Best Skateboard Wheels for Street in 2022| Definitive Guide

Street skating is considered one of the most effective methods to relieve stress and a fun way for leisure. But then, if you don’t have the best skateboard wheels for the street, you won’t enjoy your ride. Wheels play a pivotal role in providing the comfort of your ride, as well as maintaining your balance.

So, for skating to be more fun, you should choose the suitable wheels for street skating.

However, choosing the best skateboard wheels for street can be tricky. There’s a lot to consider. Therefore, this guide will take you through detailed information that will help you to make the right choice.

List of the Best Skateboard Wheels For Street

  1. Spitfire Skateboard Wheels
  2. Powell Peralta G Bones
  3. CCS Skateboard Wheels
  4. Freedare Skateboard Wheels for Street
  5. Ricta White Rapido Wheels

Top Wheels for Street Skating in 2022

If you are cracking your head on the best wheels for street skating, here is a list you can choose from. This review has products highly recommended by other skaters. It can be an eye-opener when selecting your wheels.

Products ImageDescriptionBuy
Product ImageSpitfire Skateboard Wheels F4 Classics 101A Orange/White 53mmFrom Amazon
Product ImagePowell-Peralta G-Bones 97A Skateboard Wheels (Black, 64mm)From Amazon
Product ImageCCS Skateboard Wheels – Multiple Colors (Black, 52mm)From Amazon
Product ImageFREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings and Spacers Cruiser Wheels (Black,Pack of 4)From Amazon
Product ImageRicta White Rapido Round 101A – 56Mm Skateboard Wheels (Default, Blue)From Amazon

Why Are Skateboard Wheels Made of Polyurethane?

First, let’s go down memory lane to the 1950s when first commercial skateboards were manufactured using metal wheels. In the 1960s, manufacturers shifted to using clay to make skate wheels but to no avail. Clay wheels weren’t the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. A ride with these was a fast and jerky one that was hard to control.

In the 1970s, skateboard manufacturers diverted to polyurethane to make skateboard wheels. And this was after Frank Nasworthy, the inventor of polyurethane wheels, discovered how efficient urethane roller skate wheels were. With this, he figured street skaters would enjoy the same benefits.

Now that it’s cleared on how it all started let’s answer the question: Why polyurethane wheels?

Polyurethane is considered a material with exceptional grip, besides being sturdy and durable. Street skating is tense, and polyurethane doesn’t break easily, even under such an impact. Polyurethane wheels resist abrasion from rough street roads.

The longer your wheels last, the more you can enjoy skating. Polyurethane is easy to shape. Just because it has different types of hardness makes it suited for different types of skating.

Best Wheels For Street Skating Detailed Review

Best Street Skateboard Wheels

#1: Spitfire Wheels Classic 53mm Skateboard Wheels For Street

If you are looking for classic skate wheels, this is the right choice. The look and design speak for themselves. They come with the coolest logo that can make you fall in love with them in the first instance. Spitfire Classics provide you with enough hardness for street skating.

Spitfire Formula 4 Classic 99a Wheels 52mm
  • More speed and control on all surfaces.
  • Unmatched flatspot resistance.
  • Smooth anti stick slide

With these, you can be sure of making all those skating moves with huge landings. The 54mm size is suitable for all street roads, and it’s 99a durometer wheel is fast. The wheels provide can accommodate average to full-sized humans to make their moves without hesitation. And those wheels feature a big radius from the bearing seat, giving a narrow 16.5mm contact patch.

We like

  • Skate faster.
  • Easier to control.
  • Last longer.
  • Less resistance when riding.
  • Good looking design.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • High quality.
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Affordable.

We dislike

  • Can break lose at high speeds
  • Not suitable for pro skaters.

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#2: Powell-Paralta G-Bones 64mm Skateboard Wheels For Street Riding

Are you looking to air high enough?

Well, the G-Bones wheels are your solution. These wheels are associated with the phrase “Skate like a G.” They come in at 97a durometer, which is slightly softer than the average skate wheel. They have a 64mm height, higher than a standard skateboard.

Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels
  • New for 2011
  • Width: 42mm
  • Hardness: 97A
  • Connect with the roots of 1980's skate...

And this height enables you to ride fast. Also, it’s smooth contact patch surface makes skating comfortable for you. George Powell designed them in 1988, that’s one of his last designs. Pad printing was used for the design. By then, it was the new kid in town for wheel graphics.

We like

  • Skate fast.
  • So tall.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Smooth contact patch.
  • Stable on hills.
  • Provide a decent grip.

We dislike

  • Not suitable for the rough street.
  • Not friendly design
  • Too difficult for beginners

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#3: CCS 100a Skateboard Wheels Best For Rough Street

If your budget is constricted, choosing these wheels can rescue you. They are also specifically for the harshness of the street. These wheels have a 100a durometer, which resists flat surfaces to help you maintain control of your ride.

