Top 5 Best Skateboarding Socks In 2022(Things You Should Know)

Skater socks emerged in the early 1960s when town skating was the norm of the day in America. At this time, they were known as striped socks for sports due to their multiple colored strips to differentiate them from regular socks.

However, even up to date, most people confuse normal socks for skating socks. Let me explain the difference. Regular socks are of a light material mainly to make you comfortable with an everyday shoe. In the case of skateboarding socks, they serve more than making you comfortable.

Skateboarding socks are constructed to provide breathability, which counters the rise of feet temperatures from friction. But more importantly, these socks have maximum cushioning, which lacks in normal socks. This padding helps to absorb impacts which significantly reduces injuries in case of an accident.

What’s my point?

It would be wise if you had the skateboarding socks’ while using a skateboard. And to add, the socks should be of expert construction with nothing missing. Let’s have a look at the best skateboarding socks and their buyers guide to help you choose wisely.

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Best Skateboarding Socks For Men

We found Dichies Men’s Socks best for its moisture control feature and Stability

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks...
  • Soft Breathable Moisture Control Fibers
  • Arch Compression Support and Stability
  • Ventilation Channels Enhance Air Flow
  • Durable Reinforced Heel and Toe

Best Skateboarding Socks Cheap 

We found Urban Peacock best for its design and cheap price.

Top 5 Best Socks For Skateboarding

  1. Volcom men’s full stone sock 3-pack
  2. Dickies men’s dri-tech moisture control crew socks multipack
  3. Urban-peacock men’s novelty socks
  4. Sock it to me, men’s crew food socks
  5. Stance men’s skating socks

Detailed Review Of Skateboard Socks

Top Brands Skateboarding Socks

1. Stance Men’s Skating Socks (Best For Comfort)

These amazingly crafted skating socks from the stance brand are a true embodiment of the shoes that assure your safety.

They have a bottom cushioning with extreme reinforcement on the toes and heels. Typically, the skating shoes need to have this reinforcement to counter the effects of ground impacts. The padding also helps reduce friction which is the leading cause of blisters while skating.

Stance mens Icon 3 Pack Crew Review

Also, it is advisable to look for socks that have heavy-strength construction. Ideally, such socks consist of polyester and cotton materials known to have a higher elastic limit.

Good news! These socks combine both cotton and polyester construction, making them take forever before wasting. To top off, they have spandex giving them stretchability for more comfort.

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2. Volcom Men’s Full Stone Sock 3-Pack (Classic Stone Jacquard)

Next are these socks from the volcano, which are the best for long-hour skaters. The ideal skating socks should have excellent paddling to secure your feet from pain and blisters due to the frictions. That is why these socks have extra material for more comfort.

Volcom Men's Full Stone Sock

The material of these socks is also longevity promising. They combine 80% cotton, 18% polyester, and elastane material. Consequently, they have more strength to withstand frictions, especially from the frequent skaters.

Combining with their elegant appearance and their lengthy height, they will improve your appearance and be of help on a freezing day.

When it comes to cleaning them, nothing to freak out of. These elegant socks are machine washable. More so, their materials are dust and dirt resistant.

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3. Sock It To Me (Men’s Crew Food Socks)

Among the key things to look for in skating socks are breathability and padding. Socks that let air flow in help maintain favorable foot temperatures for comfort. Luckily these socks have a breathable mesh on the top and bottom part. Thus they are excellent in ensuring your comfort.

Skateboarding Socks

To add, padding is vital in skating socks to help bear the frictions which cause blisters on human skin. Fortunately, the padding of these socks is of high density. Further, this padding dramatically helps to enhance their durability against tear and wear.

The best part?

They incorporate a stretch design. Allow me to explain. 2% constructing material of these socks is of spandex which is elastic to give the sock’s stretchability. Consequently, they stick close to the skin and do not fall even when skating at a fast speed.

Next, is the stylish design. Well, we all like to look good, and getting an item that combines a classy design and quality crafting is a bonus.  You can smile, these socks not only have a quality, durability promising constriction but also they are of an eye-catching design.

Above the comfort of these socks, you can easily clean them. You can use a machine, but also, due to the softness of the polyester and cotton material, you can easily clean them manually.

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4. Urban-Peacock Men’s Novelty Socks 

Do you have a friend who loves skating and you are looking for a perfect gift?  Do you need more comfortable socks for skating? By purchasing the urban peacock socks for men, you will get it right.


