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Skateboarding is not all about jumping onto the longboard or skateboard and starting motion. Your speed and tricks will not only be determined by how much you are good at skating, or by how experienced you are, but also by what you are wearing.  

How heavy are the jeans, and how easy can you stretch your legs out for support if you lost balance?  Do the jeans stretch?  And is it comfortable in your body?

Having the right clothing will make it more fun, more comfortable to do tricks and skate at a higher speed. We can expect this in 2021. Check out the best one at first.

Our Winner Best Skateboard Jeans

Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper-Fit Jeans
  • Sits below waist
  • Slim through seat and thigh
  • Slim leg

What Types Of Jeans Are Good For Skating? 

Skateboarders do tricks as they skate, so the clothes they are wearing should be free enough to allow them to do tricks easily. This makes skating easy and more enjoyable.  

Best skateboard jeans that are free also allow the skaters to protect themselves by stretching out their legs quickly for support in case they lose balance.  

One of the crucial features that skaters should consider in jeans for skateboard is the ability to stretch. Jeans that stretch will give comfort to the skater. Like free jeans, stretching also makes it easy for the skater to stretch out their legs if they want to apply instant breaks. 

They should also be able to absorb sweat. Skating is a sport, and the body sweats. Sweating can be uncomfortable, and if the jeans cannot absorb sweat, there will be no fun in it. This leads to boredom.  

Best skateboard jeans should have a rigid material. This is to protect the skater if they fall on rough ground. Concrete on the pathways and rough cemented floors will not get to the knees hence protection. 

Best Dickies for skating

As they protect the skater from injuries, a pair of jeans for a skateboard should have a durable material so that it does not tear every time the skater falls.  

Another factor that you should not overlook when buying these jeans is water resistance. What if it begins to rain as you skate? You cannot use an umbrella as you skate, so your clothes and body should be well protected by your outerwear.  

Water-resistance also protects the skater from getting into contact with water in case they fall in a pool.

Our Top Picks For Best Skate Jeans

Our Top Picks For Best Skate Jeans

Products ImageDescriptionBuy
Levi’s Men’s 512 Slim Taper-Fit Jeans, Huggy – Stretch, 28W x 30LFrom Amazon
Product ImageRuiatoo Men’s Jeans Fashion Skateboard Pants Snake Embroidery Baggy Jeans Hip Hop Denim Black Trousers 40From Amazon
Product ImageLUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Style Baggy Jeans Loose Fit Dance Skateboard Denim Pants (44)From Amazon

Detailed Review On Best Jeans For Skateboarding

Having looked at why jeans are suitable for skateboarding and why it is advisable to wear jeans when skateboarding, let us now get straight to the best baggy jeans for skating. This write up is about the Best skateboard jeans, with more information on their specifications and descriptions and detailed review.

1. Levi’s Men’s 512 Slim Taper-Fit Skateboard Jeans Review


  • The jeans are slim-fit 
  • They have a zipper fly 
  • The jeans have pockets 
  • They have a zipper closure 
  • They can be dry cleaned 
  • They are 94% made of cotton 
Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper-Fit Jeans
  • Sits below waist
  • Slim through seat and thigh
  • Slim leg

Do you value craftsmanship, quality, and stylish products?

You will never go wrong with getting your best skinny jeans for skateboarding from Levi’s jeans. The mentioned qualities are what they consider when making these jeans, and they have done it for over 150 years now.  

With the best Levi jeans for skateboarding, you don’t have to worry about dirt because the jeans can be washed in a washing machine. However, before doing so, ensure you turn them inside out and wash them with clothes of the same color as the jeans. Also, use liquid detergents when washing. 

These jeans come in a slim fit size, which fits comfortably on the body of the skater. They have pockets, which makes it for you to skate with your phone or your keys. The five pockets also add style to the jeans.  

They have a zip closure for better fitting and to protect them from falling, in case you have a small waist. A zipper fly secures the zipper closure, and in case the zip opens, the fly protects you from exposing your inner clothes. They are 98% made of fabric, and this makes them comfortable to wear.

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2. LUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Style Baggy Jeans


  • They have a zip  
  • Can be worn for many occasions 
  • They are fashionable 
  • Come in small size 
  • Can be worn in spring and Autumn
LUOBANIU Men's Vintage Hip Hop Style Baggy Jeans Loose Fit Dance Skateboard Denim Pants
  • A very soft upper material and a light lining make these pants your constant companion in spring & autumn.
  • Comfortable design concept: Choose hard-wearing and comfortable denim made of flexible cotton, that gives you a good feeling and look day and night.
  • Occasion: loose-fit jeans with high fashion style, best choice for hip hop, street dance, sport, leisure or e
  • Oversize style, hip-hop styling and fashion design make you more attractive.
  • Note: pants are small. If your measurements are between two sizes, order the larger size. Please see the size information below.

