Best Kryptonics Skateboard Review 2022 | Should You Buy?

Kryptonics is a brand that has earned a rock-solid name in the skating industry. When it entered the scene in 1976, they developed the first urethane skateboard wheels that changed the game. Their dominance in the skating game has seen them produce a range of products that we shall see in this Kryptonics skateboard review.

Whether you are old or young, light or heavy, be sure to get a board that suits you from this reputable brand. The manufacturer caters to all levels of skaters- beginners, intermediate, and seasoned skaters.

Details in the wheels, deck, trucks and other components reveal a high level of professionalism and experience. Once you unbox your product, you don’t have to spend time assembling it.

The guys did the work for you, as it comes completely assembled.

Why You Should Read The Article

Are you looking for a skateboard that will suit your game? Your search ends here after with these honest reviews.

I will tell you the fantastic features of our top Kryptonics skateboard picks. You will also learn about their pros and possible cons. The features and pros will form the basis of why you should consider buying them.

This guide will help you decide on choosing the right skateboard for you.

Our Top Pick For Kryptonics Skateboard Review

The following is a list of our top picks from the Kryptonics Skateboards brand. We have assigned a rating (x out of 5.0) based on our findings.

Kryptonics Spongebob 36" Longboard Complete...
  • COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Complete 36 in....
  • DESIGN MINDED: Rounded pin tail...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: 65mm x 40mm poured...
  • DURABLE: Heavy duty 6-in. aluminum...
Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31" Complete Skateboard,...
  • COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Complete 31"...
  • DOUBLE KICKTAIL DESIGN: Double kicktail...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: 52mm x 33mm...
  • DURABLE: Heavy duty 5" aluminum trucks...
Kryptonics 31" Star Series VHS, Red/Blue
  • 31” x 8” 9ply pro concave maple deck...
  • 80ab standard grip tape
  • 5” Heavy-duty aluminum Krypto...
  • 54mm x 33mm, PU Injected polyurethane...

Note: We found no Electric Skateboard or Longboard that is manufactured by Kryptonics. So reviewed normal Skateboards only.

Skateboard kryptonics BRAND

Check Major Features of All Kryptonics Skateboard At a Glance

Kryptonics SkateboardDeck LengthWheelsLoad Capacity
Drop-in31 Inches52 mm220 Lbs
Mini Cutaway26 Inches60 mm220 Lbs
Stubby19 Inches60 mm110 Lbs
Super Fat30.5 Inches65 mm220 Lbs
In-Lay Cruiser28 Inches60 mm220 Lbs
Recruit31 Inches50 mm110 Lbs
Original Torpedo22.5 Inches51 mm110 Lbs
Retro Coast28 Inches60 mmN/A
Pop Series31 Inches54 mm220 Lbs
Locker Board22 Inches50 mm110 Lbs

1: Kryptonics Drop-in Sealed 31 in Skateboard (Best For Tricks)

The Kryptonics drop-in longboards are among the most common boards out there in this review. They have some great features, which makes them a darling to many.


  • thick and durable 9-ply maple wood deck
  • Round deck edges
  • 52 mm by 33 mm wheels made from polyurethane plastic
  • ABEC-3 rated carbon steel bearings
  • 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks
  • Polyurethane-injected bushings
Kryptonics Drop In Series 31 Inch Complete Skateboard

Why you should buy it

Kryptonics drop-in boards will surely take your gaming to a whole new level. You can choose either flag blue or sealed pink color. They have a thick and durable deck made from 9- ply maple wood. The decks have rounded edges to give a smooth skating.

It comes with a double kicktail detail that lets you bring out a wide range of tricks while having great control of the board. Additionally, they have soft polyurethane-injected wheels that will make your ride smooth and enjoyable on any surface.

Kryptonics Drop In Skateboard

The manufacturers also understand the importance of durability in this skateboarding industry. Therefore, their heavy-duty aluminum trucks ensure the board is durable. The poly-urethane-injected bushings keep the wheels turning under high speeds and pressure.

These boards support a wide range of ages and weigh up to 220 pounds. Therefore, both children and older people can enjoy skateboarding with it.

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  • Its price doesn’t break a bank
  • light in weight
  • high-quality features
  • has durable components
  • comes fully assembled
  • soft wheels for smooth riding


  • While older people can use them, they are more suitable for children and pets, as they tend to collapse under weightier people.
  • The board’s paint peels off easily

2: Kryptonics 26 Mini Cutaway Cruiser Review (Best Cruiser For Kids & Teens)

Do you desire something that is compact enough to allow you pull out that unique move easily?

