How To Ride An Electric Skateboard – Explained In Depth

Are you a skating enthusiast who wants to skate endlessly? If your straightforward answer to this inquiry is yes, then you need to consider an electric skateboard. Unlike traditional ones, electric skateboards can go uphill and at a faster speed, and hence they are useful if you are looking to take your skating skills to the next levels.

But wait, do you know, how to ride an electric skateboard?

Well, getting started may be a big challenge, but once you learn how to do it, you will love the experience. Below is a step-by-step guide that will get you ready for your skateboarding adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Riding an Electric Skateboard

  1. Wear the Right Gear

The first step to riding a skateboard involves wearing proper safety equipment to ensure that you don’t sustain injuries when you make mistakes.

how hard is it to ride an electric skateboard

Remember that your first experience of skateboarding with electric skateboards may not be friendly as you think. Being electrically powered means, they move at a higher speed than the traditional ones. They can cause you severe injuries in case you fall off your electric skateboard.

You should have the following before skateboarding if you are a beginner adult or kid

  • Helmet – to protect your head
  • Shoulder, knee, and elbow padding
  • Correct shoes to protect your feet and give you better control of your skateboard

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  1. Stance and Balance

Once you wear the right skateboarding safety gear, it’s now time to face the real thing – electric skateboarding. You are advised not to place both feet on the board simultaneously since you don’t have the experience needed to do so.

can you ride an electric skateboard on the road

Instead, you should start with your dominant foot first (the foot you kick with), and the other foot should follow. You are starting with the dominant foot as it gives you better control of your skateboard. To maintain balance, place most of your body weight on the dominant foot and retain a stable posture to avoid leaning the body on one side or the other.

  1. Take Off 

You are now on your electric skateboard and want to take off. It should not give you much problem as it involves selecting the speed and the gear you wish to take off with. Newbies are advised to take off with the lowest speed mode to minimize the chances of encountering accidents.

Slowly press the throttle on your wireless keyboard remote, and you will take off at your desired speed. After a short while, you will achieve the right pace, and you will need to hold the throttle steady to maintain that speed. Avoid obstacles as much as you can and try to make a turn where possible.

  1. Braking  electric skateboard braking

To stop your board, you should activate the brakes by pulling back slowly on the throttle. You are advised not to pull back on throttle instantly, mainly if you are at a higher speed. Doing so would cause the electric skateboard to stop immediately, and results may cause you regrets.

  1. Practice

You will soon become an expert, but only if you keep practicing as often as possible. Exercising will help you master how to accelerate and how to apply brakes. You should also practice how to take turns at a safe speed.

 FAQ On How To Ride An Electric Skateboard

  • How Hard Is It to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

As you may have seen from the guide above, learning how to ride an electric board is pretty simple, and any person can do this without necessarily asking for help. You simply have to follow the above guide, and you will be a happy rider shortly.

  • Can You Ride Electric Skateboard on the Road?

You may have seen electric boards on the roads and in the cities. You might have wondered whether they are allowed to operate on the streets. Whether you will making a criminal offense or not when riding a magnetic board on the road will depend on where you come from. Generally, most states have not yet drafted laws to regulate the operation of boards on the streets. The devices are new in the transport industry, and regulations to govern the same are not yet tabled.

  • Can You Push an Electric Skateboard?

The straightforward answer to this inquiry is yes. You can push your electric board if you want to do so, but remember, it can be heavy depending on the size. If you own one that is not too bulky, you can push to save electricity or when your electric board runs out of power.

  • How Do You Stop an Electric Skateboard? 

Learning how to stop an electric skateboard should be the first thing first. Don’t dare to step on that board if you don’t know you will stop once you take off! Electric skateboards come with a remote that is designed to help you do almost everything you need by pulling buttons. Go on the remote and find the throttle, pull it back gradually and gently, and the electric board will stop. Remember not to remove the throttle abruptly as this can be very dangerous. You don’t want to be thrown off your board.

  • How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

You want to understand how fast electric skateboards can go so that you can do proper planning on whether to purchase the same or not. Well, since they have a motor powered by electricity, the speed can be high! On average, electric boards can travel from 29Km/h to 45Km/h. However, the rate may be different depending on the model.

  • How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

To make a worthy investment, you should make sure that you know how long your board will last. We all need durable products, and that why you are asking the question above. It’s good to understand that your electric board will last longer if you use it rarely. However, if skating is your hobby, then you are with your electronic board now and then. It will last for a few years, say 2-3 years.

  • How Safe or dangerous Are Electric Skateboards?

You can think of your electric skateboard as a tiny electric car that moves through pavements. As we said earlier in this post, they are driven by a motor powered by electricity and can achieve a higher speed within no time. As such, they are dangerous for newbies who have not yet mastered how to ride correctly. You are advised to resist the temptations of higher speed, mainly if you are a beginner and without proper safety gear! Experienced riders have little to worry about. But I will recommend you choose an electric skateboard from a renowned brand. You will get an awesome electric skateboard under $500

Final Verdict

The above post clearly explains the step to follow when riding electric skateboards. Don’t just do things uninformed, simply follow all the steps outlined here and rest assured you will soon become a pro rider. What are you waiting for? The best time is now!

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