Top Quality Skateboard Deck For Kids In 2022 (Deck Size Chart)

Coupling the kids’ steeper growth curve and the specific deck measurements, they are likely to outgrow a skateboard in no time.

Well, so what is the ideal deck width and length for your growing kid? This article has deeply discussed skateboard decks and even composed a deck size chart for kids to ensure you get it right.

KIds Skateboard Deck

Ideal Skateboard Deck Shapes For Kids (Types Of Decks For Skateboard

Long gone are the days when we would be limited to only one design of skateboards. Instead, skateboards of different shapes, also commonly known as hybrid skateboards, are the order of the day. In fact, thinking that children mostly love fancy items, a differently shaped and fancy designed skateboard will attract them more like skateboards with handles.

Below are more details on the various shapes of skateboard decks for kids.

1. Concave Youth Skateboard Decks 

concave deck

To begin is the concave-shaped skateboards. The longitudinal curvature of these decks is quite wide such that the increase in the pressure inserted on the deck edges while skating increases the possibility and ease of flipping.

Yet, the concave-shaped decks are divided into radial, progressive, w-concave, and convex-concave decks

  • Radial Concave Skateboard Deck

radial concave deck

The radial concave skateboards have the deepest degree of concaveness and hence have a higher curvature. So actually, they are the commonly used type of skateboard.

Due to their high degree of curvature, they offer a lower center of gravity; hence there are easy to maintain balance. As a result of their stability, there are highly recommendable for children.

  • Progressive Concave Skateboard Deck

Next is the progressive concave skateboard, which slightly imitates the radial skateboard by having a broader base that allows a safer footing. Consequently, they are also easy to maintain balance but not as the radial concave skateboards.

  • W-concave Deck

This skateboard deck has a w-like shape. Their advantage is that they offer an extra centerline. This centerline is quite helpful in moving most of the energy from the heels to the toes. Therefore, it is more recommendable to professional for performing skating tricks.

  • Convex-Concave Skateboard

Lastly, on the concave skateboard is this type of deck that combines both the concave and convex. The concave shape increases its stability while giving the skater a more natural foot placement from the convex design.

2. Camber Deck Shape

camber deck shape

This type of deck offers a higher center of gravity due to the deck’s upward bending, lifting the rider off the ground. Therefore, it has higher flexibility of navigating sharper turns.

3. Kicktail Deck

Kicktail deck

Kicktail decks have slightly raised tails on either of their tips. These tails are suitable for performing tricks or ollies.

How To Choose The Perfect Skateboard Deck For A Kid

choosing right size skateboard deck

Skateboards have varying measurements and designs. Their construction design is to meet users of different ages and heights’ needs.

Subsequently, you need to consider your kid’s age and height to determine their ideal skateboard. Especially when your kid is 10 years old beginner rider or less, you need a skateboard deck that is coherent to the size of your kid’s shoes, as you know at this age kids grow rapidly.  Can we get right into the matter now?

1. Deck Width For Kids In Accordance With Rider Height

Just a second, have you ever walked in big-sized shoes? Especially if it was a long-distance, you can attest to the discomfort or even pain the next day.

Well, in this case, I don’t want to imagine seeing kid skateboards of inappropriate width, for honestly, the risk here is too much.

The deck of the skateboard should be well-fitting and comfortable for the kid. However, a slightly expansive deck would be appropriate to increase the stability of the kid.

Below is a chart of deck width for kids in accordance with rider height.


Kid heightSkateboard width

5 or under

3’4 or under

6.5″ to 7.0″

6 to 8

3’5 to 4’4

7.0″ to 8.0″


4’5 to 5’2

7.5″ to 8.0″

13 and over5’3 or over

8.0″ and over

2. Deck Length For Kids In Accordance With Rider Height

Another thing to look at is the length of the deck in comparison to the height of your kid.  But to be honest enough, it’s hard enough to tell which is the ideal deck length for children because they outgrow them quite fast.

That’s why I always advise not to invest much in a kid’s skateboard, especially those below seven years of age.

All a small child needs to quench their thirst for skating and nothing much about the tricks. Well, we are offering a chart indicating the deck length for kids in accordance with rider height

Chart of deck size in accordance with kids height & boards length


Kid height

Skateboard length

2-5 years

Less than 3ft27.2” – 27.6”

6 – 8 years

3ft to 4ft


9-12 years

4 -5ft

29” +

3. Ideal Nose And Tail For Kids

The Deck nose is the back part that is slightly raised, while the deck tail is the front part which is generally narrower than the tail.

These parts of the deck are used mainly by professionals. In fact, some of the manufacturers do not pay much attention to the deck tail and nose.

However, if your kid is intrigued with skating, you should have a skateboard with a relatively narrow nose and tail.

Some Market Winner Skateboard Decks For Kids

  1. Revive Skateboard Deck
  2. DGK Skateboard Deck 
  3. kid Cudi Skateboard Deck
  4. supreme skateboard deck

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the best size skateboard for a 5 to 6 years old child?” answer-0=”Children of 5 years or below should use a skateboard of 6.5″ to7.0″ width, while kids of age 6 to 8 need a skateboard width of 7.0 to 8.0.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What age is a 22-inch skateboard for?” answer-1=”A deck 22 inches long is appropriate for children of age 2 to 6 years.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How do you tell the difference between the nose and tail of a skateboard?” answer-2=”To differentiate the nose and tail of the skateboard, place the skateboard on a raised flat level. The nose is the steeper end.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is a good skateboard for kids?” answer-3=”A good skateboard for kids should be safety promising and of the correct size. The chart above should help you get the right skateboard for your kid, depending on their age. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]


In 2020, a report from the injury Facts organization indicates over 120 000 serious injuries were reported from skating. However, this statistic was said to decrease at a rate of 27%, probably due to the covid-19 pandemic. Out of this static of over 50% were children.

On the other hand, the skateboard deck is known to be the most critical skateboard component.

My point

Noting that children are highly prone to these accidents, more attention is paramount when choosing a skateboard for them. For that reason, we have compiled all that you need to know about decks for kids. So now it is all upon you for you have all you need to make the right decision.

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