Kids Skateboard Ramp | What Is That, What Are The Types & How To Build It ?

Skateboarding is one of the most loved sport or hobbies among kids all over the world. With several benefits, like boosting coordination, skateboarding is a sport, your young one is likely to enjoy. For your kid to have a great riding experience, you’ll have to invest in a good quality skateboard, its equipment’s and kids’ skateboard ramp.  

There are several ramps that are child friendly, and you know what the best part is?

You can build or install skateboarding ramps right in your yard. There won’t be any need for your kid to visit a skatepark.

What Is A Mini Ramp?

mini skateboard ramp

A mini ramp is any skateboard ramp that has no vert. It is small in size and doesn’t exceed six feet in height. Some mini ramps are made at home. An example of a mini ramp is a half-pipe ramp, which is less than six feet in height. 

Types Of Skate Ramp For Kids 

1. Launch Ramp

This type of skateboard ramp is one of the most basic ramps. If you love pulling off flip tricks, launch ramps are the real deal. They are at times used for gap setups.  

Best Launch Ramps For Kids

Launch Ramps for Skateboard

2. Box Jumps

With box jumps, you can pull different tricks that can make skateboarding a whole lot of fun. Whether it is flip tricks or manuals you’re fond of, this type of ramp allows you to do them on a single ramp. 

Best Box Jump Ramp For Children

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 3. Quarter Pipe

These ramps are popularly known for having a curved shape. They are great for skating, as they allow you to pull off some cool air stunts. 

Best Quarter Pipe Ramp

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4. Halfpipe Skateboard Ramps For Kids 

With this type of ramp, you can maneuver back and forth between the two-quarter pipes (whichform the half-pipe). This gives you speed, and at the same time, allows you to pull some cool stunts. The other great thing is that this ramp type enables you to catch some air while riding. 

Best Half-Pipe Skate Ramp

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5. Vert Ramp

At first glance, vert ramps and quarter pipes can look alike.

However, they are different. Vert ramps have an extension on top of them, which ensures your safety when you’re lending. They allow you to launch and land at the same angle. 

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6. Spines Ramps

It’s made of two-quarter pipes positioned back-to-back, this ramp type allows you to move in a spine. The good thing about it is that it allows you to maintain balance while riding. 

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7. Pyramid Skateboard Ramp

This type of ramp has 4 sides. It is unique and allows you to go from any side you want and land on the other side. The best part is that it allows a number of skaters to have fun, showing off tricks on only one ramp.

Best Pyramid Skate Ramp

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8. Wave Skate Ramps

These resemble the behavior of waves. This type of ramp has several connections of curved surfaces.

They are fun to ride. 

Best Wave Skate Ramp

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9. Kicker Skateboard Ramp

This type of ramp is short in size and upward. You can have fun jumping with your skateboard because of the flat surface this ramp has. If you want to pull off some cool flat ground stunts, the kicker ramp is the way to go. 

Best Kicker Skateboard Ramp

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Type Of Skateboard Ramps Suitable For Kids 

Land wave skateboard ramp 2-Pack – This one is stable and won’t slide around, making it ideal for your kid. Setting up this ramp is quite cushy and requires no tools. The other good thing about this type of kids skateboard ramp is that it allows your kid to do a handful of tricks. 

Landwave Single Skateboard Ramp

Other great kids Skateboard Ramps include the Pyramid Skate Ramp and Launch Skateboard Ramps. These have cool designs and are colorful, making them ideal for children. The Launch Skateboard Ramps are the ramps best for 6 years old. 

Process Of Building Kids Ramp At Home

Building a skateboard ramp is one of the most incredible things you can do for your young one who is fond of skating. It’s even more rewarding to build the ramp in your backyard, where you can supervise your kid as they play. You want to ensure your kid’s safety by keeping an eye on them. 

Building a skateboard ramp is not rocket science. All you need are some tools and materials and some time, of course.

Let’s look at how to build a ramp perfect for your child. 


You’ll need

  • a miter saw
  • circular saw
  • drill, impact driver
  • cobalt drill bits
  • countersink drill bit level
  • tape measure
  • chalk line
  • and pencil. 


Materials you’ll need include

  • Lumber
  • 3/8 inches plywood,
  • 1/8-inch plywood
  • 2-inch OD
  • Steel Pipe (Schedule 40)
  • Exterior Latex Paint
  • 2.5-inch exterior Screws
  • 1.5-inch exterior screws
  • 1/2-inch galvanized bolts/nuts/washers
  • And 12-inch x 12-inch x 8-inch concrete footings. 

Steps To Follow To Build Skateboard Ramps For Kids At Home

1. Leveling (setting the foundation)

This step is essential when building a ramp. Your ramp should be built on level ground, otherwise, it will not last long or perform well. If your yard is not flat or level, you’ve got to level it first. You’ll definitely like the results.

2. Cutting The Wood

You should cut the wood for your ramp into transitions, making sure they are all of the same sizes. If you’re building your ramp for a beginner skateboarder, you don’t want the transitions to be too tight, as tight ones are dangerous. Loose transitions are ideal for beginners.

3. Frame The Ramp

Using a string, sketch on the plywood the outline of the transitions, and nail in the four supports. Where the string will be fixed. After this, Tie it to an end of a string (5,5 feet long). The next thing will be to secure the bottom part of your supports. 

4. Assemble The Ramp

Install braces straight and make sure they are evenly spaced. Take your first brace and transition and nail the board to the wall. The next step will be to install the pipe. 

5. Surface Your Ramp

Surfacing your ramp is essential as it will make sure your coping is covered. You probably want your ramp to be durable; hence you need to surface your ramp. 

Skateboard Safety Tips For Kids

For your kid to have a safe skating experience, there are some safety precautions they and you should take. These include: 

  1. Your kid should wear protective safety gear every time they skateboard. 
  2. Always check your kid’s ramps to ensure there are no damages that can cause accidents. 
  3. Make sure your kid doesn’t use skateboard ramps where people are to prevent accidents.  
  4. Your kid should always perform tricks that they are familiar with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Are ramps safe for kids?” answer-0=”Yes, skateboard ramps are safe for kids. Although ramps are usually made with strong materials, make sure they are securely installed before your beloved little one uses them. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How much time does it take to install a ramp, and what tools would I need? ” answer-1=”Do you want to install a ramp and aren’t sure how much time it will take you to finish the work? You need not worry because, for most ramps, it takes only a couple of hours to install them and get them ready. There are, however, other ramps that can take you a day or two to install them. Bigger ramps will take longer to install as compared to smaller ones.

The time it will take to install ramps also depends on your speed as an installer. The faster you’re, the less time it’ll take to get your ramp ready. To install a ramp, you’ll need some tools. You’ll need a miter saw, circular saw, drill, impact driver, cobalt drill bits, countersink drill bit level, tape measure, chalk line, and pencil.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Final Verdict 

Skateboarding is one of the most relaxed activities you may want your dear kid to invest in. It is an incredible workout in its own right and good for your kid’s health.

With several ramp skateboards on the market, your child can have a fun riding experience. A handful of skateboarding ramps are designed for your kid’s convenience, and it’s vital to choose good quality and safe ones.  

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