If the answer is yes, then this board is yours.


  • Complete 26 inches skateboard
  • Durable and thick 8-ply maple wood deck
  • Classic cutaway shaped deck
  • Polyurethane-injected wheels measuring 60 mm by 45 mm
  • ABEC-3 carbon steel bearings
  • 12 mm angled riser pads
  • 4 inches aluminum painted hangers
Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard

Why you should buy it

When you buy the board, it comes fully assembled so that you kick off your game without many hustles. Its deck is thick and made from 8-ply maple wood. The classic cutaway shape of the deck will enhance a streamlined skating experienced.

You will easily control the board, thanks to its cutaway design and a slightly concave deck.  You will love the graphic designs inspired by a mermaid. It also has a polished look due to its four die-cut strips of grip.

The smooth ride that you will get from these longboards is on another level. You will feel the softness of the polyurethane-injected wheels. They also have durable carbon steel bearings that have a durometer rating of ABEC-3. Whether you love skating on a smooth sidewalk or a rough road, the ride will be as smooth as intended.

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway kids skateboard

Are you tired of purchasing boards every month?

With these mini cutaway cruisers, you can say no to boards that don’t last for long. Their baseplates and hangers are painted with aluminum. Additionally, they have angled riser pads to support heavier skaters. They can carry up to 220 pounds.

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  • The cutting-edge cutaway design gives you full control and braking ability
  • The right size and softness of the wheel enhance smooth riding
  • Durable due to long-lasting parts and features
  • Lightweight to increase easy control


  • After purchasing, you may need to disassemble the whole board to unwrap the plastic wrap. You may need tools for this purpose

3: Kryptonics 19 Stubby Skateboard Review (Best For Carrying)

The stubby model is a board that comes with its own handle. You can carry it whenever you go more comfortable.


  • Complete 19 inches skateboards
  • Has a thick and durable deck made from 7-ply maple wood
  • Mini fat compact design
  • Single kicktail
  • Printed graphics
  • A carry handle
  • 60mm by 45 mm polyurethane-injected wheels
  • ABEC- 3 bearings made from carbon steel
  • 4mm riser pads
Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Skateboard

Why you should buy it

The durability of these boards is majorly due to the thick 7-ply maple wood. The clear sand spray on the board will make your feet have a grip on the board. You can carry the board around because of its compactness and carry handle.

Additionally, it features heavy-duty polyurethane-injected bushings, 4 mm riser pads, and 5-inch aluminum trucks. It can carry up to 110 pounds skaters that are six years and above.

They also come with a great combination of soft wheels and ABEC- 3 carbon steel bearings. You will ride smoothly on every skate-able surface without feeling wheel bites.

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  • Easy turning boards
  • Flexible board
  • Smooth riding
  • Readily available board and components
  • Pocket-friendly prices


  • The graphics are not as attractive as other models
  • It cannot carry more than 110 pounds

4: Kryptonics Super Cruiser Skateboard Review (Best For Bull Dog)

This is a longboard with a single kicktail to allow you to make more confident tricks. Additionally, its streamlined shape helps you cut through the air seamlessly.


  • Complete 30.5 inches skateboard
  • A thick and long-lasting deck made from 8-ply maple wood
  • Excellent design, super wide deck, and single kicktail
  • 65mm by 51 mm wheels made from polyurethane.
  • ABEC-5 bearings made from carbon steel
Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5 Inch Complete Skateboard

Why you should buy it

If you desire the hit the concrete as fast as possible, the cruiser should be on the list of the boards you are planning to buy. It comes completely assembled with all the components you require.

Once you get it out of the box, you are good to go.

With its single kicktail and super-wide design, you can easily control the longboards. Its perfect length makes cruising amazing.

Whether you plan to cruise or skate your board in the skatepark, street, sidewalks, skating ramp, or elsewhere, the board will quench your thirst. Its wide and soft wheels can skate on every surface as fast as you desire. The smooth ride cannot be complete without durable quality bearings.

The manufacturers took care of this by assembling ABEC- 5 bearings made from carbon steel.

The long-lasting aluminum truck angled riser pads, and soft bushings make the board able to sustain heavier weights.

Therefore, you can skate on them as long as you are eight years and above, and your weight doesn’t exceed 220 pounds.