[CCS] Skateboard Wheels - 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 56mm -...
  • → Set of 4 wheels
  • → From the same CCS millions of...
  • → High quality professional grade...
  • → Wheel Type: Street/Skatepark

They exist in different sizes, i.e., 52mm, 54mm, and 56mm. They have a perfect balance of rebound and grip. Also, they offer good speed for skating. When we talk about the strong and fastest wheels, these are the ones.

We like

  • So much affordable
  • Wery strong
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Fast wheels

We dislike

  • Don’t slide too well.
  • Not suitable for beginner
  • It’s not able to maintain balance.
  • Do not have a bigger size.

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#4: Santa Cruz Slime Balls Skateboard Wheels

Do you want a wheel with amazing graphics?

Santa Cruz Slime Balls are the best for this look. It has a diameter of 65mm. They come in a nice 97a durometer. These skate wheels are perfect for a classic cruiser board. They are fast and strong. They have a good riding surface of 20mm.

Its color is also outstanding. These wheels are most loved for their originality, “war paint” graphics, urethane formulas, logos, and trademarks. And their formula blend is filled in a reversible dead center bearing with no flex-edge radius lip design. This makes them the fastest on command slide-able. They also have a high slip to grip ratio wheel available.


You need to take skate armet with you while skating as it is vital to protect you from any kind of head injury from accident.

We like

  • Lack of chip
  • Adorable color
  • Made of original materials
  • Very Fast
  • Durable
  • Great graphics
  • Provide a good riding surface Best skateboard wheels for powerslides
  • It has less friction
  • Good for tricks
  • Easy sliding

We dislike

  • Bumpy for beginners.
  • Too costly

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#5: Ricta Rapido Round Street Skate Wheels

These wheels are super bouncy and fast in such that they make rough surfaces very smooth. And they are also modern shaped and little light. According to many users, they are perfect for filming and cruising around town or school campus. And they have a classic wheel profile.

Also, it has an excellent grip for turning and easy rollover on cracks and small stones. It has a 92a urethane and a medium-sized diameter of 56mm. They give you the allowance to skate on rough surfaces without compromising performance. You can enjoy your ride with these.

We like

  • Very strong
  • Superfast
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Good grip
  • It’s so classic

We dislike

  • Not suitable for frequent street skating.
  • It can be damaged at a higher speed.
  • Slightly expensive
Best skateboard wheels for asphalt

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Best Skate Wheels For Rough Road-(Buying Guide)

It can be confusing looking at different kinds of skate wheels. Even if you are a pro skater, choosing the right set of wheels can be puzzling. There are so many choices, and going through all of them can be tiresome and can confuse you more.

Nevertheless, choosing skateboard wheels is as important as deciding on the skateboard part, especially if you want to ride fast. Not only do they make your skateboard look greatest of all time, but they also determine how fast you can go.

That spin you have been so eager to try out needs certain types of wheels. As a street skater, you would need the best wheel there is to enjoy the best skating ride. As so, also considering your skating style, there are some factors you should put in mind.

I have set out some major factors you can consider to make a decision. So you have to understand what each one entails then list what you want. So pay attention in this section so that you won’t make a mistake when buying the best wheels for street skating.


I’m sure you have noticed where I was adding a durometer in some products. Well, a durometer is a scale that determines how hard or soft your skate wheel is. If you enjoy speedy rides, choosing harder wheels is the way to go. Softer wheels tend to be slower.

However, soft wheels have more grip. So if you are a beginner and scared of failing, you might want to choose these. Soft wheels are also good for rough street riding, while harder wheels fit best in skate parks.

Let’s go further on how you can use the durometer scale to narrow your preferences to what suits you. Here is how.

  • 78a – 87a wheels: These are softer wheels. They are a fit for rough and uneven surfaces, because of their comfortable grip. They are designed in a way with a view to support smooth riding, cruising, and riding even hills.
  • 88a – 95a wheels: These are slightly harder than the ones above. They have a lesser grip but are still compatible for street skating and riding on rough surfaces.
  • 96a – 99a wheels: Wheels with this scale give a more significant speed but with a decent grip. It is good for beginner adults, cruising, street, skate parks, and pools. If you love putting tricks in your ride, these wheels give you leeway.
  • 100a+: If you are looking for harder and faster wheels, these are the ones. Professional skaters prefer these wheels because of their speed. However, it may be challenging to skate with them on rough surfaces.


The wheel diameter is measured in millimeters (mm). A majority of wheels range from 50 – 75mm in diameter. When the number is lower, then the smaller the wheel is. The opposite is also exact. So what’s the significance of wheel diameter when deciding on which one to pick?

bones skateboard wheels

The wheel’s diameter determines how close your turns can be and how your skateboard will speed up. Even though they may slow you down, smaller wheels are closer to the ground, making them suitable for street tricks. Beginner wheels have a large diameter to give beginner skaters more balance as they learn. Here is a breakdown of wheel diameters to consider.

