CCS Skateboard Review 2023 | Read Before Buying It

Skateboarding is a fun-filled game that has been around for many years now. Skaters all over the world love the game because you can get around your hood while exercising your body.

However, due to the risks that accompany any game, you should be careful when buying a skateboard. Additionally, your level of experience and personal needs are important factors to consider.

Among the most popular skateboard products in the market, I found CCS skateboards to be reliable in the gaming world. From my experience in skateboarding, I bring you a complete review of ccs skateboards.

We will see the pros, benefits, and possible cons that come with the CCS skateboard. We will also look at the overviews of all the components that make up a skateboard from CCS.

Why you should read the article on CCS Skateboard Reviews

Nobody wants to spend his or her money based on wrong information. If you have proper knowledge about different products you can choose the best one based on their specifications.

Our CCS Skateboard Review will provide you all the information that is required before buying the products. That’s why you should write the whole article carefully.

So let’s start

CCS Logo and Natural Wood Skateboard Completes – Fully Assembled

  • Wheels: 52mm, 100a Durometer (hard), White | Trucks: 109mm
  • With its classic symmetrical shape, the board is great for cruising and tricks.
  • The skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to ride directly out of the box.
  • From first-timers to seasoned vets, this board has everything you need to start rolling.

CCS Skateboard Overview

Our complete CCS skateboard review will reveal that these guys are excellent at their game. Ever since it kicked off in 1985 in California, CCS has been behind the quality skateboarding-related products, such as snowboards, clothes, and shoes. They always ensure their products meet the standards in the industry for them to remain reliable over the years.

CCS-Skateboard Complete review

CCS Skateboard Complete – Color Logo and Natural Wood

Their vast experience has enabled skaters to enjoy their favorite game without worrying about something going wrong with the skateboards. Unlike most brands out there, you are sure of getting a high-standard product, and not some knock-offs.

Many people have fallen in love with the products from CCS skate company due to their trustworthiness and reliability. It is made in such a way that, anyone can use it with full please whether they are kids or beginner adults.

Additionally, their products are at pocket-friendly prices- You do not need to break your bank to have a pair. Their reasonable price does not translate to poor quality, as they put quality first before anything else.

Since people differ when it comes to skills and experience, you may want to customize your board to suit your needs. With CCS, you can’t go wrong.


The fantastic blend of features and design is what makes it one of the most desirable brands in the industry. You can never go wrong purchasing this skateboarding brand product and apparel, as they come with great features at a very affordable price.

When I opened my box, I got boards fully assembled with the following components:

  • 52 mm white wheels
  • 139 mm standard-sized silver trucks
  • Black grip tape
  • Smooth and high-quality bearings (ABEC 7)
  • 1” black bolts and silver nuts
  • 32” long quality decks with a varying width
ccs skateboards


The following are some of the reasons why I recommend CCS skateboards:

  • not expensive
  • come fully assembled
  • not hard to ride with
  • lightweight
  • wider board
  • clean, natural design
  • customizable
  • high quality


  • Some users may find the wheels to be somehow small in size and slightly harder.

Overall, for a common user, they’re okay. If you are a pro that needs more experience, you can customize them to achieve your taste.

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Why you should choose the products

As we shall see in this CCS skate review, we can deduce the several benefits that come with this product.

  • You can customize the boards with beautiful graphics and colors to let everybody see the creative side of your personality.
  • The item comes with durable and high-quality components that will endure your gaming experience for a long time before you return to the shops for new ones.
  • Surprisingly, the high quality and durability do not hurt the pockets of buyers, as the price is very affordable.
  • They also come fully assembled. Hence you don’t have to waste time putting together the components.
  • Their lightweight and generous width make controlling and balancing hassle-free.
  • Furthermore, you can customize the product to help you make bolder moves and tricks that bring more exciting experiences.

Different Parts Review of CCS Skateboard


CCS skateboard has a rich design that will make you want to hang it on your wall, not letting anyone skate them. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned skater, you will enjoy skating around on these boards.

The boards have a natural look and color, having been made from natural maple wood. It is light enough to enable you to turn it by kicking the tail. If you have a skater sticker, go ahead and decorate the board to give it a customized look.

These medium and concave-shaped boards have a width ranging from 7.5” to 8.” The wide decks make them perfect for skating.

Riding experience

For the sake of this CCS custom skateboard review, let me write a little bit about my riding experience. After receiving the skateboards, I couldn’t wait to ride it around my hood. It was the 8.5” long CCS board I got as a birthday present from my girlfriend. Before then, I had been practicing with some of my friend’s boards.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but the truth is that my friends’ boards were low-grade ply, very narrow, had unappealing colors, and lacked the concave shape. The CCS board was a game-changer. I never imagined that with the right skateboards, the game could get more enjoyable.

Skating on my brand new skateboard from a reputable brand gave me the most memorable feeling of freedom. I can now ride whenever and wherever I desire. The great features revealed how the company took its time to craft something most people would love.