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  • Beautiful graphic designs
  • Super-wide deck and a streamlined front that enhances excellent control
  • Durable deck, bushings, truck, and other components
  • Can carry up to 220 pounds


  • You may need a wrench to remove the plastic wrapping on the board

5: Kryptonics in-lay Cruiser 28 Skateboard Review (Best For Smooth Riding)

During your sampling trip, don’t forget to consider the in-lay cruiser board. Its durable parts together with professional features make it worth the price.


  • Complete 28 inches skateboard
  • A thick and durable deck made from 8-ply maple wood
  • Cruiser shape with a single kicktail
  • Poured polyurethane wheels measuring 60mm by 40 mm
  • Carbon steel bearings rated ABEC- 3
  • Durable aluminum trucks, 6 inches thick
  • 12mm angled riser pads
  • Soft urethane bushings rated 88A
Kryptonics in Lay Cruiser 28 Inch Skateboard

Why you should buy it

The board comes complete with all genuine components. The thick deck is made from heavy-duty 8-ply maple wood.

You will experience seamless control and breaking of the board, thanks to the cruiser shape and single kicktail.

We all desire that a smooth ride that is void of wheel bites. This in-lay cruiser comes with soft poured polyurethane wheels to endure any terrain. It also has bearings rated ABEC-3 to enhance the smooth rotation of the wheels. Sometimes wheels stuck as a result of dirt inside the bearings or jamming because of a stain. To smoothen the riding apply skateboard bearing oil to maintain smoothness.

Durability is a significant factor in this industry. That’s why the manufactures employed heavy-duty aluminum trucks. Their soft bushings and angled riser pads also contribute to the board’s ability to transport heavyweights.

Therefore, any skater that is eight years or above can take a ride on them, so long as they don’t exceed the maximum allowable weight of 220 pounds.

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  • Has durable components, such as trucks, deck, bushings, and bearings
  • You can quickly skate on rough terrains thanks to its soft wheels and robust bearings
  • It can carry up to 220 pounds
  • You can pull out a range of amazing tricks due to its cruiser shape and kicktail


  • The board is a bit more expensive than some of the other models

6: Kryptonics Recruit Complete Skateboard Review (Best For Budget)

It is rare to find contemporary design and breathtaking artworks in one product. The good news is that the Kryptonics recruit series has your back.


  • The deck is thick and durable, measuring 31 inches by 7.5 inches.
  • The deck is of 9-ply maple type and features rounded natural edges.
  • 5 inches composite trucks.
  • Double, slightly curved kick tails.
  • Smooth polyurethane-injected wheels measuring 50 mm by 27 mm.
  • The wheels have a 97A rated.
  • ABEC-1 bearing.

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for a high-performing skateboard that has a contemporary look, I suggest that you buy this best-quality recruit series board. You will also take pride in the combination of its unique artworks and professional Kryptonics logo.

For those confident skaters that love making a range of tricks and moves, they will surely fall in love with its design and size. The thick 9-ply maple wood deck measuring 31 inches in length has rounded and natural edges.

It also has double, slightly curved cocktails that your feet will adore.

As you skate on the streets and any other surface, you will feel smoothness from its soft polyurethane wheels. The ABEC-1 bearings complete the smooth rides because they bring about the seamless rotation of the wheels at high speeds.


  • A contemporary and unique design with rounded and natural edges.
  • The decks are long with Double, slightly concaved kick tails to bring out unique tricks from you.
  • The wheels are smooth and hard enough to endure all terrains.
  • Has durable components to last longer.
  • Can carry up to 220 pounds.


  • The low ABEC rating of the bearings means they are not precise and efficient enough to allow higher speeds.

7: Kryptonics Torpedo Review (Best For 4,5,6 Year Old)

On top of the sweet name “torpedo”, lovers of the ‘70s’ retro style will have their lifestyle wishes answered. Additionally, this product can withstand compression due to its durable flexibility.


  • Durable polypropylene plastic deck with a surface of molded checkerboard grip
  • 90A bushings
  • 3.25 inches trucks made from aluminum
  • Urethane wheels measuring 62 by 51 inches
  • 22.5 by 4 by 5.9 inches
  • Carbon steel Bearings rated ABEC- 5
  • Retro ‘70s style designs
  • Single kicktail that is slightly shallower
Kryptonics Original Torpedo Inch Complete Skateboard

Kryptonics Original Torpedo 22.5 Inch Complete Skateboard – Bright TropicsView on Amazon

Why you should buy it

The Kryptonics wheel wizards established in 1965 brought this model to reintroduce that classic design back into the industry. If you fancy old-school chic styles, you need this retro ‘70s product.

