Best Downhill Longboard Wheels In 2021 | Buying Guide (Updated)

Whether you are an Adrenalin junkie that just enjoys downhill racing or you want to lose weight by adding skateboarding to your workout plan; you need downhill longboard wheels. Getting the ideal set guarantees your safety, enjoyment, and saves money too.  

This post will help you choose the Best Downhill Longboard Wheels you need to make your riding experience as enjoyable as you want it to be.

Go through the list and find what you feel is perfect for you .

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Best Downhill Longboard Wheels- Our Top Picks

Detailed Review On Best Downhill Wheels For Longboard

Users Experience 

  • Durable wheels 
  • Suitable for rough terrains 
  • Allow for carving at high speeds. 

Kegel wheels are durable wheels suitable for rolling on rough or uneven surfaces. They have a large diameter, which allows high-speed travel.

The Urethane formula used is the Happy Thane formula, which gives it its high speed, excellent traction, and perfect drifts. And its diameter of 56mm provides additional response. 

The wheels have excellent grip because of their cantilevered outer lip. And you can use it for long-distance riding, and their grip makes them great for downhill skating.

Also, the inner lip has an inward angle that allows for drifts you can predict.  

Not only that but their valley shaped cross-section and exposed core also make them light and ensures quick and smooth acceleration. Therefore, you are assured of high momentum and crisp slides when using Orangatang Kegel wheels. 


  • Provides high-speed travel 
  • Excellent grip 
  • Light and faster wheels 
  • Ensures smooth acceleration 
  • Gives traction balance 


  • Not ideal for racing  
  • Difficult for an armature. 
  • Kagel supplied by the Orangatang company only.  
  • You cannot get assorted colors elsewhere. 
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Users Experience 

  • worthy investment. 
  • smooth sliding 

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The Rayne square lipped wheels among the top wheels you can get for skateboarding. They give you the perfect grip and are great for racing and sliding.

They are also a likely choice if you have a low budget. These wheels have a smooth finish and a square lip. And this will give you the grip you desire and smooth sliding too. 

Furthermore, the likelihood of flat spots when sliding is minimized because of the slide thane. Materials used to make these wheels are mostly eco-friendly, recycled, and reclaimed.

They are one of high-quality wheels at an affordable price. These wheels are absolutely durable, making them a worthy investment. 


  • They’re durable 
  • Provides perfect grip 
  • High-quality at an affordable price. 
  • Has slide thane for smooth sliding 


  • Don’t allow you to break properly.  
  • The outer thane is very grippy. 

Users Experience 

  • Provides smooth slides 
  • Provides best traction and slides 
  • Last for a long time 

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Check Out The Best Alternative 

Orangatang wheels guarantee perfect performance. They can be used in rough roads with ease as they come in 75mm diameter. Of which it’s an ideal wheel size for downhill skating or racing. 

The Happy thane formula ensures smooth, predictable drifts, impressive roll speed and balance in rocky trails.  

Thus, these wheels are also excellent for hard carving and pumping. Their thick lips and rippled walls provide progressive energy returns. And they have high traction because of their sharp edges.

Also, they have a strong core that gives you the best slides. 


  • High traction wheels 
  • Suitable for rough roads 
  • Has impressive roll speed. 
  • Have a strong core 
  • Has wide diameter 
  • Durable wheels 


  • They don’t come with bearings 
  • Don’t come with other longboard parts.  

User’s Experience 

  • More fast 
  • Provides smooth ride.  
  • Comfortable wheels.  
  • Has excellent grip and traction. 
  • best skateboard wheels on the market. 

These longboard wheels have a small diameter of 65mm, which gives them fast acceleration. If you are likely to ride in a course with several tight corners, these wheels will help you turn with ease.

I recommend these wheels if you have a board that is 34″ long or less.  

There is an additional 33mm contact patch that enables you to balance and slide safely. And they are easy to slide or turn in sharp corners.

Actually, their primary purpose is to carve, slide commute, and cruise

effortlessly. They best suit longboards for cruising providing great traction.

