5 Cool Skateboard Tricks For Beginners | Tricks You Must Learn

Skateboarding is one of the greatest ways of spending your time and brightening up your days. With several tricks to pull off when skateboarding, this sport never gets boring. Perhaps you’re wondering what are cool skateboard tricks for beginners!

Tricks are special maneuverability that enables the rider to steer the board as he/she likes. It needs skateboards that are suitable for tricks. There are some boards also which provide multi-purpose facilities like doing skate tricks & cruising together.

This post will help you out to try tricks that you need to learn as soon as possible for pleasure skateboarding.

I have compiled some of the coolest skateboard tricks that can give you incredible riding. These tricks are ideal if you’re a beginner. They ensure you learn the skills and tactics of skateboarding, like maintaining balance.

You can have lots of fun skateboarding, pulling off the different stunts. If you haven’t tried them, it’s time to learn them.

Make sure you have basic knowledge about skateboarding before going for stunts. Take necessary precautions and also try to know about the functionality and features of your skateboard. Try to buy quality brand’s skateboard like Kryptonics to ensure the best user experience and safety.

Keep reading because you deserve a great skateboarding experience!

Cool Skateboard Tricks

A skateboarding trick is a skillful movement that you perform on your skateboard while skating is a skateboard trick. Some skateboard tricks are easy and ideal for kid beginner skaters. Other stunts are complicated, and advanced skateboarders can pull them off. You should learn the basic tricks first before you move to advanced skateboard tricks. If you are adult enough then you should try advanced skateboard tricks.

5 Best Tricks You Should Learn As Beginner

  1. Chinese Nollie
  2. Biebelheimer
  3. Boneless
  4. Fakie Frontside 180
  5. Hippie Jump

Skate tricks are playful entertainment loved by skateboarders. Every skateboarder dreams to become adept and proficient in skating tricks. We have described skate tricks in-depth, which are a must for beginner adult skateboarders to learn below.

1. Chinese Nollie

The Chinese Nollie is a cushy skateboard stunt, ideal for beginners. To do this stunt, simply push the skateboard slightly forward to ricochet the front wheel off a break. The skateboard will fly off the ground. This stunt is one of the coolest skateboard tricks. You just need to be able to do a little bounce on your skateboard’s nose.

When doing this trick, remember you’re not hitting the nose of your board on the ground. You’re hardly lifting the back wheels. The rest is simply maintaining stability over the board. If you practice this stunt as a beginner skateboard, you’ll definitely up your skateboarding game.

Note: You need to move quickly while practicing tricks. That’s why wear comfortable and durable clothing especially skateboarding long-lasting jeans and t-shirts and also wear pads, braces, and helmets for safety.

2. Biebelheimer

If you are a beginner skateboarding, you might want to try this cool stunt. The goal here is to make your board flip over.

How is that possible?

Start by snatching your board. Make sure you snatch it with the nose and you’re on the contrary side.

The next step is to turn your skateboard (around 180 degrees) so the grasp tape hits the ground. What’s significant is that you need to make sure it’s somewhat calculated when you toss it down. That’s what causes the flip over. To rehearse, work on getting the board to flip over. Additionally, to make this stunt work, you don’t have to scratch the tail on the ground.

3. Boneless

This is a simple beginner skateboard trick. This trick involves more of hopping off your foot. To pull the boneless trick off, set your feet up in such a way that your front foot. You can fall off the side and onto the ground without much of a stretch. Leave your back foot on and snatch with the hand, hop off your foot, and bounce back on the skateboard.

4. Fakie Frontside 180

If you’re experiencing difficulty with the customary frontside 180, try this cool stunt. With the fakie frontside 180, your energy does the trick. Just pop, contort your body and land back on the board. You would have pulled quite a stunt. Wear protective head equipment before trying this.

5. Hippie Jump

Hooping up and off then back onto the board while rolling is fun, trust me. This is what is involved in the hippie jump. You can go over a hindrance and let your board move under it. This is the official adaptation. Likewise, you can do the 180 or body varial.

To do a hippie bounce, you need something to hop over while your board moves under. Anything will do a seat or nothing by any stretch of the imagination; it doesn’t make a difference. You can utilize the hippie jump as training for other stunts. It can also be great to do this trick while messing about with your companions.

The hippie jump is a perfect choice if you want to up your skating game. Improve your equalization and body control by pulling off hippie jumps. Note that Hippie jumps are for fun and practice, are generally for entertainment and practice. Taking this stunt too seriously is the last thing you ought to do.

Final Verdict

Skateboarding can be fun. To get the best skateboarding experience, you ought to choose the best stunts to pull off. There are so many tricks- you just need to select those that tickle your fancy. Whether you are a beginner or a novice skateboarder, you can take your skating to a whole new level just by pulling off different skateboarding tricks.

The above-mentioned skateboard tricks are so cool, and if you’re a beginner, you might want to consider trying them if you already haven’t. You’ll thank me. They are quite simple stunts to pull off. If you’re a beginner skateboarder, these are great stunts to pull off. Try them, and have some fun while you up to your skateboarding game.

Enjoy the ride!

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