Durability is something to consider when going for a skateboard. The board has a stiff and rigid composition of plastic and a slightly pre-loaded reverse curve. These features boost its ability to carry heavier riders.

Additionally, it can endure extreme compression states due to its unbreakable flex.

The skateboard comes with a kicktail that is slightly shallower than many other boards. Therefore, you will enjoy a more usable and versatile angle of pavement contact.

With this board, you can trust your feet to stay put as the surface has excellent traction. The surface features a molded checkerboard grip to allow you to make bold tricks, turns, and moves.


  • Has a classic 70s retro style for old-school lovers
  • Its components are made from durable materials such as stiff plastic
  • Has a slightly shallower kicktail to enhance a more usable pavement angle contact
  • Its surface has an excellent traction
  • It can endure high compression due to its extremely durable flex


  • If you weigh more than 110 pounds, the board may not sustain your weight

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8: Kryptonics Retro Coast Cruiser (Suitable to Keep Feet)

What comes to your mind when you see oceanic graphics and images?

Cool breeze, palm trees, yacht, sunbathing, sexy girls and boys, name them. Buy this board to show the world your oceanic side of personality.


  • One kicktail
  • The deck measures 28 by 8 inches
  • The deck is made of 9-ply maple wood
  • Bold graphics
  • Polyurethane wheels measuring 60 by 45 mm
  • Carbon steel bearings rated ABEC-3
  • High traction sand-sprayed grip
  • A cruiser shape

Why you should buy it

The Kryptonics retro coast cruiser is a fantastic game tool that you can use to cruise anywhere. If you are looking for a deck that has enough room on which you can plant your foot, go for this board. It measures 28 by 8 inches.

The bold and attractive graphic designs will scale up your mood and wow your spectators. The durable and flexible 9-ply maple wood will ensure the game doesn’t end up in pain.

The deck also has a cruiser shape and a single kicktail to help you pull out amazing tricks while cruising. Your feet cannot easily slip from the deck, as it has a sand-sprayed grip to give the surface serious traction.

The wheels are polyurethane and measure 60 mm by 45 mm. The bearings are of carbon steel types and are rated ABEC-5. Therefore, you can trust the board to offer stellar performance at high speeds under the heavier weight.


  • A cruiser shape for cruising
  • High quality and durable parts made from long-lasting materials
  • Has bold ocean scene graphics to bring out your bright personality
  • The deck has enough room for your feet
  • The deck surface has a sand-sprayed grip to enhance traction


  • It is a bit more expensive than some other models in the Kryptonics family

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9: Kryptonics Pop Series Skateboard Review

For anyone that wants a double kicktail to take their game to the next level, this board belongs to them. The rounded edges add flavor to its unique shape.


  • Completely assembled 31-inch skateboards
  • Rounded edges of the deck
  • A durable deck made from thick 7-ply mixed maple wood
  • Two kicktails
  • Polyurethane-injected wheels measuring 54 mm by 34 mm
  • Carbon steel bearings rated ABEC- 5
  • Polyurethane-injected bushings
  • 5 inches Aluminum trucks
Krypontics Pop Series 31" Skateboard


Why you should buy it

It is the best alternative to Cal 7. The Kryptonics pop skateboard is a must-have board for a skater who desires bolder tricks and moves. It comes with a double kicktail that offers enhanced control, a wide variety of skills, and seamless braking.

The complete assembly is 31 inches in length, and its deck is composed of durable 7- ply mixed maple wood. The smooth rounded edges ensure smooth skating.

You will also enjoy skating smoothly at an amazing speed on all terrains. The wheels of Kryptonics pop are polyurethane-injected. The bearings are durable carbon steel ABEC- 5 types.

Finally, their 5 inches trucks are made of durable aluminum metals. Together with the polyurethane-injected bushings, they can support heavy skaters at high speeds.


  • It comes completely assembled
  • Durable components
  • Polyurethane-injected wheels to provide smooth rides
  • The deck has enough foot room and is flexible enough to endure compressions
  • You can pull out a range of moves, tricks, brakes, and turns using its double kicktail.


  • Dull graphics and colors

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10: Kryptonics Locker Board Review (Small Skateboard)

If you are a small-bodied skater, a beginner, or a kid, Kyptonics have something for you: a locker board. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot show off your enviable tricks with this product.


