What Are The Best Longboards For Cruising: An Honest Review Guide

For many longboarders, nothing beats the soft feel of the wind as they cruise through the streets on a great quality board. This timeless skateboarding style may be part of a fitness regime, help clear your mind and get you from the point A to B fast. If you are a cruising enthusiast like me, no doubt, you want to take the best board for cruising on your ride.

In this guide we will 

  • Describe what cruising longboard is.
  • Review some market winner best cruising longboards
  • Discuss how to choose cruiser longboard for you (buying guide)
  • Answer some faq’s people ask 

Longboard cruising is the art of riding board in a relaxed, fluid, and slow manner for pleasure or transportation. It is a style of riding longboard in a more flexible, relax and peaceful way that give pleasure.  

Most people start with learning how to cruise before pursuing complex styles. It is the most popular longboarding discipline across the globe. 

Its popularity is, therefore, attributable to the fact that it can be done by people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and experience levels. While more than 57.5 percent of longboarders are injured in longboarding accidents (according to Livescience), a low percentage is attributed to longboard cruising. This makes it the safest longboarding discipline.  

Since cruising encompasses almost all longboard activities, excluding downhill longbaording, speed, freestyle, or longboarding for tricks, it can involve different people. How you define cruising will depend on your age, riding preferences, and location. 

Overall, cruising is a laid-back longboarding style people choose if other adrenaline rush styles are not for them. 

Now that you also have a more in-depth idea of just what longboard cruising is, let us look at the product reviews of great cruising longboards.

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Best Longboard For Cruising: Product List

After researching market, we found the following products that are Best cruising longboards

Detailed Review On Best Cruising Longboards


  • 40″ * 10″ 9 Ply Maple Deck 
  • Premium 80A Grip tape 
  • 7″ HD7 Heavy duty two tone Aluminum Trucks 
  • 125mm Hanger 
  • Grade 8 Kingpin 
  • 90A PU cushion 
  • ABEC7 Chrome Bearings 
  • 70mm 78A skateboard wheels 
  • Medium Concave 


  • Stable platform 
  • Good grip 
  • Durable 
  • Awesome Paintwork 
  • Great flex 
  • Beginner friendly 
  • Pre-built 
  • Very affordable 
  • Safe for kids 


  • Poor quality bushings 
  • Trucks need tightening 
  • Stiff bearings 
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  • 39″*9.1″ 8 ply maple deck 
  • 7″ Reverse Kingpin Aluminium Adjustable Trucks 
  • SHR 78A 70*50mm PU wheels 
  • Slight concave deck 
  • ABEC-9 bearings 
  • Nylon ball cages 
  • Soft bushings 


  • Offers a smooth ride 
  • 7 Great colors 
  • Slides easily 
  • Has a fexible deck 
  • Comfortable for all heights 
  • Drop through mounting 
  • Easy to break and break 
  • Beginner friendly 
  • Holds up to 250lbs 
  • Great for kids 
  • Perfect for cruising and carving 


  • Clear grip tape is too coarse 
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  • 41″*10″ Full maple Lamalite dec
  • Soft Bushings 
  • Unique perimeter shape 
  • Reverse Kingpin trucks 
  • 245 mm trucks 
  • Green woody style 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Pre-Assembled 
  • Solid Support 
  • Lightweight 
  • Maximum Stability 
  • Easy to push 
  • Great for cruising 
  • Good on rocky terrains 
  • Great for novice riders 
  • Offers smooth ride 


  • Poor quality trucks 
  • Bushings are too soft 
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Four Longboard Riding styles

The four basic longboarding styles are

  1. Boardwalk-Riding
  2. Long-Distance Cruising
  3. Urban Cruising
  4. Flat Ground Carving.

Board-walk cruising is a leisurely cruising style done in lovely places like parks. It is generally for relaxation purposes and light exercises. 

Long-distance cruising is more for transportation or commuting than leisure and involves traveling over lengthy distances.

Techniques to you need to master if you favor this cruising type focus faster with minimal effort.

As its name suggests, urban cruising involves weaving through the traffic and pedestrians in an urban area.  

The last cruising style is flat ground carving, and it involves substituting kick pushing with calculated weight shifts to make you go fast. 

Choosing Best Cruiser Longboard: Buying Guide

If you are only starting longboard cruising, you may still be in the dark about the board you should get even after the reviews above. I remember getting my first board was a hefty task.

To the task easier, here is a buying guide with specifics on what you should opt for. 

Deck Size

The longboard market is flooded with longboards of many different sizes. Since you may be weaving in and out of traffic, you need a longboard that is both stable and not too long for your frame.

The ideal length for a cruising longboard is from 26″ to 46″ long, and the best for you will depend on your frame. While going lower than this range is possible, it is not a good idea to be a novice rider.

