. The maximum weight that the board can carry is 220 pounds.

The board has not remained behind in technologies, as you can use an app to control it. Simply download the compatible app and use it to check your battery charge and distance range. You can also use the app to plan out your routes and monitor your effort verses the motor.

You will enjoy riding on as your favorite tunes play in the in-built Bluetooth speakers. Simply connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth, and let your playlist roll on the waves.


  • You can ride through dim light as it has ultra-bright LED lights
  • Charging time takes only 3.5 hours
  • You can ride on while listening to your music from the Bluetooth speaker
  • The wide wheels will keep you stable
  • Can carry up to a maximum weight of 220 pounds


  • The product weight is a bit higher than most of the other models

Is your child a hoverboard fanatic?

Surprise them with this hover 1 helix board. For a heavier adult, I would recommend you to consider the other boards but not this one


  • In-built Bluetooth speakers
  • 36V, 2 Ah battery capacity
  • Dual 200 W motors
  • Ultra-bright LED wheels
  • Indicator for battery life
  • UL-certified power cord
  • UL2272- certified battery

Why you should buy it

If you fancy colorful rides, you can pick any colors among these: camouflage, black, galaxy, gunmetal, purple, or iridescent. Its built-in battery life indicator will show you the life of the battery.

You can glide freely even in areas where light is not enough, thanks to its ultra-bright LED wheels.

The maximum load it can handle is 160 pounds, making it suitable for children and lightweight individuals.

The hover 1 helix hoverboard comes with two 200 W. It is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 36V and 2 Ah.

The battery features that protect against overcharge and discharge for safe usage.

8 Best Hover 1 Hoverboard Reviews | The Ultimate Review Guide (2020) 1

You ride up to 3 miles, and its speed can reach up to 7 miles per hour.

 As your kid ride on, they can tune into their favorite music, thanks to the in-built Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with all smartphones.

Furthermore, it has self-balancing technology that is important for learning.

Finally, its IPX4 water resistance and UL certifications make it worth having since its longevity is guaranteed.


  • Comes in a variety of different colors that kids love
  • Has bright LED lights for illumination
  • You can listen to your favorite music from the in-built Bluetooth speakers while riding
  • You can know the battery life by using the indicator
  • Has self-balancing technology for children and new riders
  • Lighter than other models


  • The maximum distance is only 3 miles
  • The maximum weight it can handle is only 160 pounds
  • Needs 6 hours to recharge fully

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the best Hover 1 Hoverboard?

Ans: Titan is the best hover 1 hoverboard because of its great features. 

2. Do hover 1 Hoverboards catch on fire?

Ans: Most of these boards rarely catch fire, since they have overcharge and discharge protection features. 

3. How long does a Hover 1 last?

Ans: They can last for a long period, even up to 5 years.

4. How fast can a Hover 1 go?

Ans: The speed depends on the model. They range between 6 to 10 mph.

5. How do you reset a Hoverboard Hover 1?


  • Ensure it is on its wheels on the ground
  • While keeping it static, press and hold the power button
  • Release the power button and turn it off.
  • It is now reset. You can turn it on

6. Is Hover 1 a good hoverboard brand?

Ans: Obviously, Hover 1 is a good brand. They have all types of hoverboards, for example- All-terrain, Bluetooth hoverboard, Hover 1 kids hoverboard, etc.

7. how long does the hover 1 battery last?

Ans: It depends on riding. Generally, you can travel up to 8 to12 miles with a full charge hoverboard

8. How long does a Hover 1 take to charge?

Ans: Hover 1 charging time varies from model to model. It takes generally 2.5 to 5.0 hours to charge fully.

9. How much does a Hover 1 cost?

Ans: It also depends on the specifications. We have seen the pricing range is $90 to $250.

10. Are Hover 1 hoverboards safe?

Ans: From my personal experience I can ensure you that Hover 1 is safe enough to ride.


Final Verdict

After reading these Hover 1 Hoverboard Reviews, you can confidently get a board that will suit you.

In my view, I recommend the Hover 1 Titan Hoverboard. Its wheel size is wide enough to keep you stable as you enjoy your riding experience. It can carry up to a maximum weight of 265 pounds. It is app compatible and has in-built Bluetooth speakers for seamless control and monitoring while you enjoy your favorite music.

Feel free to explore the other hover 1 boards to get the one that pleases you. Each has its strength and features that will take your game a notch higher.

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