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Top 6 Best Skateboard For College Campus In 2020 | Reviews & Suggestions

Top 6 Best Skateboard For College Campus In 2020 | Reviews & Suggestions 2

Are you in college and just learned skateboarding?

Do you want to get the best skateboard for college ?

Or have you been skateboarding for a while, and you want a new skateboard?

If you‘re going to find the best non electric skateboard for college, we will help you with your search. 

Having a skateboard while in college serves the same purpose a car would serve. You get to class early, and you enjoy the rides as you go to class. 

The market is flooded with many skateboards with so many different features. There are many renowned brands like Cal 7 skateboards, CCS skateboards etc. It is important to know the features to select a good one for riding.

Although finding the best skateboard for college is not easy task, we will make it easier for you. 

Why you should read this article 

Skateboards come with so many different features and in various sizes. When you want to purchase one, you must be careful not to end up with a skateboard that is not worth your money. 

In this article, we will give you a list of the top skateboards for college campus, their features, users` experience, and their pros and cons.

Sounds good, right? 🙂

Let’s start

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Our Winners For Best College Skateboard

Our 3 Winner Products 

The Canadian maple cruiser pro skateboard tops our list today. I would recommend this skateboard to young beginners. 


  • PU Flashing Wheels for safety in the dark 
  • A wood deck made with durable maple wood 
  • Bear weight of up to 220 lbs 
  • Easy to stop 
  • 95 A high resilience PU wheels 
  • Nonslip grip tape is waterproof 

Users` Experience 

  • The flashing wheels bring more pleasure 
  • Suitable for beginners 
  • Board is comfortable size 
  • Wheels not rock hard and have good grip 
  • Good quality parts 
  • Board is sturdy 
  • Beautiful colored wheels 
  • Comfortable riding

If you are just beginning to skate, I would recommend this board to you. It has PU flashing wheels that light up when riding. This lighting provides safety since motorists can see you, especially at night 

Its 8-inch wooden deck provides stability by holding both feet on it. This board can keep the weight of up to 220 lbs; hence it is suitable for all kinds of people.

The maple wood used in the making of the maple deck is durable, so you will not keep replacing your skateboard due to breakages

This skateboard is steady because it has an alloy truck. The ABEC-7 bearings are responsible for smooth turning, and the heat transfer makes the pattern durable a long time. It is easy to stop. 

You can do more advanced skate tricks like street skating, slides, pivots, and sharp turns. The waterproof non-slip grip tape has high friction, which makes it easy to operate on all kinds of roads. This skateboard is not good for adult. If you are searching for skateboards good for adult beginners  then another article of skateboard reviewed in this article will help you to find one.


  • Made of durable material 
  • Aluminum trucks make riding comfortable 
  • Constructed with seven-layer hardwood making it stable 
  • High friction hence the smooth operation 
  • Can do skate tricks 
  • Waterproof grip tape 
  • Easy to skate 
  • Fit all roads  


  • Not suitable for those experienced in skating 
  • Not suitable for adults 

Dinbin team of innovators develops superior products, so, it is doubtless that this one is not exceptional. 


  • Quality wheels and bearings 
  • Durable trucks 
  • Sturdy maple 
  • Mechanized products 
  • Smooth wheels with highquality ABEC-7 
  • Supports high weight 
  • Has speed 
  • For teenagers and adults

Users` Experience 

  • Suitable for beginners and pros 
  • Light for easy transportation 
  • Sturdy 
  • Seamless transition from pavement to the sidewalk
  • A good quality 
  • Has a good shape 

Dinbin makes quality products, so it is no doubt that this one is also good. This skateboard has 7-layer Canadian maple hence its durability. You wont keep replacing it. It can carry up to 220 lbs, so it is suitable for both children and adults.

Dinbin skating board is suitable for basic tricks, and it is, therefore, a proper skateboard in college. It has high quality wheels with ABEC-7. It is also ideal for skating around the park, streets, and on rough and smooth surfaces. 

Highgrade aluminum made trucks and steel axles support the high weight. This board has a top speed, and you can try some skate tricks on it. 

Dinbin skateboard is the best gift you can give to children and adults with birthdays, festivals, and graduations.

With this skateboard, you can experience the pleasure of skating anywhere.

Due to its symmetrical, double-kick tail Popsicle deck, it is the perfect board for skaters.

It has high