Go through the size guide below and pick the size you feel is best for you.  



These boards are for young and short riders. They will feel adequately supported and are easy to maneuver. If you are tall, you can only purchase boards of this size if you have a high experience level. 


32″ to 42″

 If you are still a newbie and unsure about what is ideal for you, start in this range. These boards are neither short nor long and should give you a perfect start to your longboarding experience. You will find that most longboarders purchase boards within this range. 


42″ and longer

These are long decks good for long cruising rides on sidewalks. These boards are stable and more comfortable than the shorter boards. They may be a nuisance in high traffic areas and are heavy when carried. 


Factors such as board material, length, and laminates determine the flex of a longboard. The flex you need is determined by the type of cruising you want. You can choose between a board with a soft flex and one that is stiff. 

A board with soft flex is okay for mellow cruising. Soft flex has great shock absorption on rough roads giving you a smooth ride. It also makes you ride closer to the ground, increasing stability. Since a board with flex reduces strain on your ankles and knees, it can be used in long-distance riding with minimal fatigue.  

Never use a soft flex board at moderate to high speeds as it is precarious. A stiffer board is best at moderate to high speeds. It gives a sense of stability and control.

However, it is best for short cruises as you are likely to feel the strain if you ride for more extended periods. 

Stiff longboards can be unforgiving on rough terrains. They tend to give you a more bumpy and uncomfortable ride. 

Trucks For Cruiser Longboarding

After picking the best deck for you, the trucks are what you need to look at next. Longboard trucks attach the wheels to the deck. They allow the board to turn and pivot at the axle.  

Unlike regular skateboards, longboards have inverted or reverse kingpin trucks. These permit more side-to-side movement when skating, increasing control, and stability. Longboard trucks are adjustable to your personal preferences.  

If you tighten the nuts, it compresses the bushings resulting in a tight feel when turning. Tightened trucks are ideal for high speed cruising as it stabilizes the board. If you plan to cruise in an area with many turns, loosened trucks are better as they turn with ease. 

A simple rule of thumb when picking skateboarding trucks would be to opt for the ones closest to your deck width. This gives you room to make proper wheel selection and guarantee you a consistent ride always. Widths of 8.5″ or fewer need trucks of 150mm, and those higher than 8.5″ need 180mm trucks. 

Bearings For Best Cruiser Longboard

Wheel bearings are what make your wheels go round. When picking bearings, your primary concerns should be cost, quality, and durability. The ABEC standard is used in rating them. A higher ABEC rating shows that the bearings make the wheels spin at a fast rate.  

For longboard cruising, the best ABEC rating is at least three and above depending on your preferred cruising speed. Wheel bearings need regular maintenance, and you should keep them dry and free of dirt. It ensures optimum performance and helps them last longer. 

Decent Bushings and Pivot For Cruising

Between the kingpin, baseplate and hanger are rubber pads called bushings. Ideally, each of your skateboard trucks should have two bushings. While many may argue that bushings have a negligible effect on the overall longboard performance, they are still important.  

The hardness or durometer of your bushings influences how the trucks pivot to the board. Hardened bushings make turning hard. However, they return more energy-giving more resistance to pumping.  

Soft bushings may be easier to turn as they absorb energy and impact, but they offer little pumping resistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I get a cruiser or a longboard?

It depends on user’s intend of utility. Cruiser is designed to commute or roam slowly across the street and suburb. It is not suitable for speed and long-distance riding. While longboard is faster and can be used for long riding, downhill going or for different longboarding tricks. But cruiser is better in term of safety.

What are Pintail Longboards good for?

Pintail Longboards are uniquely styled, highly versatile boards that feel great when cruising. Both experts and beginners use them. They are only suitable for basic riding. More complex styles would require a more advanced board.

Are Drop through Longboards good for cruising?

Yes, it is. drop through boards are perfect for cruising and several other riding styles. The drop-through design makes them both comfortable and stable even for long cruises. They are also easy to control and great for beginners.

What is a Pintail longboard exactly?

Pintail longboards are boards best for cruising and carving at speed below 25mph. They come in different sizes, and to get the best one, you need to consider your weight, height, and riding style.

Which board do you think is best for cruising?

A board with soft, grippy wheels and a durometer of 78A to 83A is excellent for cruising. The board should be between 28

Final Verdict

Whether you are starting off rider or have been longboard cruising for years, I hope you got some helpful tips from this article. Getting the best longboard for cruising is a task that requires knowledge and great attention to detail.

If you are a starting off, I then advise you to pick one of the boards reviewed in this article.

It will as well give you the peace of mind of knowing you have one of the best, most affordable longboards around.  

Overall, if you also want to gift your loved one with a longboard for cruising, I highly recommend you to opt for these mentioned. Then if you want more information about longboards, simply check out some posts and ideas on this blog.

Happy cruising! 

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