Yocaher Vs Atom Longboard In 2022 (The Best Match For You)

Whether you’re an avid learner or an advanced longboard rider, no matter where your expertise lies, it all boils down to which brand makes the best longboards.

While choosing the best longboards for yourself, you will encounter the infamous dilemma of deciding between Yocaher and Atom longboards. As these brands have hit the jackpot in all the criteria that a longboard must-have, the war is inevitable.

Yocaher vs Atom Longboard

But, we’re here to solve that and tell you the primary differences so that you can grab the best fit.

Yocaher Longboard Overview

What started in 1997 is now a well-known company with tirelessly working employees serving their excellent customers through the coherent creation of experienced manufacturers. Their main goal is to encourage the skateboard and longboard community, so they’re strictly restricted in innovating those.

Yocaher Longboard Overview

Yocaher has never been renowned for lagging. Their trendy shapes, up-to-date graphics, and comfortable styles are all that the longboard users can rave about. Fortunately, they manage to pack all that into super affordable prices and striking-high value and quality.

Yocaher is an online-based shop for skateboards. Their wholesale company is based right outside of Los Angeles, California. Moreover, other than having some of the best-selling skateboards, Yocaher also specializes in longboards which can tailor to multiple riding styles. Yocaher is also renowned for owning the top-rated freestyle longboards. These are all immensely high in quality and top-tier for surfing and cruising. 

Is Yocaher Good Brand?

Yocaher is without a doubt one of the best skateboard and longboard brands, especially for beginners. They have proven time after time with their drop-down boards, longboards, and skateboards that premium quality and durability is their key to success.

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Their consistencies in maintaining and ensuring sturdy construction and A-grade materials have worked magic for consumers. Unique and elegant designs are their pure magnets for skaters. Besides, users seem to never get enough of their vast array of longboards due to tremendous satisfaction. Yocaher maintains outstanding longboards and skateboards by perfecting their trucks, wheels, and designs.

Atom Longboard Overview

One of the best Longboard brands, Atom longboards company has been serving its community since 2005. Their claim to surrender ‘exactly’ what the consumers crave has been very definite and valid throughout the years. When it comes to loyalty and trust, they build their brand based on authenticity, so much so that they are headstrong about procuring all the raw materials themselves. 

Atom Longboard Overview

That’s correct. They don’t let in mediators or other intermediary parties to get the job done. Safe to say, consumers, keep coming back time after time and generation after generations to taste their affordable pricing and unparalleled value.

Riders design their longboards, so the ‘Atom Guarantee’ about honest price and great products is unbeatable. Furthermore, Atom longboards can elevate your riding experience without breaking the bank. And this specific feature, along with the sturdy built, invites in all skill sets.

Is Atom Longboard Good?

Atom longboards are the epitome of enhanced stability and sturdy construction. And as if that’s not enough, these can accommodate downhill carving and nearby or around-the-city commutes with no signs of regular wear and tear. 

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Their extensive leverage technology helps to ease out wheel bites and deliver the most fluid experience for the riders. Moreover, when you’re concerned about achieving the best value for the price paid, Atom longboards are ideal for many professional and beginner users. These excel in quality without excelling in the price points. Some even say that the costs are cheaper than the contemporaries but, the value remains unmatched. 

The truth is that, even though Atom specializes in entry-level longboard users, the satisfaction that the brand provides spread out amongst all expertise levels.

Atom Vs. Yocaher Comparison Table

Comparison ParticularsYocaher BrandAtom Brand
  • Design
Yocaher maintains the perfect concave designs with great grip technology. Their deck designs are made with Canadian Maple wood worth nine layers. The boards can range up to 40-inches.Atom longboard length ranges from 36-41 inches, with eight plies of maple wood that are relatively compliant. Flexible and prevents cutouts.
  • Trucks
Yocaher heavy-duty trucks ensembles top-quality hangers, axles, aluminum alloy construction, grade-8 kingpins, and 90A PU bushings.Atom features trucks made from aluminum and a traditional reverse kingpin. They pose stable axles and aluminum hangers. These makeup for the highest speed while remaining stable during quick and sharp turns.
  • Wheels & Bearings
Yocaher specializes their wheels with a pure rubber construction, and their bearings may vary from ABEC-5 or ABEC-7.Generally, Atom wheels are made with Urethane. The bearings are traditional and most-wanted ABEC-9.
  • Deck
Yocaher decks are solid-built with unique artworks. They also recreate various shapes and sizes that can render to every rider’s preference.Atom features robust and sturdy built decks that can let riders cruise downhill and all-terrain. They also constantly introduce excellent graphics and artworks on their decks.
  • Load Capacity
Yocaher can adjust to heavy riders easily as their maximum weight capacity is 270 pounds.Atom longboards can support a maximum of 250 pounds. But, some boards have even served riders with a weight of 280 pounds.
  • Longevity & Board Thickness
Yocaher features some of the top-most favorite beginner-friendly boards. They’re cheap and filled with entry-level features.Atom boards are the most genuine, reliable, and safest options in the market. It consists of all the ins and outs that a beginner would need.
  • Company Goodwill & After-Sale Service
The high-quality boards can tailor to multiple riding styles and needs. This has given a massive boom to the company’s goodwill as customers from all skill sets choose Yocaher for their top-notch service, affordable price, and novel features.Company goodwill has risen since their birth like a raging storm. Customers love their purchase, and after-sales experience as the products exceed their limitations. More so, as the boards are reasonably priced and exceptionally highly valued.


We can never order you to go for a specific brand. But, as now you know every little secret of both these brands, you can make a wise decision.

Remember to put your needs, likings, budget, and skillset first. The rest will come easy. Happy shopping!

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