One thing I like about CCS skateboard decks is their true classic shape that makes cruising and tricks great. The high-quality Canadian maple wood brings a satisfying mix of lightness, stiffness, and flex. Therefore, you can trust the long-lasting board to respond swiftly under the control of your feet.

ccs skateboard complete

You are at liberty to choose the width, but the length of all decks is 32”. The 8.5” width will give you enough room to maneuver the boards safely and smoothly on sidewalks and skate parks. Having been in the industry for a long now, the designers know what works and what doesn’t work in helping skaters achieve a magical balance.

No products found.


You can easily skate over imperfections rood or sidewalk because of the board’s soft wheels. The product comes as an all-in-one board, but you can also source the wheels separately. However, I found the wheels to be too small and not soft enough for street skating.

They’re perfect when skating at the park, and I wish they could provide an option for choosing wheel sizes. Overall, they are still great at that price.

[CCS] Skateboard Wheels

CCS Skateboard Wheels – Multiple Colors (Black, 52mm)

  • From the same CCS millions of skaters have trusted since 1985.

The package comes with an excellent skateboard tool for loosening the wheels. Therefore, you can make the wheels free as they are supposed to be. The process only takes a few seconds.


CCS skateboards come with smooth and high-quality bearings that have ABEC 7 ratings. If you wish to have better skating experience, it is hassle-free to change the bearings. I think it is sensible if you spend most of your time skating, or if you are a pro in this game. Grease the bearings regularly to maintain smoothness.

CCS Premium Skateboard/Longboard Blue Steel Bearings ABEC 7 (Pack of 8) ABEC 7 Bearings + Bones Cleaning Unit

  • From the same CCS brand, you’ve been trusting since 1985.

CCS Trucks Review

Any serious skateboard manufacturer needs to give attention to the trucks, as they are among the essential parts. CCS has not failed here, as their trucks are strong enough to bear full weight and endure frictions.

They are made of raw silver metals that enhance the durability even if skateboarding is your daily activity. Looking at other CCS skate reviews and comments, I stumbled upon a review from someone who said he was surprised that his weight could not deter him from riding on the boards.

The trucks’ standard size of 139mm is just perfect for balancing. Wider decks come with equally wider trucks that are high enough.

core trucks review


The skate bushings consist of polyurethane rubber rings that fit perfectly around the kingpins. I could smoothly pivot and turn the board as the four bushings are flexible enough. You can easily loosen or tighten the bottom one to suit your desired truck’s responsiveness.

The package also includes skateboard bushing washers, which are round metals that you can easily slide on the kingpin. They are strong enough to prevent the deformation of bushings due to the pressure on the trucks.

Feel free to change to it if you still feel rigid and floppy moves.

CCS Grip Tape Review

A full assembly includes black grip tape that is made of high-quality material. You can lock your feet in them, and control the boards around without feeling any discomfort. Once you are good to go, you can freely cruise on roads, ride in skate parks, or take over that downhill without fearing that the grip tapes might disappoint you.

Customer Service

From my personal experience, I can ensure that you don’t need to be worried about their customer service. They are providing excellent support from the beginning of their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions on CCS Skateboards Review

1. Are CCS custom boards good?

I can say with confidence that CCS boards are good. Having been around in the industry for more than 30 years now, many people have trusted these products due to their great benefits and features at a surprisingly low price.

2. What is the best place to buy skateboards online?

The best place to buy your boards online are retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, and many other reliable websites. First, ensure that you have done your homework before settling on a brand or retailer.

Do this:

  • Ask for availability of a warranty period and support- some stores do not offer a warranty, while some offer at differing periods. Ensure the warrant is available, good and long enough.
  • The cost- go for a skateboard that is affordable, but ensures the quality and durability are still attractive enough.
  • Reliability and trustworthiness- do they keep their promise? Carry out due diligence, as the world of online shopping has cons lurking behind their screens.

3. What’s the weight limit?

The weight of a typical skateboard deck ranges from around 2- 5 pounds. However, if you add the other skateboard components, such as wheels, trucks, bearings, grip, etc. the total weight will be around 7-10 pounds.

The full assembly of CCS skateboards mostly weighs 8 pounds.

4. Is this already pre-built?

Yes, the CCS skateboard comes ready pre-build with original components. You don’t have to assemble unless you want to customize the board entirely.

5. Is ccs grip tape good?

Yes, CCS custom grip tape is good enough.

6. Are ccs wheels good?

Its wheels are suitable for park skating but not for street skating. You can easily replace its wheels whenever you want.

7. Is CCS Skateboard Good for Beginners?

Yes, it is suitable for a beginner to an experienced skateboarder

8. Have more questions about CCS?

Click here (Amazon) and  Check the FAQ section where you will get all of the answers to your questions

ccs custom complete

Final verdict

Millions of skaters have used CCS skateboards ever since they commenced business in California. Their reliability has continued to satisfy more skaters and bring new ones through word of mouth. However, as with any other product, it is important to read in-depth reviews from people who have already used it.

I hope the article CCS complete skateboard review helped you a lot. Considering the dangerous nature of poor skateboarding, you do not want to be another case in the statistics. Having used these products, I can confidently say they are worth your money. Go ahead and have one for yourself or as a present to that person you love.

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