Why Does My Hoverboard Beep When I Go Fast?

​Hoverboard riders want to buy a hoverboard for numerous numbers of reasons. Among all those reasons, one of the main reasons behind purchasing a hoverboard is its speed. When you have a self-balancing scooter, it can take you to your destination within a short period. Even when you go out for a ride with your hoverboard, you get the chance to enjoy a smooth and pleasurable ride.

But the problem arises when you hear a beeping sound coming from your hoverboard while moving fast to reach your destination. This sound can make you feel crazy and have to stop forcefully to check the problem.

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hoverboard beeps when going fast
why does my hoverboard beep when I go fast

Right at this moment, you would be asking yourself – “Why does my hoverboard beep when I go fast?”

In a situation like this, you don’t know how to stop that freaking beeping sound. Or how to deal with the problem.

If the same situation has already happened to you, then it is good news that you have come just to the right place existing on this planet.

To be honest, I have heard this same kind of problem happen with many of my friends and readers. Even I also faced this same problem when I was competing with one of my friends in the final competition. So, I thought of doing in-depth research regarding the beeping issue.

Today, I have come here with this comprehensive article specifically designed to answer the questions like why does my hoverboard beep, why does the hoverboard beep when you go fast and similar others.

If you are a fanatic hoverboard rider and have a passion for hoverboard riding, you need to spend the next few minutes reading this entire discussion without taking any break.

I can assure you that after reading the following few paragraphs, you will be able to get a clear understanding of why hoverboards beep when going fast.

Let’s dive right into our main discussion….

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What Does the Red Light Indicate?

Before I start the discussion on why does a hoverboard beep, I think it is vital to educate you about the red-light thing.

In the case of a hoverboard, a red light typically means a warning light. It becomes an issue for you when there is a blinking of red light seen on your hoverboard.

The most common reasons why your hoverboard would show red-light beeping are as follows –

  • Loosening of the wires in the motherboard.
  • Possibly a bad connection between the cables or wires of your hoverboard.
  • A sudden breakdown of the circuit placed inside your hoverboard.
  • Low battery signal.
  • Any kind of defect or problem in the balance sensors.
  • The need for the replacement of the wheel motors.
  • The need for battery replacement.
  • Any kind of fault seen on the battery of the hoverboard.
  • Uneven surfaces.
  • Sudden defect on the motherboard of your hoverboard.

The above reasons are mainly responsible for causing red light or beeping sounds on your hoverboard. In this case, you have to gather proper knowledge regarding the reasons why your hoverboard beeps at the time of going at a faster speed.

Henceforth, I will be explaining the reasons for the hoverboard beeping when you go fast in the following paragraphs.

Keep reading on to find it out….

Why Does My Hoverboard Beep When I Go Fast?

Hoverboard beeps when going fast

Hoverboard beeps when going fast

In this case, the first question that I would like to ask you is that have you ever noticed the speed of your hoverboard at the time when you heard that beeping sound? Let me inform you of the fact that the hoverboard does have a speed limit, though it varies from brand to brand.

Most of the hoverboards from renowned hoverboard brands come with a maximum speed limit of 6 to 10 miles per hour. Some hoverboard brands are manufacturing self-balancing scooters that feature a top speed of 15 miles per hour (referring to the beasts in this case).

Keep in mind that the maximum speed of a hoverboard unit depends on the motor power, wheel size, and the hoverboard’s built-in safety features. So, it is crucial that you have to know your hoverboard’s speed limit without thinking of reaching a speed of 15 miles an hour.

The moment you cross the speed limit of your hoverboard model, you will hear the beeping sound, which is basically the main topic in this discussion. Remember that when you cross the speed limit of a hoverboard model, at that time, the safety board inside the board gets a trigger. And that’s the moment the beeping sound occurs without giving any prior notice.

For this reason, the manufacturers have added an indicator that gives a signal when you travel too fast. In this way, the indicator plays a significant role in preventing you from facing any unwanted accidents, for instance, giving you signals before losing balance.

