How To Ride A Hoverboard – The Easiest Way

Have you been trying to find the easiest way to learn about how to ride a hoverboard? If you have a somewhat positive vibe to the reply, then it’s an honor to welcome you here.

This is basically an illustrated tutorial on hoverboard riding which will work as a step-by-step guide for beginners.

It was 2013 when this electronic gadget – hoverboard – got its introduction in the market for the first time. Right from the beginning until now, they have always been on the verge of popularity for being the most stunning and highly-appraised personal transportation.

You can’t deny the fact that if you see a hoverboard for the first time in your life, you’ll surely have the interest to ride that hoverboard or you may wonder about how people get balance while riding such a vehicle.

Well, by any chance, if you are in a circumstance to buy the first hoverboard for your kid or there’s a probability that you’re going to ride one of your friend’s hoverboards, then you’re just at the most appropriate place on earth.

With this hoverboard riding guide, we’ll share some detailed steps which will definitely help you to learn the right way of riding a hoverboard. At the same time, our hoverboard riding guide will also help you to teach others who have a deep interest in learning hoverboard riding.

Let’s get everything started…..

How To Ride A Hoverboard

ride a hoverboard easiest way

Our comprehensive tutorial on the easiest way of hoverboard riding will focus on the following:

  • How To Prepare Safely On Your First Ride
  • How To Accurately Mount A Hoverboard
  • How To Step Off A Hoverboard
  • How To Control A Hoverboard
  • How To Break Or Stop
  • Safe Hoverboard Riding Tips

Things You Must Know Before Riding on hoverboard

things you must know before riding a hoverboard

Before you make your first attempt to ride your hoverboard, there’re certain things you must give attention to, or else you may fall on the ground.

It’s always a better idea to get a basic level of knowledge about the thing you want to give a try before making any attempt. At the same time, you should have a proper plan along with preparation about how you’ll mount your hoverboard for the first time and how you’ll step off the hoverboard.

It works in the same way as you did on your first time riding a bike. Remember that you didn’t learn bike riding in a single day. But, with the passage of time, you automatically got hold of it.

Therefore, keep this in your mind that you must not expect to encounter a situation where you’ll step on the hoverboard and you can start to glide automatically.

If and only if you have ‘PASSION’ and ‘TIME’, then hoverboard riding will become totally EASY for YOU.

How To Prepare Safely on Your First Ride

At this point, I will assume that you have purchased one of the top-rated beginner-level hoverboards for you. Now, what to do?

At the very beginning, you should keep in mind that an easy preparation procedure is the most needed thing. There’s no need to make a jump on the hoverboard when you don’t have any kind of preparation at all.

Before doing any other thing, it’s mandatory for you to arrange all of those safety features – kneepads, helmet, tailbone protector, wrist guards, and elbow pads.

We recommend you to apply sunscreen on your skin before going out as you’ll have to spend a couple of hours outside under the sun. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Besides, it will be better to take a bottle of water along with the first aid kits box before going out.

Make a double check on your newly purchased hoverboard if it’s properly charged and very importantly, give focus on it’s not overcharged. In this regard, you can check out this detailed article on how to charge a hoverboard. This comprehensive discussion will help you to know every single thing regarding your hoverboard charging.

Take a look at the hoverboard manual guide and try to find whether the board comes with a learning mood. If your board comes with a learning mood, then it will be better to turn that mood on. Turning that mood on will keep the board away from moving at a faster speed.

Besides, having a thorough study of the manual guide will assist you in identifying the hoverboard in an appropriate manner and this will consequently increase your current level of technical knowledge. Always remember that reading the hoverboard manual will always be vital because it will help you to choose the right hoverboard for you.

But, if you don’t have a hoverboard at this time, then you can take a look at our review of the Top Rated Hoverboards Under 200 Dollars as it will save a couple of your hard-earned money. This thorough research of ours will guide you to get the best performing hoverboard.

How To Accurately Mount A Hoverboard

​Once you’re completely ready for your first hoverboard ride, the next thing you have to do is set it up and go for the first attempt. This is the ‘TIME’ when you have to become very careful, or there will be a possibility that you may fall.This gadget needs your attention and balance, and for that, you have to be relaxed and then go for the right approach.

Here’s what you should do –

accurately mount a hoverboard

​Use The Dominant Foot

In order to identify your dominant foot, you should have a try to stand giving all the weight on your one leg. This will help you to identify your dominant foot.

Remember that when you place your dominant foot on the board at the first attempt, it will assist you to get a greater level of CONTROL on your hoverboard.

Place The Other Foot

Right after putting your dominant foot on the board, make sure you gently place the other foot on the board. Your hoverboard will move right across the way where your body is actually giving a direction.

If you stand still and up straight, there will be very little chance of getting fallen on the ground. You just have to make sure that there’s a comfortable level of wide stance which will help you to get the balance.

How To Step Off A Hoverboard

​The method of stepping off a hoverboard is pretty much easy. Just reverse everything you did at the time of getting on your hoverboard.Make sure you shift all of your balance to the dominant foot and then gently step off the other foot.