These wheels accelerate one and a half times quicker than the standard 70mm wheels. And they allow you to break traction and speed check when necessary. The wheels made of durable materials, so you are likely to have them for a long time. 


  • Easy to slide 
  • Durable product 
  • Prioritize safety 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to turn in sharp corners. 
  • Perfect for a longboard. 


  • They don’t work on a 22 inch 
  • Not suitable quad roller skates. 
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Users Experience 

  • Can be used in downhill longboarding 
  • Perform well in rough roads.  
  • The grip and traction are excellent. 
  • Smooth and balanced ride always 

If you are looking for wheels with an excellent grip and quick acceleration, you may need to look no further than 4 President wheels.

These orange skateboard wheels are perfect when riding in areas where there are many pedestrians as they give you more control and predictable drifts. 

The offset bearing seat gives you quick acceleration and hard carving. And these wheels are light enough for you to race at high speeds.

As these wheels ensure high boarding, you need to wear proper protective equipment’s and also should wear required special longboarding sneakers to keep balance with and strong grip on the board.

The core is also strong and supportive of high traction and perfect slides. And they have sharp square lips for extreme grip and smooth gliding. 


  • They are light 
  • Enables you to race at high speeds. 
  • Provides perfect slides 
  • Supportive of high traction 


  • Too big for penny 27-inch  
  • Square lip makes the chip comes off. 
  • Very slow because of happy thane
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Users Experience 

  • Ideal for both novice and beginners 
  • When the wheels start to the cone, you can flip them.  

Dano wheels are multi-functional wheels that can be used by all riders from amateurs to experts. The cruise and carve with perfection. I recommend them if you enjoy fast downhill racing since they have a good grip.  

They have a softer and ideal durometer of 78 a. And this gives a good grip and also makes your ride smooth and easy. The center-set profile makes them perfect for free riding at high speeds and the rounded lips enable you to slide with ease. 


  • Ideal durometer of 78a. 
  • Perfect for free-riding at high speeds 
  • Gives a good grip 
  • There are durable 
  • Can be used to cruise or carve. 
  • Provides smooth and easy ride 


  • Not ideal if you weigh more than 180lbs. 
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BUYING GUIDE: Downhill Longboard Wheels

1. Choosing Lip Profile 

Wheels with sharp lips are ideal for downhill racing and sliding. Sharp lips increase the wheel’s grip. They are also useful because they carve deeper while maintaining their traction.

For free-riding or stand up pushing, round lip wheels may be a better option since they break traction easily. 

2. Choosing Diameter 

You should select wheels with a 70-75mm diameter. They do not wear as fast as small wheels and do not suffer from the wheel bite that larger wheels get. You may, however, opt for larger wheels because of their higher traction around turns. 

Wheels with a small diameter accelerate faster but have a lower top speed. They are not so good when rolling over dirt and debris. 

3. Choosing Durometer 

For downhill riding or racing, a softer (lower) durometer is favorable. And this is because the wheels have a better grip and a smooth ride, which is an essential factor when downhill skating.

If you are an amateur, it is good to start with the 80a durometer and decide whether to go for a lower or higher durometer.  

A harder durometer has less grip but rolls faster, and a softer one is just the opposite.If you weigh 180lbs or more, a durometer in the 83a + range could be ideal. It will allow you to go faster without a sluggish feeling.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best downhill longboard wheels?

The wheels should be neither hard nor soft, and they should have a 78 to 80a durometer. And this will give you more grip and traction when going downhill. The wheels should also have a reverse kingpin for better downhill racing. 

  1. What do you mean by the durometer?

The durometer determines how hard your longboard wheels are. It is known as a measure of the softness of the urethane in the wheels: the higher the durometer, the lower the wheels’ traction and grip. 

  1. What is the best wheel size for downhill longboarding?

Choose wheels of 70-75mm in diameter.  

Final Verdict

Priorities, needs, and skills level differ. For this reason, picking the best downhill longboard wheels will depend on you. Take your time to assess all the best wheels above to pick the perfect for you.

I hope this review will be beneficial for you to make the best choice. 

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