Cal 7 Skateboard Reviews In 2022| Detailed Review Of The Remarkable Brand!

I believe the Cal 7 Complete and Mini Cruiser skateboards will surprise you and meet your requirements. They come complete with soft wheels, durable trucks, and many other fantastic features.

Skating is rewarding if you do your homework of researching about a skateboard of your interest. It is obvious to always prioritize quality in your search, to ensure you don’t land into avoidable injuries and embarrassment later.

cal 7 complete

We are going to walk you through these Cal 7 skateboards’ features, designs, and components. After reading  Cal 7 skateboard reviews, you will be able to make your final verdict.

Top Best Cal 7 Skateboard In 2022

Cal 7 Mini Plastic Skateboard

1. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Review-Best For Beginner & Expert Both

We will tell you all you need to know about this board in our Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Review. Everyone desires excellent skating performance. The board doesn’t fail here, as it comes with robust features that make it durable while maintaining flexibility.

It has aluminum alloy trucks that are 3.125 inch, 60mm wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings. Another fantastic thing about these boards is their bold design. They come in many varieties of colors and graphics that fit every personality.

Whether your personality is playful or relaxed, Cal 7 will have something for you.


  • 5 x 31-inch deck made of 7-ply maple
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • 52 x 31 mm wheels made of 99A durometer polyurethane
  • 5-inch trucks made of aluminum
  • 95A bushings
  • 3mm riser pads
  • Pre-applied grip tape
Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard
Cal 7 8.0 Inch Complete Skateboard (8″ Cabana)

You want a board that will serve you for a long. Yet most brands out there have disappointed you. We are confident that Cal 7 Complete boards will bring your search to an end.


  • Cheap
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable
  • Wide and soft wheels
  • 1-year warranty


  • They are not small enough to fit in back-bags.

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Why you should choose the product

As we will see, this board is an excellent asset in the world of skating. Unlike most boards in the industry, the Cal 7 brand always stand behind their products. They are confident with their boards. That’s why they offer a free 1-year warranty for this particular type of their boards.

They are built from durable materials that maintain flexibility. As they say, quality comes first. That is very true, especially when it comes to very active sports like skateboarding.

So, I recommend these Cal 7 Complete skateboards as they have passed marks of quality.

Riding experience

Are you a regular rider? Here is a chance to escalate a deck that offers you the opportunity to switch your moves quickly. The medium concave, symmetrical, double kick-tail design make this possible.

The 7-ply maple creation gives a great combination of durability and flexibility. Its 80AB edge-to-edge black grip tape secures your foot during those magical moments of riding.

The product also has high contrast artwork on its underside. There is a coinciding signal wave arranged in green, pink, and blue on a black background.


Cal 7 Complete Skateboard has a unique design. The Color Blast, Graffix, and Snack Attack are among its most popular series.

Their striking patterns and vibrant colors give the board an exceptional appearance that matches your style.

If you have a playful and young personality, the colors and patterns will amaze you. Our Snack Attack series will enable you to bring out the spunk in you.

If you want to keep it fresh, why don’t you grab a retro-styled board with solid colors? Whatever your attitude and preference, be sure to get a board that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.


Reliability is critical in this skateboarding industry. Cal 7 guys have not failed us. Their decks are durable and flexible 7-ply maple. Once you put the boards under your feet, feel free to go sturdy, and enjoy your tricks.

It has a lovely symmetrical design with a double-kick tail design. Hence, you can easily and quickly pull out some flying moves. Compared to the mini cruiser plastic board, this is denser and more stable.

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape | 7.75,...
  • VARIOUS SIZES — Available in 7.75...
  • GRIP TAPE INCLUDED — Includes separate...
  • DURABLE — 7 layers of Chinese maple...
  • NATURAL WOOD — Comes in 5 different...

I have a grip tape running full-length across the top. Are you the heaviest person in your hood? Don’t worry. The deck won’t collapse under your weight.

Cal 7 Wheels Review

A board is not complete with soft and durable wheels. The Cal 7 Complete board comes with intact wheels. They are broader and softer than most wheels in this industry. At the same time, they have a 99A rating on a durometer. They are, therefore, harder than your typical shoe sole or shopping cartwheel.

They used polyurethane plastic to create the wheels. You can comfortably roll over cracks and pebbles with high buoyancy. Beginners and professionals alike will find these wheels satisfying, as buoyancy is what makes the game memorable.

Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings
350 Reviews
Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings
  • SMALL WHEELS — 52mm size is ideal for...
  • IDEAL HARDNESS — 99A and 100A PU...
  • PREMIUM BEARINGS — Set of 8 ABEC-7...
  • SPACERS INCLUDED — 4 spacers extend...


Trucks are as crucial as all other parts of every board. Cal 7 Complete skateboard trucks are 5 inches. The aluminum metal that went into making these trucks makes them lightweight while maintaining durability.

Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, Wheels, Bearings
437 Reviews
Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, Wheels, Bearings
  • SOLID SPECS — 139 millimeter (5.25...
  • ABSORBS SHOCK — 3mm riser pads prevent...
  • DURABLE TRUCKS — Lightweight aluminum...
  • JUST ADD WOOD — All you need is a deck...


The Cal 7 complete board comes with ABEC 7 bearings, making them fairly durable. The quality materials that go into creating these bearings enhance smooth riding.

ABEC rating is a measurement that determines the precision and tolerance of bearings. The precision levels increase with these, 1, 3, 5, and 7. On the other hand, the tolerance gets tighter.