At many times, your instinct may give you the indication to jump off. But, never ever make a jump because it will bring injuries to YOU or some kind of scratch to your board.

Always keep in mind that stepping on or off your board is the toughest part of the entire process. And, it will take TIME to have MASTERY on the CONCEPT.

So, we would suggest you practice more and more and keep patience.

How To Control A Hoverboard

Controlling your hoverboard is really very easy. You just need to learn some basic things about the controlling system. Unless you learn all of those basic controlling things, you won’t be able to get hold of the control properly.

If you have a PASSION for becoming a PRO, then you certainly need to focus on every move, tip, and strategy which will assist you.

Therefore, you should FOLLOW these basics attentively –

Moving Forward

moving forward with a hoverboard

The method of moving forward is totally easy. All you need to do is tilting your toes & ankles down across the floor. Still, you can tilt your body gently to your front direction in order to move your board forward.

Some prefer using both of the methods and some only go for one. It’s totally up to you to prefer which method you’ll go for.

Here we have a PRO-TIP for YOU – the more you tilt your body forward, the more speed you can gain.

At the same time, you can increase the speed of your hoverboard just by tilting your toes downwards by giving a little bit of pressure.

Moving Backward

Now that you have known how to move forward, it’s time to tell you about how to move backward. Well, moving backward is no hard task at all rather it’s just the opposite of moving forward.

In case of moving backward, you just need to tilt your heel downward. Besides, you can also lean your body to some extent backward. Doing these 2 things will move your board to the backward direction.

At the time of leaning into any direction, keep in mind – never lean too much cause it may occur an accident. Also, make sure to keep the center of your gravity on the top portion of your hoverboard otherwise there would be a chance of falling on the ground.

Most of the beginners commit one common mistake which is leaning the body too much. And, this causes accidents by falling down on the ground.

In order to avoid such kind of accident in your beginner level, you should avoid leaning your body too much. Try to keep in mind that leaning on your hoverboard is kind of similar to leaning your bike to a greater extent.

How To Break Or Stop

If you think that only knowing backward or forward is enough, then you’re completely wrong. Another important thing to learn is how to stop a hoverboard. To do so, you have to move your body to the opposite direction so that the speed gets decreased and consequently, it will stop your hoverboard.

While doing so, make sure you don’t force in the opposite direction with too much pressure. Actually, giving too much pressure may break your board or you may get involved with an accident.

How To Make A Turn

​While riding your hoverboard, it’s very important that you must know how to make a turn. Well, learning how you’re going to make a turn is somewhat technical.

While taking a turn on your right, you have to push the left toe of yours in the forward direction.

how to make a turn

It will always be a better idea to try these simple turnings more and more. Once you get mastery over the simple turns, then you can go for sharp turns. This will keep you away from facing any kind of turning accidents.

When you will be trying to ride your hoverboard for the first time, you may face any unwanted issue with your hoverboard. In that case, resetting your hoverboard will help you to get back to your hoverboard in the normal condition.

Safe Hoverboard Riding Tips

Since riding a hoverboard is full of fun and excitement, so it can become some sort of addiction to YOU.

We would recommend you to take great care of yourself while you go for a ride with your board. Keeping that in mind, here we have come up with a list of Safety Hoverboard Riding Tips.

  • Always wear protective gear before you go for riding with your hoverboard.
  • During the night time rides, make sure to wear reflectors along with light-colored clothes for ensuring signals to other drivers.
  • Before you buy your hoverboard, you should check all the top class hoverboard brands.
  • If you’re a beginner, it would be better for you to ride on the streets where there is less traffic.
  • Checking the weather condition is another important hoverboard riding tip for the beginners.

In addition to these safe hoverboard riding tips, it is also essential for you to understand the mechanism of the hoverboard functionality. Having a thorough idea of how a hoverboard works will help you become a pro-level rider within a very short time.


Can I ride a hoverboard on the carpet?

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Can I ride a hoverboard on grass?

Well, it depends. Actually, there are several factors that mainly explain whether you can ride your hoverboard on grass or not. For a detailed idea, you can check out this article on hoverboard riding on grass.

Can I ride a hoverboard in the rain?

Well, I have no straightforward answer to this question. And, that’s the reason I would request you to check this article written on hoverboard riding in the rain.

Final Words

We do believe that now you have got a clear idea about how to ride a hoverboard. Actually, we have tried our best to explain the entire method as detailed as possible. We think following the above steps will surely help to learn hoverboard riding in a proper way.

We would recommend you to FOLLOW all the safety measures so that you can avoid any kind of unwanted accidents. And, if you have any suggestions which you THINK we should add to this comprehensive tutorial, then you can feel free to knock us.

We’ll definitely add your OPINION to our tutorial on hoverboard riding for beginners. This is all for TODAY.

Now, it’s your time to take your hoverboard and go for your first ride.

Before I finish, I must make you aware of the fact that for any kind of hoverboard reviews or tips and tricks, you can check out this website.

This is all I had for you this time.

See You Soon!

Happy Riding!

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