  • 50 – 53 mm: These are smaller wheels suitable for smaller skaters. They are stable for doing your tricks and turn. Usable in skate parks and bowls. Because of their size, expect your skating to be slower when you use them.
  • 54 – 59 mm: Ideal for beginners and bigger skaters. They are suitable for skate parks and bowls. You can be sure to use them when you skate daily.
  • 60+ mm: These provide great speed on rougher surfaces. A bigger wheel like these gives a more stable ride on hills, bowls, and halfpipes. Professional skaters prefer these.

Choosing Wheels Shape

There are many different shapes of skate wheels. These differences in shape are also called profile, which affects the grip, weight, and generally how the wheel moves. To help you select the appropriate shape for you, you can take the different shape wheels on a test ride.

But that requires time, right?

If you have limited time, here some simple shape characteristics to look for. The more rounded a wheel is, the easier it can slide. Thus, rounded wheels are more responsive. They present less friction and lighter weight, which is excellent for technical street skating.

best skateboard wheels for street riding

A sharper end, on the other hand, gives you more grip when skating. With this, you can be confident to lock into grinds without tripping. Stability is a big plus if you choose a sharp-edged wheel. The wheel shape is the central part that affects the size of your contact patch as well.

When comparing rounded and sharp edge wheels, rounded wheels have less contact patch. However, sharp edge wheels make maximum contact with the ground. The following section discusses more on the contact patch.

Contact Patch For Street Wheels For Skateboarding

After looking at the factors above, to finish off, you will have to choose your preferred contact patch. Well, the contact patch is the part of the wheel that comes in contact with the ground. It is also referred to as riding surface.

But why is that important to the skateboard wheel?

How does it confirm the best skateboard wheels for Rough Street?

Let’s find out.

When you have a large contact patch, your weight is distributed over a bigger space. This reduces the firmness of the urethane in your wheels. Urethane is the material used to make skate wheels.

So, if this material is not compressed on your wheel, less resistance is present to your wheels when you skate. A smaller contact patch means more weight onto your wheels. Your wheels will be slow due to more friction present.

Overall, street skaters prefer narrower wheels for Technical Street skating because of their ability to slide when doing some tricks. Wider wheels are better suited for skating bowls and transportation because of their grip when racing faster.

contact patch for street wheels for skateboarding

Slim wheels and basic wheels differ from basic wheels. They have a contact patch of 18 – 20mm, whereas the range of slim wheels is 15 – 17mm.

Skateboard WheelsSize (mm)MaterialDurometerBest For
Spitfire Formula50-60Polyurethane101AStreet
Powell Peralta42N/A97ACruising
CCS Wheels52-56Urethane100AParks, Street
FREEDARE60 x 45Polyurethane83ASmooth Surface
Ricta Rapido56 x 34N/A101Street, Skatepark

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) For Best Skate Wheels For Street

1. Are 99a wheels good for the street? 

96a – 99a wheels are recommended for all-around rides. They bridge a balance between speed and grip, which is a good thing. So riding 99a wheels will improve your skating if you are not always riding super smooth ground. You get to enjoy skating more with a variety of topographies.

The guard your landing making them suitable for a few tricks in the street. They ride with speed and a decent grip. Yes, you can use them for street skating but with some difficulties at first. You might have to accept a few cutbacks in slide ability, but it takes some time to get used to it.

2.  Are soft wheels good for street skating? 

Soft wheels are well recommended for just getting from point A to point B. Soft wheels usually termed cruiser wheels because they are used for cruising. Some users call them “filmer wheels” because they provide a smooth roll enabling a steadier film shot.

If you are not a frequent street skater, then you can use them for street skating despite being slow. They give you a good grip needed for street boards to roll over cracks and gravels easily. However, they cut back on speed, which might bore you if you love street skating.

3. Are hard wheels suitable for street skating?

Hard wheels give you the speed you need for street skating. So if you want a fast street ride, yes you can buy these for your street skating. The main fun activity in street skating has to skate with speed. Hard wheels give you that pleasure.

The disadvantage is they have less grip, so you might want to be careful when riding with these.

4. Hard vs. soft, which wheels are suitable for street skating?

If you are a frequent street skater, hard wheels are your best option. Hard wheels enable you to go fast, which is fun for street skating. If you want to perform tricks, grinds, and drills, hard wheels are your best option.

They enable you to pump out your adrenaline enjoying your street ride. I would recommend high durometer wheels for street skating. Their durability and speed are the two things required in street skating. Soft wheels are right if you love cruising and longboard skating.

skateboard wheels for street

Final verdict

Choosing your best set skateboard wheels is the basis of enjoying and lifelong ride. Before visiting your local skate shop, write down what you are looking for in your perfect wheels. You got to take your time before making a decision.

I hope you have grasped information about the best skateboard wheels for street and how you can select one.

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