Caliber Vs Paris Trucks In 2022 (A Full-Fledged Comparison Guide)

The skateboard trucks are a metal piece with a ‘T’ shape that helps to connect the wheels of a skateboard to the board itself. The trucks are screwed into the deck either with or without the use of risers or pads, and a large bolt is inserted into the middle of the truck to help adjust the tension against the pin.

Now, some persons are confused as to the use of the pin. The pin is a metal and pointed piece cradles in a nest, and its main aim is to help the skateboard turn in back and forth directions.

The main reason for this peace is to provide you with information about the two best-branded skateboard trucks (Caliber trucks and Paris trucks) in the market today.

Well, it is time to talk about the two best and most popular skateboard trucks in the market, and they are; the Caliber trucks and the Paris Trucks.

Overview Of Caliber Trucks 

The Caliber trucks are specially manufactured by a skateboard company Caliber Truck Co. The company started its journey back in the year 2010, and ever since it was founded, their main aim and dedication were to make sure they manufacture and deliver the best quality skateboard trucks in the market.

At Caliber Truck Co, even though they are regarded as one of the best skateboard truck company in the market, they never stop improving on their skateboard truck manufacturing quality, as they are mostly concerned about their clients, and make sure to deliver just the perfect trucks for their skateboards and make sure every one of their clients is satisfied with their products.

MCaliber Trucks For Skateboard

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Some of the very best Caliber skateboard trucks are the Caliber Standards, Forty-Fours, and Fifty Calibers. The Caliber Trucks have a barrel bushing on the bottom and a cone bushing at its top.

Caliber Truck Co. is currently owned by a legendary professional skater Liam Morgan. He is also a long-time team rider.

When in need of quality Skateboard trucks for beginners, I suggest you check out Caliber Trucks Co, as they are known for making great trucks for beginners.

The Caliber skateboard is known for its stability and ability to turn well, making it very easy to use for beginner skaters.

Overview Of Paris Trucks

The Paris skateboard truck is manufactured by Paris Truck Co-a a skateboard company that is located in Costa Mesa, California.

Paris Truck Co is widely known and recognized for manufacturing high-quality skateboard and longboard trucks.

Knowing that the truck of a skateboard is arguably the most important component of the skateboard, Paris Truck Co places all their effort in making sure they deliver the best quality skateboard trucks to the skateboarders’ community.

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Paris Truck Co is widely known for manufacturing great turning skateboard trucks, durable trucks, as well as beautiful and attractive skateboard trucks.

Knowing full well that they make durable skateboard trucks, Paris Truck Co gives its buyers a lifetime guarantee of their trucks. This is because; unlike other skateboard trucks manufacturers that construct their skateboard trucks out of old and leftover metals gotten from old pours, Paris Trucks Co make their trucks from pure and new metals, making their trucks stronger and having a great molecular bond compared to trucks from other trucks manufacturing companies.

I highly recommend the Paris skateboard trucks for both Pros and amateurs as they can withstand even the most unpleasant conditions. For beginners, the Paris truck is also highly recommended as their tough and high-quality metal trucks makes it stable for beginners to learn skating.

The Paris Trucks comes in different beautiful colors to match with your skateboard decks and wheels. Their kits are Philips head bolts and matching lock nuts.

Caliber Vs Paris Trucks (Major Differences)

Haven explained everything that is needed to know about the Caliber and Paris trucks I will proceed to list out and explain the major differences between these two amazing skateboard trucks.

Key Differences between Caliber trucks and Paris trucks:

  • Caliber trucks are more expensive than Paris trucks. You can get the Paris truck for as low as $30, while the Caliber truck goes for $50.
  • The Caliber trucks are more stable than the Paris trucks, as they do not have a tapering hanger and comes with better bushings compared to that of the Paris trucks.
  • If you want a bigger truck, I suggest you go for the Paris trucks, as Paris trucks come with an 11-inch maximum while Caliber trucks come with a 10-inch maximum.
  • For skate tricks and free styling-I would rate and recommend Paris trucks above caliber trucks, as Paris trucks are more flexible and better for freestyling.
  • For downhill skating. I strongly recommend the Caliber trucks, as they have a better and stronger bushing that gives stability to the skateboard.
  • Caliber trucks are better for riding on rough surfaces as the rate of their stability cannot be matched by any other skateboarding truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which of these skateboards is better for beginners?

Ans-well, I had recommended the Caliber skateboard for beginners due to its stability and strength.

2.Which is more affordable between the Caliber and the Paris Trucks?

Ans-Before I start, I would love to emphasize more on the fact that the price doesn’t mean one is better than the other, as they are both amazing trucks. Well, the caliber trucks tend to be more expensive in the market than the Paris trucks.

3.Which of these skateboard trucks would you recommend for pros?

Ans-The Paris skateboard trucks are highly recommended for Pros, and this is due to their unmatched flexibility and high turning.

4.Which is strong and more durable between the Caliber and the Paris Truck?

Ans-Both trucks are strong and last long, but the strongness of the Caliber skateboard trucks is unmatched as they can serve for a lifetime!

Wrapping Up

This is all the information’s about these two best skateboard trucks. When getting a perfect and high-quality skateboard to enjoy a smooth ride, I suggest you go for either the Caliber skateboard truck or the Paris skateboard Trucks as these two are the very best you can get in the market.

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