How to Clean Grip Tape On a Longboard In 2022 | 3 Easy Ways

Dirty grip tapes can annoy you big time. Our boards get dirty often and quickly. You only come to realize that when you are through with your skating session.

When mud or dirt sticks on your grip tape, you will have a terrible and slippery ride. Therefore, you will have a difficult time trying to pull out your best tricks. Furthermore, slippery skateboard surfaces can cause injuries and fatal accidents.

That is why in this article, we will tell you how to clean a longboard grip tape

Why you should read this article on how to clean grip tape on a longboard

I will highlight how I used to clean my longboard grip tape. Learning these steps will help you keep your grip tapes clean and save a few dollars.

Method 1: Use soapy water and brush for cleaning the longboard’s grip tape

Step 1: Purchase a suitable wire brush

Head over to the hardware stores or skate shop and buy a wire brush with stiff bristles. To enhance precision, ensure the brush is small. You can also use a firm toothbrush to clean your board.

Step 2: Prepare soapy water in a bowl

It is okay to clean longboards using liquid because they are thicker and more water-resistant than shortboards.

Prepare the right concoction of soapy water by mixing tap water with some soap in a medium-sized to clean grip tape with a toothbrush

  • For a clean smell, use lemon
  • Avoid submerging your board
  • You can also use window cleaner to clean the grip

Step 3: Use the brush and water to scrub

Scrub your grip tape, beginning from one end to the other. Take time to remove the messier spots. You may need some time to loosen all the dirt since grip tapes on longboards are always thick.

  • Whenever dirt accumulates on the brush, rinse it thoroughly in the soapy water.
  • Ensure that water doesn’t accumulate on your board. It can percolate into the wood structure of the skateboard and cause damage.
  • When scrubbing, avoid using extreme force that may strip the grit and tear the grip.

Step 4: Use a microfiber cloth to dry the board and its grip

  • Place the fabric on the board and pat it to suck up the moisture. Fold the cloth and dry the grip tape by gently pressing the cloth against it.
  • Ensure that you have also dried the bottom wood
  • Avoid using paper towels, since they tend to cause a huge mess as the towel breaks apart
  • If you don’t dry your grip tape thoroughly, it might begin to peel

Step 5: Let your board dry for three hours or more

Don’t use your longboard before drying it. It requires at least three hours and some brands require more than that.

Method 2: Use grip gum to remove any residue of longboard

We all have used a pencil eraser to get rid of pencil writings. That is precisely how grip-gum works. If your board has residues, this is the simplest method of removing it:

Step 1: Purchase some grip gum from your local skate shop.

If you fail to get the grip gum, a cheap cement eraser will do the work. You can get the cement eraser from an art store.

Step 2: Rub the gum or cement eraser across the tape.

You have to rub the gum eraser across your best longboard’s grip tape

Step 3: Then remove the residue left behind using a brush.

This method is suitable for boards that are not dirty. However, it cannot remove deeply seated dirt.

Method 3: Use running tap water and brush for washing longboard grip tape

Step 1:

Get a plastic scrubber that has bristles. The bristles should be rigid.

Step 2:

Open the tap and let it run


Put your board under the tap


As the water flows over the grip tape, scrub it using the scrubber.

As dirt come up, the water washes them away.

Step 5:

Wipe down the board using a clean cloth. Make sure the fabric has absorbed all moisture from the board.

Step 6:

Leave the board to dry for at least three hours.

It is a quick method of removing dirt from your grip tape. However, it may fail to get rid of some oily dirt that doesn’t dissolve in water.

The period of cleaning grip tape of a Longboard

The above methods take anywhere between 20 seconds and 10 minutes to get the cleaning done.

If you used liquid to clean your grip tape, you should let it dry in sunlight for at least three hours.

Don’t be in a rush to ride your damp or wet skateboard. If, by chance, moisture seeped into the wood structures and you ride it while wet, the board will warp or bend. Consequently, the rolling will not be smooth and straight, leading to injuries or further damages to the board.

Benefits of cleaning Longboard’s grip tape how to clean skateboard griptape without rubber

  • It saves on cost

You understand how expensive it can be to replace your sheet of grips. If you make it a routine of cleaning the grip tape and the board, you will enhance its longevity. Therefore, you will reduce the trips of going to the skate shop to spend more money on new sheets.

  • It boosts your grip tape’s stickiness

The purpose of your grip tape is to help your shoes maintain the grip on the skateboard. Cleaning removes any dirt that is clogging in the gritty, san-sprayed surface. Accumulation of dirt covering the grit tape leads to reduced grittiness.

FAQ on cleaning grip tape on a Longboard

  1. What can I use to clean grip tape?
  • Soapy water or tap water
  • Wire brush or stiff plastic scrubber
  • Grip tape gum
  1. Does water ruin grip tape?

It is okay to use water when cleaning your longboard grip tape. However, ensure you have followed our steps properly to avoid creating water pools on the board that may seep into the wood structure of the board. Additionally, dry your cleaned grip tapes for three or more hours after cleaning.

  1. Is it essential to clean grip tape?


  • It boosts your grip tape’s grit
  • It maintains the excellent condition of your tape
  • Cleaning increases your tape’s lifespan
  • You will not have to replace your tape.

Final verdict

We have shown you how to clean a longboard grip tape using either of the three methods. However, I highly recommend the first method, where you employ soapy water and a suitable brush to remove all dirt. Before riding your skateboard, always leave your board to dry for at least three hours after cleaning.

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