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Choosing Best Skateboard Wheels for Street | Definitive Guide And Review

Best Street Skateboard Wheels

Street skating is considered one of the most effective methods to relieve stress and a fun way for leisure. But then, if you don’t have the best skateboard wheels for the street, you won’t enjoy your ride. Wheels play a pivotal role in providing the comfort of your ride, as well as maintaining your balance.  

So, for skating to be more fun, you should choose the suitable wheels for street skating.

However, choosing the best skateboard wheels for street can be tricky. There’s a lot to consider. Therefore, this guide will take you through detailed information that will help you to make the right choice.

Why Are Skateboard Wheels Made of Polyurethane?

First, let’s go down memory lane to the 1950s when first commercial skateboards were manufactured using metal wheels. In the 1960s, manufacturers shifted to using clay to make skate wheels but to no avail. Clay wheels weren’t the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. A ride with these was a fast and jerky one that was hard to control. 

In the 1970s, skateboard manufacturers diverted to polyurethane to make skateboard wheels. And this was after Frank Nasworthy, the inventor of polyurethane wheels, discovered how efficient urethane roller skate wheels were. With this, he figured street skaters would enjoy the same benefits.

Now that it’s cleared on how it all started let’s answer the question: Why polyurethane wheels? 

Polyurethane is considered a material with exceptional grip, besides being sturdy and durable. Street skating is tense, and polyurethane doesn’t break easily, even under such an impact. Polyurethane wheels resist abrasion from the rough street roads.

The longer your wheels last, the more you can enjoy the skating. Polyurethane is easy to shape. Just because it has different types of hardness makes it suited for different types of skating. 

Best Wheels For Street Skating Detailed Review

Best Street Skateboard Wheels

If you are looking for classic skate wheels, this is the right choice. The look and design speak for themselves. They come with the coolest logo that can make you fall in love with them in the first instance. Spitfire Classics provide you with enough hardness for street skating.

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With these, you can be sure of making all those skating moves with huge landings. The 54mm size is suitable for all street roads, and it’s 99a durometer wheel is fast. The wheels provide can accommodate average to full-sized humans to make their moves without hesitation. And those wheels feature a big radius from the bearing seat, giving a narrow 16.5mm contact patch. 


  • Skate faster. 
  • Easier to control. 
  • Last longer. 
  • Less resistance when riding. 
  • Good looking design. 
  • Suitable for beginners. 
  • High quality. 
  • 100% made in the USA  
  • Affordable. 


  • Can break lose at high speeds 
  • Not suitable for pro skaters. 

Are you looking to air high enough?

Well, the G-Bones wheels are your solution. These wheels are associated with the phrase “Skate like a G.” They come in at 97a durometer, which is slightly softer than the average skate wheel. They have a 64mm height, higher than a standard skateboard.  

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And this height enables you to ride fast. Also, it’s<