Skateboard Or Longboard For College | Which One Is Best? (A Comparative Guide In 2022)

When the dispute on whether you should longboard or skateboard to your college arises, let me tell you the first element that you must consider – your expertise level.

Believe it or not, as fast as skateboards or longboards can transport you to your college every day, without having to waste hours in the dreadful heat and traffic, they can provide you more than that. But, not if you don’t possess the right skills. 

Thus, we’re here to let you make an informed decision on whether you should skateboard or longboard for college.

Let’s get rolling!

Skateboard Or Longboard for college

At first, you should know the

Differences Between Skateboard And Longboard:

Sometimes it can get extremely tricky to tell these boards apart. Even with an entirely varying set of uses and construction, they come off as quite similar in their looks. Let’s explore the fundamental differences between skateboards and longboards.

  • Decks 

Is your main objective to learn newer tricks?

If yes, then you need a flexible and thin board base or deck. On the one hand, soft and pliable decks are perfect for daily cruising. On the other hand, you need a mediocre softwood deck for learning and performing tricks.

This is because the sturdy and spring-like deck will allow you to bounce while remaining stable during maneuvers. Generally, skateboards have a thicker deck base than longboards. But often, longboards can also tailor to such needs if they’re sturdy enough.

  • Trucks And Wheels 

Trucks operate differently on both of these boards. Trucks in a skateboard are narrow and rigid, ensuring easier maneuverability during grinds and tricks. They also come in the same size as the skateboard’s width.

Trucks in longboards aren’t that restricted. The maximum truck width rounds up to 150-180mm. These flexible trucks make up for a stable ride and coordinated cruising.

For faster cruising and smoother experience, longboards have softer and larger wheels. In contrast, skateboards have rugged and small wheels.

  • Balance

Longboards have undeniable stability due to their comfortable foot area and enlarged spacing. They’re easier to balance on thus, great for newbies too. Once you get familiar with the basics of balancing on a longboard, the transition to skateboards would be much simpler and safer.

  • Speed And Tricks 

This is where you get to decide why you want to go skateboarding or longboarding. Skateboarding is for those who love to learn and master tricks, conquer kickflips, grind rails, or even skate on mini ramps other than the central – travel to college.

Longboards, on the contrary, can render to cruising, stablest ride adventure, riding down hills, at the beach, or even to roll down for a quick stop at the grocery shop and around town. 

If you solely want to cruise to college and run errands, pick up a good quality longboard. To explore tricks, skate parks, and even competitions, grab a trustee skateboard.

Is It Easier To Skateboard Or Longboard?

Let’s give it to you straight – longboards take the winning cup because of their enhanced comfort and easier maneuverability. The construction of longboards has a huge give-in for such convenience. They’re made with soft, pliable wood and are indefinitely far more spacious. Hence, cruising in longboards around town is a joyous and peaceful time.

Is It Easier To Skateboard Or Longboard

On the contrary, skateboards are smaller in size and made with complex and smaller wheels. While running over bumps and cracks, you can especially feel the change between longboards and skateboards. The fallback is that skateboards might halt while encountering cracks or splits on the roads. Some skaters aren’t a fan of that feature.

Benefits Of Longboarding To College

The very first benefit of longboarding to college is that it’s environment-friendly. You get to enjoy quality riding time with friends and perform adequate physical activity, which benefits your health. It’s also proven to de-stress and increase blood flow, improving brain activity.

Needless to say, it will cost you less time to get to college rather than walking. You don’t even have to be late for class anymore.

Additionally, as you can squeeze through traffic or even ride on sidewalks, as it’s said that these are faster than bikes or bicycling. The best part is that they’re also immensely cheaper than bikes. They’re incredibly portable and are hassle-free for parking or locking up.

Benefits Of Skateboarding To College

Like longboards, skateboards are relatively easy to ride on pedestrian-friendly spaces like parks, sidewalks, or the streets. Then again, another striking resemblance with skateboarding is that you can reach your destination faster.

Here’s the best catch about skateboarding and the bitter truth for longboard enthusiasts – Skateboarding is a heck of a lot of fun! Skateboards regulate annual competitions and have the most rave among all age groups.

Again, skateboards, too, are lightweight and highly portable. It’s perfect for in-campus movement as you don’t have to lock up.

What Is Best For College Going Skateboard or Longboard

The ball is in your court now. But if we absolutely had to suggest one, we would recommend longboards for college, and here’s why. 

  • Besides going to college, you can cruise around town as it’s an exceptional transportation tool.
  • Doesn’t halt when it encounters bumps or cracks.
  • Starting with a longboard makes the transition to a skateboard easier.
  • It boosts your confidence and lets you comprehend how to balance, perform tricks, adjust and break.
  • Safer than skateboarding and poses fewer hazards.

But, as we’ve already said before – the choice is entirely yours. If you think that the natural ‘coolness’ lies in pulling off a few tricks with the added advantage of transportation, skateboards are your endgame.

Are skateboards or longboards allowed on college campuses?

Skateboarding is banned on multiple college campuses. Even though longboarding may be allowed on many college campuses, there are various rules to abide by. Students aren’t allowed to glide down on a longboard wherever inside the campus. It’s wiser to check with the college’s specific rule guides on skateboarding and longboarding before initiating.


So, which one do you think will be your ride-or-die form of transport for college? Pay vital attention to your preference and skill set. Both boards will bestow you with immeasurable joy and uncountable experiences.

Before you hop on this journey, make sure you know your college’s policies on skateboarding and longboarding. Happy rolling!

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