5 Cool Skateboard Tricks For Beginners | Tricks You Must Learn

Cool Skateboad Tricks For Beginners

Skateboarding is one of the greatest ways of spending your time and brightening up your days. With several tricks to pull off when skateboarding, this sport never gets boring. Perhaps you’re wondering what are cool skateboard tricks for beginners! Tricks are special maneuverability that enables the rider to steer the board as he/she likes. It … Read more

How to Clean Longboard Trucks In 2022 (Step By Step Guide)

Cleaning Longboard Trucks

The longboard trucks are different compared to skateboard trucks to some extend. For instance, longboard trucks are reverse kingpin due to which they turn and lean differently compared to the other standard traditional kingpin skateboard trucks. Longboard trucks are longer (usually 150mm-180mm) in width comparing to skateboard Longboard trucks kingpin is outside faced while standard small … Read more

Why You Should Buy 10 Inch Hoverboard In 2022 (Things You Must Know)

10 Inch Hoverboard

Buying a 10-inch hoverboard is a fantastic idea for your super-active kid who loves to be in control. It has some advantages – bigger wheel size, 10-inch powerful motor, latest design, going all-terrain, and a Samsung battery. What’s more? You can ride it on all terrains – country roads, sidewalks, grasses, etc. Contemplating buying a … Read more

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth | Let’s Find Out The Solution !

Why Won’t My Hoverboard Connect To Bluetooth

Imagine having your Bluetooth turned on, paired to your hoverboard, and even connected. But, somehow, your Bluetooth seems to be failing to connect to your hoverboard. And the reason for such mishaps seems vague. How frustrating! We’ve all been there, and you’re not alone. Worry not; in this article, we will classify the fundamental reasons … Read more

Top 11 Skateboard Lessons For Beginners To Learn (Tips & Learning Guide In 2022)

Skateboard Lessons For Beginners

One of the most engaging and challenging activities is skating. People not only like to skate on the roads and have friendly competition but also like to participate in tournaments. Even though the pros handle the skateboards like their feet are glued to the surface, it’s not easy for beginners. In fact, there are lots … Read more

Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard Vs Penny Board (5 Key Differences & Best One For Your Kids)

The Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard VS Penny Board Skateboard

The Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard The Kryptonics Skateboard is a skateboard that has an old-school chick style, as it was introduced back in the 70s. The legendary skateboard is known for its slightly curved board with a stiffer plastic composition that helps to increase its rigidity, thereby making it the perfect skateboard for heavier readers to … Read more

Kids Skateboard Ramp | What Is That, What Are The Types & How To Build It ?

Kids Skateboard Ramps

Skateboarding is one of the most loved sport or hobbies among kids all over the world. With several benefits, like boosting coordination, skateboarding is a sport, your young one is likely to enjoy. For your kid to have a great riding experience, you’ll have to invest in a good quality skateboard, its equipment’s and kids’ … Read more

Cal 7 Skateboard Reviews In 2022| Detailed Review Of The Remarkable Brand!

Cal 7 Skateboard Review

I believe the Cal 7 Complete and Mini Cruiser skateboards will surprise you and meet your requirements. They come complete with soft wheels, durable trucks, and many other fantastic features. Skating is rewarding if you do your homework of researching about a skateboard of your interest. It is obvious to always prioritize quality in your … Read more