How To Calibrate Hoverboard In 2022- 6 Easy Steps (Any Brand)

You might have to calibrate your hoverboard from time to time to make it work properly. It’s a quick and easy operation that can be done in seconds if you follow the instructions, and it’s the same with most self-balancing scooters.

Most of the hoverboards available in the market can be calibrated using a smartphone but calibrating through the main switch works perfectly. This guide will cover how to calibrate hoverboards in general and discuss calibrating bluetooth hoverboards with smartphones.

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What is Calibrating Hoverboard?

Although it may appear complicated, hoverboard calibration is actually rather simple. It’s simply a synonym for the process of ‘resetting’ your device and removing any difficulties that may have arisen.

Resetting/calibrating may bring it back to its normal settings in no time, just like resetting a phone or computer. The best part is that most self-balancing scooters have the same calibration facilities.

Although most of the hoverboards can be calibrated following the same procedure, make sure to check the instruction in the product manual to be on the safe side.

When Should You Calibrate Your Hoverboard?

when should you reset hoverboard

You’ll only need to re-calibrate the hoverboard if it starts to behave strangely or malfunction problems. Vibrating, trembling, shuddering, tugging to one side, or a general sense of loss of control are all frequent signs that your hoverboard needs calibrating.

In all of these cases, you’ll most likely believe you need to replace your hoverboard or at least certain parts of it.

In a few more cases, calibrating your hoverboard might appear as the only solution to your problems.

If it rotates slower on one side than the other, doesn’t feel even, or has red lights flashing and you can’t use it, calibrating it could help. If it doesn’t, the gyroscope may need to be replaced.

Replacement components are generally available on the hoverboard’s manufacturer’s website. Chargers, frames, shells, wheels, bumpers, and other parts are available for purchase.

If you’re having trouble keeping your balance, it’s probably a gyroscope issue, and you should try calibrating the hoverboard.

How to Calibrate Your Hoverboard – 6 Easy Steps

How To Calibrate Hoverboard

Now, let’s jump into calibrating your precious hoverboard. The steps we’re going to discuss will work for any brand.

1. Turn off the Hoverboard

If your hoverboard came with a remote, turn it off using it. If it doesn’t have one or the remote is not working, push down the power button and turn off the hoverboard.

2. See If the Surface is Flat or Not Where the Hoverboard is Placed

If the surface is not flat, calibrating your hoverboard will not get you proper results. The gyroscope might act strangely as it can’t calibrate properly without being on a flat surface.

3. Press the Power Button for 5 seconds

Push down the button for five seconds, and keep the pressure until you hear a beep.

4. Notice the Lights

If you’ve done everything till now correctly, you’ll see the lights on the hoverboard flashing.

5. Wait for 30 Seconds

The hoverboard is now calibrating itself. Don’t move or touch any button now. Just wait for 30 seconds.

6. Turn It Off

Now, as the hoverboard has recalibrated itself, you need to lock and save the setting. How do you do it? Just turn it off! Push down the power button, and the hoverboard will turn off. It will save the recalibrated setting now.

And that’s how you have just calibrated your hoverboard in 6 easy steps!

The process that we discussed will most likely work for any hoverboard. But, your one may come in different directions. So, make sure to check the user’s guide to see if it’s the right process.

If your hoverboard didn’t come with a manual or you lost it, you can always do a quick Google search with your hoverboard’s model and see how to calibrate it. User manuals are also usually available on the manufacturer’s website.

How To Calibrate Hover-1 With A Smartphone

Among the best hoverboards, the Hover-1 model is one of the most popular one available in the market. It can run 7 miles per hour which is a pretty good speed. The hoverboard comes within an affordable price range which makes it so popular.

If you have a Hover-1 and you’re experiencing problems with it that can be solved by calibrating the hoverboard, here’s how you can calibrate it using a smartphone.

  1. First, place your hover1 hoverboard on a plain surface
  2. Install the Hover-1 app on your phone.
  3. Connect the hoverboard to the app.
  4. Turn on the app, and see if you can find a section titled ‘calibrate the unit.’
  5. You’ll see some instructions popping up. Carefully follow each of the instructions.

Note: This procedure is harmful to the Bluetooth chip and can even kill it. So, make sure you finish the task fast and follow the instructions properly.

Test Out The Hoverboard

No matter which procedure you have followed, you have to test whether you have properly calibrated your hoverboard or not.

  1. Turn on the hoverboard pressing the power button.
  2. There shouldn’t be any red light flashing. So, if you don’t see one, wear a helmet and other gear and climb onto it.
  3. Slowly run the hoverboard and try taking some turns while increasing the speed.
  4. See if both sides of the hoverboard stay even and the speed is the same while taking turns.

If you still find your hoverboard acting strangely, maybe it’s time to change the gyroscope. You can always consult an expert to find out what’s wrong with it.

You can apply the same procedure to calibrate other brands like Hover Star hoverboard model,  Swagboard Elite Bluetooth Hoverboard as well as Tomoloo music rhythmed hoverboard and reconcile the problems that arisen.


Learning how to calibrate a hoverboard can save you some time and money. And it’s not a difficult process to follow at all!

It’s not advisable to use a hoverboard that is having sensitivity difficulties. It can make you lose your balance, which might lead to minor injuries. Also, you’ll not enjoy your rides at all in a faulty hoverboard. Hoverboard maintenance can be costly sometimes. But, you have to do it if you want to use your hoverboard for a long time.

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