As far as I am concerned, this is probably the main reason why you might hear a beeping sound while going fast with your hoverboard.

As I have already mentioned, there are other reasons for which you might experience a beeping sound.

Read further to know them too….

Other Reasons Why Hoverboards Beep

In this section, I am going to describe every other reason that may cause the beeping sound or red-light signal on your hoverboard.

I would recommend you to read all of these reasons with great attention so that you can identify the reason whenever you face such a beeping sound on your hoverboard.

Low Battery 

This is probably one of the simplest reasons why your hoverboard may show the red-light beeping thing.

Actually, these days, almost every hoverboard comes with a battery indicator that shows you the amount of charge left in the battery of your hoverboard. Depending on the remaining charge, it becomes easier for you to decide how much distance is possible for you to cover with your hoverboard.

Simultaneously, the battery indicator of your hoverboard also plays a great role in increasing the hoverboard battery’s longevity. If you follow the battery indicator’s signals, it can be assumed that you can expect better service from the hoverboard battery.

The battery indicator’s main job is to give you signals depending on the charge left in the battery of your hoverboard. For example, when there is 20% charge left in the battery, the battery indicator will show a green light blink. And, when the battery has less than 5% percent charge, then the indicator will show the red-light beeping thing to warn you so that you can stop the board right at that moment.

Whenever you hear such a red-light beeping thing, keep in mind that you have to stop your ride and start charging the device without making a delay. When the battery starts getting charging, the red-light beeping thing will stop after a few minutes.

Based on my personal experience, I would like to suggest that you never continue riding on your hoverboard when you get the green light signal blink from your hoverboard. Even if you continue the ride after noticing the green light blink, there is a higher chance that your hoverboard battery may start losing its longevity.

Faulty Motherboard

Why does my hoverboard my beep

Why does my hoverboard my beep

Another common reason you might hear the beeping sound from your hoverboard at the time of going fast is the faulty motherboard.

Actually, it is common sense that you will try to stop your hoverboard whenever you hear the beeping sound. In that case, if you see that the hoverboard keeps beeping without getting turned off, then it is obvious that there is something wrong with the motherboard of your self-balancing scooter.

For this of situation, you have got two options left in front of you –

  1. You have to manage a box of the repair kit and fix the problem by yourself.
  2. You have to take your board to the repair service to get the problem fixed.

If you ask me what I would do in this situation, my answer would be to go for the DIY method. In this regard, I must tell you one thing about myself that I am so passionate about hoverboards that I fix all my hoverboards’ problems whenever I counter one.

Uneven Surfaces 

Apart from the speed limits, all the hoverboards also come with incline limits. As far as I know, most of the quality self-balancing scooters are manufactured so that they can incline up to 15-degrees, while there are very few off-road hoverboards (meaning the expensive ones) that come with the feature of inclining up to 30-degrees.

So, if you, by any chance, exceed the incline limit of your board, then your hoverboard will create the beeping sound.

So, the question is – “What are going to do when you hear the beeping sound on your hoverboard?”

My suggestion would be bringing your electric scooter to a flat surface will make the beeping sound stop. I am suggesting this solution because I have seen this method working in the case of my hoverboard. This technique may work with your one, too (you never know, right?).

Loose Cables

Why does hoverboard beep

Why does hoverboard beep

The loose cable is another common reason why the hoverboard keeps beeping without giving any prior notice. Although loose cable is not a major problem, you have to reconnect those loose cables whenever there is a problem with those cables’ connection.

To find out the loose cable problems, you have to open your hoverboard and carefully check all the cable connections. If you are a beginner-level rider and intend to open a hoverboard for the first time, you need to study all the procedures required for opening a hoverboard.

When you find out about the loose cable connection, you have to solve the problem yourself as an expert is not necessary for this kind of simple job. All you need to do is to reconnect the wires or cables so that your hoverboard can start working like the way it did before occurring the loose cable connection problem.

In this case, many newcomers may think of replacing the motherboard for not having an adequate idea about the loose cable connection problem. However, I won’t recommend you buy a new motherboard unless you finish checking all the cables properly to find out the loose cable connection problem.