At a very high Revolution per Minute (RPM), the bearings should have high precision and small tolerances. The bearings come pre-lubricated to ensure your excitement doesn’t die down because of the lost lube cans.

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2. Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review – Best For Kids & Cruising

The Cal 7 Complete Mini-Cruiser board might just be the answer to your search.

You can comfortably walk around with the board, as it is compact enough to fit in your backpack. It measures 22.5 x 6 inches.  The mini-cruiser will also surprise you with durable parts that are flexible enough to enhance your moves.

Our Cal 7 Complete Mini skateboard review will help you make the final decision.

Let’s see its features


  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 60mm wheels
  • 125-inch trucks made of aluminum alloy
  • 5 X 6-inch deck made of durable plastic
  • Bold design that is in various graphics and colors

You will rarely purchase a product before considering its benefits and shortcomings. After using this board, here are our findings


  • Super durable
  • Smooth, fast ride
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Attractive design
  • Compact size- can fit easily into a backpack
  • Lightweight
  • Wide, soft wheels


  • The bearings are not the strongest in the market. However, you can replace them with redbone bearings.

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Why you should choose the product

You should go for this Cal 7 mini cruiser board because it is among the cheapest in the industry. Despite this, the brand does not compromise with its quality to ensure safety and durability.

The product also comes in different colors and designs. Additionally, if you are that forgetful guy, go for this product- you can quickly put it in your bag.

These and the many other pros make this product worth having.

cal 7 deck

Riding experience

If you’ve been looking for excellent performance, consider Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboards. This premium hardware will give you a fast and smooth ride.

Kids may find it suitable.

Don’t you know kids tend to forget their stuff? Its compact size makes it one of the most portable and controllable boards in the industry. Beginners will also be glad to have one.

Design overview

The guys at Cal 7 did fantastic work by giving this board a bold design. As we saw earlier, their product comes with various graphics and colors. You are spoiled for choice if you decide to purchase their boards.

Its striking patterns and vibrant colors make the board look exceptional enough to suit your style. The crisscrossing lines on the deck will give you a grip that will make your feet feel secure while enjoying your favorite game.


The Cal 7 Complete mini cruiser skateboard has a deck made of a sturdy plastic material that makes it long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about crushing the board under your feet with your weight. If you’re skilled enough, you can carry some bags too while riding.

The compact size of the 22.5 X 6-inch deck allows you to fit it into your backpack or carry-on. Thus, you can enjoy riding it far away from home as carrying it is hassle-free.

You can take your pick, as the deck comes with a variety of beautiful graphics and colors.  For example, you can choose Lotus, Glacier, Midgard, or Onyx colors and graphics. Whether you are a youngster or veteran, you can get graphics or decorations that suit your age. Color blast and snack attack series are a few of the many lovely series that Cal 7 collections offer


Cal 7 70mm Longboard Wheels with Bearings, Spacers
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 83A Durometer
  • Sturdy center core for added strength
  • For street or cruising decks

The board comes with wide wheels measuring 60mm in diameter each. What I love about the wheels is their softness. The board can, therefore, comfortably cruise over cracks and rough surfaces with buoyancy.

Do you want to pull out a trick over bumps? Go ahead, as the wheels will cooperate seamlessly. Both the seasoned and the newcomers in the game will find this an enjoyable experience.


Quality materials went into creating the bearings. Thus, they can withstand reasonably rough usage. On the ABEC scale, the bearing score 7. I first doubted the quality of the bearings.

However, I came across a Cal 7 bearings review from an experienced skater. He says the rate is standard in the industry.

cal 7 skateboard bearings

Thus, they are reasonably good enough to keep your wheels going. If you want a long-lasting experience, I would suggest you invest in some redbones bearings.


Quality is necessary when it comes to skateboard trucks. Our honest Cal 7 trucks review confirms these guys are serious. The Cal 7 mini cruiser board has aluminum alloy trucks that measure 3. 125 inches.

The metallic material ensures durability while maintaining the lightness of the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Cal 7 Skateboard Review

1. Are Cal 7 skateboards good?

Yes. They have fantastic features and bold designs. Furthermore, they are durable.

2. Is Cal 7 a good skateboard brand?

Cal 7 is among genuine brands in the industry, having been around for several years now. They always fuse old-school passion with current creativity in their products.

3. Is a 7.75 skateboard a good size?

I believe it is within the standard range in the industry, especially for adults who love skating streets and pulling out more exciting tricks. If you need to skate on ramps, rail, skating pool, and cruising, larger ones will do.

4. Can you ride a Cal 7 skateboard in the rain?

I don’t think it is safe skating in wet conditions. The ground may be slippery.

5. Are Cal 7 decks good?

Obviously, theCal 7 skateboard decks are good. We have talked in detail about the deck before.

6. Are Cal 7 wheels good?

Yes,  They are good. you will face no problem with wheels

7. Are Cal 7 Penny Boards good?

Yes, Cal 7 mini cruiser is considered as a good penny board.

8. Does Cal 7 boards come with trucks/wheels?

Yes, they come with trucks and wheels

9. Are these boards pre-made?

All of them are pre-made

10. How big are the Cal 7  complete skateboard wheels?

These are the same as kicktail

11. What is the weight limit of Cal 7 Complete Skateboard?

The weight limit of Cal 7 Complete skateboard is 215 lbs

are cal 7 skateboards good

Final verdict

Our Cal 7 Skateboard review, has revealed that these boards are heaven-sent. They are exceptional and worth having due to their lively graphics, quality components, and top design. What I like more about them is that you get all these at an affordable price.

So, whether you are a newcomer in the industry or a seasoned veteran, grab one for yourself.

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