  • Complete 22-inch skateboard
  • A thick deck made of 9-ply maple wood
  • Rounded edges of the deck
  • Double kick tail and enhanced concave shape
  • 608ZB steel bearings
  • Aluminum heavy-duty trucks measuring 3.25 inches
  • Can carry up to 110 pounds
  • The recommended age is six years or more.
  • Polyurethane-injected wheels measuring 50 mm by 27 mm
  • 80Ab standard grip tape
Kryptonics Locker Board Complete Skateboard


Why you should buy it

The Kryptonics locker board comes completely assembled with genuine components. Once you get it out of the box, you are good to go.

The manufacturer designed it to enhance stellar control and a wide variety of moves and tricks. You will find the concave shape appealing. Whenever you want to brake, the board will respond happily.

The smooth wheels provide stress-free rides with minimal wheel bites. Furthermore, durable bearings enhance high speeds.

The heavy-duty aluminum trucks measuring 3.25 inches can support up to 110 pounds.


  • It has durable components that last for long
  • You can pull out a range of tricks and moves due to its professional designs and double kick tails
  • It comes completely assembled to ease the assembling task
  • You can ride smoothly with them due to its soft polyurethane wheels.


  • It can only carry skaters weighing 110 pounds or below

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11: Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser Review (Best For Cruising Around Town)

Finally, here comes another member of the Kryptonics family. You can have it either as an addition to your ever-growing collection or as your first board.


  • Completely assembled, 30.5 inches skateboard.
  • A durable and thick deck composed of 8-ply maple wood.
  • A cruiser design with a super wide deck.
  • Aluminum trucks measuring 6 inches.
  • 12 mm angled riser pads.
  • Soft bushings are composed of 88A urethane.
  • Poured polyurethane wheels measuring 65 by 51 mm.
  • Carbon steel bearings rated ABEC- 5.
  • Single kicktail.
Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5 Inch Complete Skateboard

Why you should buy it

The super-fast cruiser series is another one of the fantastic collections from this reputable company. Like all the other models, this blacktail skateboard comes completely assembled to ensure you get going once it lands at your doorstep.

The materials that went into manufacturing the board are long-lasting and flexible at the same time. Any skater aged eight years and above and weighing up to 220 pounds can enjoy the skating game without worry.

The wheels are soft and consist of flexible polyurethane. Therefore, your rides will be smooth on all terrains.

Stay protected while riding the board. Try to equipped with protective gear especially head protectors to avoid head injury in case of any emergency situation.


  • Durable and flexible components.
  • Can support up to 220 pounds.
  • You can easily control it, brake seamlessly, and pull out tricks and moves.
  • Smooth rides, thanks to its soft wheels and durable bearings.
  • It comes completely assembled so that you get going once you receive your package.


  • Above the recommendable weight of 230 pounds, you will likely crash it.

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Kryptonics Wheels History

Kryptonics is a classic and renowned company of skateboard wheels. Even though it has earned most of its fame as a skateboard wheel industry, the company started its journey as a manufacturer of polyurethane products for the mining and computer industry in 1965.

The first-ever company to come with a brilliant idea of wheels in color-coded durometers was Kryptonics. Its contribution to the skating industry is absolutely undeniable. Kryptonics Star Trac’s line of wheels introduced in the mid-70s changed the game for skateboards forever.

Since 1976, Kryptonics has been highly dedicated to making top-performance skateboard and longboard wheels. Their skateboard wheels along with the very first Star Trac are also available in two other models, namely, Cruise and Route.

The Star Trac wheels are prepared in three signature colors of Kryptonics: red, blue, and green. Kryptonics have been a loyal brand delivering the best quality of skateboard wheels for over 35 years. Their Star Trac wheels are absolutely a timeless creation.

Enjoying With a Kryptonics Skateboard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

2. Is Kryptonics a Walmart brand?

3. Is Kryptonics suitable for beginners?

Kryptonics Skateboard Cruiser

Final verdict

Kryptonics is a professional and experienced brand that has been in the industry since 1976. Therefore, their skateboards have a professional touch that considers all factors. You will enjoy showing off your best moves and tricks without worrying about poor-quality boards.

After going through our Kryptonics skateboard reviews, you have seen why I highly recommend them. Kryptonics retro coast cruiser stands out from the rest of the pack. If you fancy a classic board with oceanic graphics, you need to go for it.

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