These best pants for skateboarding will not restrict you to wear them only when picking your skateboard. Their loose-fit makes them fashionable and allows you to wear them for different occasions.  

If your best hip hop singer is coming to town, choose your Loubaniu men’s vintage jeans; wear a good shirt and a jacket to complete the look. You can walk around the game park or take your kids to swim in them. They are also the best to wear when you are going to a street dance or when doing other sports.  

These best jeans to skating are made with an oversize style, which is responsible for the loose-fitting. This gives you all the comfort as you skate and allows you to stretch your legs for support in case you are falling. 

The loose-fit is also fashionable, and the young generation highly admires it. It makes the young look more attractive, hence more confidence while skating. They have a zipper closure for more support and fitting.  

The pants have a light lining and a soft upper material. This makes them the right choice for Autumn and spring. They are also made of stretchy cotton that gives the skater comfort as they skate. This also allows you to wear them during the day and at night.  

To get the best size of the jeans, always buy a bigger size than yours for the loose-fitting. 

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3. Ruiatoo Men’s Jeans Fashion Skateboard Pants Snake Embroidery


  • It has a button closure 
  • Comfortable design 
  • It has a fashionable style 
  • Can be worn on different occasions 
Ruiatoo Mens Jeans Fashion Skateboard Pants Snake Embroidery Baggy Jeans Hip Hop Denim Black Trousers
  • Original Color Cowboy: Without the process of washing, jeans keep the color of the cloth itself, let it have a sense of hierarchy when you wear
  • Comfortable Design Concept: Choose durable and comfortable flex cotton denim, from day and night give you feeling and looking great
  • Fashion Style: High fashion embroidery print jeans, loose fit jeans to be a street leisure fashion
  • Occasion: Best choice for Hip Hop, street dance, dance, sports, casual or daily life
  • See product description below for more size information.

In making the best baggy jeans for skateboarding, Ruiatoo stores never go wrong with their work. Until the 1980s, skaters did not mind what they were wearing as they enjoyed the game until ramp skating was displayed by street skating, and they started wearing these baggy jeans.  

These jeans have a snake embroidery print, something that fascinates the young generation because it is fashionable. This makes the jeans more attractive to wear. In addition to the print, young people also like them for their cowboy style.  

These jeans are not meant to be worn on skateboards only. Choose a perfect shirt for them and put a cap on to complete the look as you attend your best hip hop artist’s concert. You can also wear them as you and your friends head for the street dance. 

Since they are free, they have this relaxing feeling, and you can wear them at home, all day. These are the best skateboard jeans because they have a loose fit. Unlike those tight, you can easily drop your feet to the ground for extra support if you lose balance or want to apply instant breaks.  

The loose-fitting is also fashionable, which makes the jeans have many areas of use. Their design is comfortable, and they are made with durable material. These jeans will take years to tear despite falling on concrete and rough grounds because of their material.  

They also have a button closure that adds safety and for better fitting. I would highly recommend this pair as it is one of the best jeans for skaters.

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon

Pants NameSizeMaterialType
Levi’s Men’s28-42(W)93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% ElastaneSlim through seat & thigh
Ruiatoo30-46100% Cottonloose fit
LUOBANIU30-46soft upper materialloose-fit

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) For Best Skateboarding Jeans

1. Are jeans good for skateboarding? 

Wearing the wrong clothes can lead to discomforts and injuries. The jeans you wear while skating should be strong enough to protect you from injuries if you fall. Jeans are made of a rough material that will protect your knees and legs from the rough cement floors and concrete on the pathways.  

This is what makes them suitable for skateboarding. However, the pair of jeans you choose should feel free and comfortable. 

2. Why do skaters wear baggy pants?

Skaters prefer baggy pants so that they can have freedom of movement. With buggy pants, you can easily stretch your legs off the skateboard and support yourself in case of danger or in case you lose balance and are about to fall.  

Baggy pants are also not prone to sweat because they allow fresh air in as you skate.  

3. Do skaters wear skinny jeans? 

Yes, some skaters prefer skinny jeans because they give them the hip-hop look. Most of these jeans are usually loose at the waist, and this shows off their boxers. Whether skinny or baggy, it also depends on the style of skating.  

Skinny jeans are well-fitting, and they give the skater more confidence because they look good on their bodies. 

what jeans do skater wear

Last Word

Whether buggy or skinny jeans, I suggest skaters wear clothes they are comfortable with. Skating is a game, and accidents happen. Your knees and legs are most prone to injuries, so ensure the jeans you put on have a hard material to protect you well.  In this guide on the best jeans for skateboarding, we tried to explain important things about jeans pants you need to know before going skating.

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