Balance Sensors Malfunctioning 

Any kind of malfunction that happened to your hoverboard’s balance sensors can cause the red-light beeping thing when you try to go fast. Actually, the malfunctioning of the balance sensors mainly occurs because of the internal wiring connection problem.

Such kind of internal wiring connection problem can create a hindrance to the balance sensors working properly.

I always try the resetting method for this problem as it is the ideal solution for a problem like this. However, even after resetting the device, I would suggest you try the resetting kit method if the problem still persists.

Bad Wheel Motors 

When the wheel motor of your hoverboard doesn’t work properly, at that time, the red-light beeping problem can also arise when you ride your board fast.

For this type of problem, it is better to replace the wheel motor because the motor is like a hoverboard’s soul. If any problem occurs to the hoverboard motor, it is better to stop using the hoverboard unless you change the wheel motor.

In this case, first, you have to disconnect the old wheel motor from your hoverboard. Then you have to use the reassemble tools for replacing the new motor.

Faults in Battery 

For both external and internal factors, the battery of your hoverboard can get damaged. And, a bad battery can also cause the beeping sound when you try to ride your hoverboard fast.

For problems like this, you have to replace the old battery immediately with a new one. In this case, you have to make sure that the new battery matches the requirements and specifications of your hoverboard.

How to Stop Hoverboard From Beeping

As of now, you have got to know all the reasons why your hoverboard beep when you go fast. So, it is now the right time to let you know the ways you need to follow so that you can stop your hoverboard from beeping.

Let’s give it a start then….

Resetting Your Hoverboard 

In order for resetting your hoverboard, you have to follow some specific steps. For your convenience, I am going to mention all the necessary steps that you must have to follow for resetting your self-balancing scooter –

  1. Adjusting the foot pedals first. You have to make sure that the foot pedals are completely flat on the ground.
  2. Now, press the power button of your hoverboard and hold the button for 10 seconds.
  3. You have to keep the button pressing till it gets turned off.
  4. When you see that your hoverboard is turned off, you have to wait for 20 more seconds.
  5. Finally, turn your self-balancing scooter on.
  6. You may have to repeat this resetting procedure for about 5-6 times if the first resetting doesn’t stop the beeping noise.

In the above steps, I have given a short description of the steps you have to perform to reset your hoverboard. If you want to get a clear idea on this topic, you can check out this comprehensive article to reset a hoverboard.

Fixing the Loose Line

In order to fix the loose cables or wires of your hoverboard, you have to follow some specific steps. In the following, I will be talking about all the steps you have to perform to fix the loose cables.

So, here we go….

  1. First of all, turn off your self-balancing hoverboard.
  2. Now, carefully remove the upper lid or the casing.
  3. After removing the upper lid, you have to check the wires to find any loose end carefully.
  4. If you find a loose wire, you have to push the clip using a pencil or pen. And, then reconnect the wire again.
  5. If you see that the wires are not properly clipped in, you have to pull them out of the board and push them back in.
  6. In both mentioned cases, you have to connect the line or wire by matching the colors.
  7. Now, put the casing back on and firmly tighten all the screws.
  8. Finally, it is time to power on your hoverboard.

If you are a slow rider and ride your board on the flat surfaces, then you can follow the above steps to solve the red-light beeping problems.

However, if you are a rough rider who likes to perform stunt and hoverboard tricks, then the methods mentioned above may not bring you the ideal solution to your beeping problem.


So, we have now reached the ending section of our discussion on – “Why does my hoverboard beep when I go fast.”

I am sure that I have clearly explained all the reasons responsible for causing the red-light beeping problem on your hoverboard. Besides, I have also explained all the other reasons for creating the beeping problem in your self-balancing hoverboard.

Apart from that, I have shared two solutions that you can apply to stop your hoverboard from beeping.

Still, if you want to know anything more regarding the hoverboard beeping problem, then you can message me at any time you want.

I would love to extend my helping hand to help you out.

This is all I had planned to share with you this time.

Take Care! Good-Bye!

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