These socks are of cotton, polyester, and spandex fabric. The cotton and polyester have a soft, lustrous feeling which makes them quite comfy. Also, they do help increase their longevity.

Best Skateboarding Socks For Design

On the spandex material, it gives these elegant socks stretching ability. Consequently, they closely stick to your skin. Also, due to their elasticity, they are more comfortable for your toes.

Beyond that, these socks will save your feet from blisters. Blisters are primarily caused by the friction and intense pressure on the foot from the shoe sole. Fortunately, these socks have a maximum density which secures your feet from t6he frictions.

On their size, these socks are usually available in men’s sock size 10 to 13. However, some of their users argue that due to its stretching, it can go beyond size 13.

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5. Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Ventilation channels are vital in skating socks. They allow the entry of air which helps maintain comfort after skating for long hours. That is the key reason why these skating socks remain to be the best for not only professionals but also beginnersBest Skateboarding Socks For Men

Its sole and top cushioning have a breathable mesh to allow an excellent flow of air. Further, the cushioning is maximized to absorb all the frictions and impacts, reducing the accidents or blisters risks.

Usually, the toe and the heel part of the socks are the first to tear, for they undergo more frictions.  That explains why this item’s brilliant manufacturer considered a reinforced heals and toe construction, with more durable material. Consequently, assuring the longevity of the socks.

If you are skating away from the town, the socks are likely to be dirtier. Fortunately, their material does not stain and also resists dust to keep them clean. Also, you can easily use a machine to clean them.

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What To Consider Before Buying Socks (Buying Guide)

How would you know the right product without knowing what makes it the correct item for you? Appearances lie; besides, that is not all that describes the socks that you should pay for. Worse, never attempt going to a store to purchase an item without a clue of the construction you need. Though you may be lucky, you will be at a high risk of getting a counterfeit item.

No more stories! Which features should you look for, for long-lasting and comfortable skating socks?

  1. Socks Materials

Like other clothing, skating socks have different construction materials with commonly used materials as spandex, polyester, and cotton.

Why is it important to check on the sock’s material?

Majorly, there is a lot of friction and pressure exerted between the socks, feet, and shoe. That is to mean, if the material is not sturdy enough, the socks will quickly wear and tear due to the intense frictions.

More so, you need comfortable socks, which give your feet a good feeling. That is the key reason why we don’t recommend socks of a nylon material.

  1. Sock Size

Oversized socks will make you uncomfortable, and worse, small-sized socks will even cause pain to your toes.

The point?

Always ensure that the socks fit you well. Not too tight, neither should they be baggy. You can measure your feet’ length and use it to look for the appropriate socks size.

  1. Breathable Mesh Technology

As I said earlier, there is a lot of friction and pressure between the foot and the socks or the skating shoe. Resultantly, is the generation of heat energy which raises the internal temperatures, which may be uncomfy.

Consequently, it would be wise to consider socks that allow free airflow to cool your feet. Typically, the socks should have a breathable mesh technology that has tiny holes to let air in.

  1. Top Cushion

Ideally, the skating socks you use with a skateboard should have a top cushion.

This cushion helps prevent the foot muscles from straining and reduces the shoe impacts while spinning around. Moreover, this cushion is a life savior if you accidentally hit the rough ground after falling off the skateboard.

Moreover, this top cushioning helps enhance the sock’s longevity against the tear and wear caused by friction.

  1. Padded Sole

A padded sole is a non-negotiable in skating socks.

The sole of the socks is the point at which it meets with the sole of the skating shoe. Thus there should be maximum padding to help reduce the sole shoe impacts to the feet. Actually, the padding of the sole of the socks significantly determines the comfort-ability of the socks.


I hope by now you known that you can’t wear any shoes for skateboarding. There are expertly constructed shoes which are recommended. These shoes help reduce the likelihood of accidents and, more so, give the user an easy time.

Narrowing down, the skating shoes should be used with skating socks. That is how it is.  The socks help the user feel comfortable and more critically, help absorb the impacts, significantly reducing the pains after an accident.

Here comes a problem, which skateboarding socks are best to purchase?  Worry not. This piece reviews the skateboarding socks that have nothing short of high-quality crafting. More so, there is a detailed buying guide to help you quickly come to a wise conclusion. Get reading!

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