Best Jeans For Skateboarding in 2022 | Check Top Picks

Best Jeans For Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not all about jumping onto the longboard or skateboard and starting motion. Your speed and tricks will not only be determined by how much you are good at skating, or by how experienced you are, but also by what you are wearing.   How heavy are the jeans, and how easy can you stretch your legs out for support if you lost balance?  Do the … Read more

Top 6 Best Skateboard For College Campus In 2022

Are you in college and just learned skateboarding? Do you want to get the best skateboard for college? Or have you been skateboarding for a while, and you want a new skateboard? If you’re going to find the best non-electric skateboard for college, we will help you with your search. Having a skateboard while in college serves the same purpose … Read more

Skateboard Or Longboard For College | Which One Is Best? (A Comparative Guide In 2022)

Skateboard Or Longboard for college

When the dispute on whether you should longboard or skateboard to your college arises, let me tell you the first element that you must consider – your expertise level. Believe it or not, as fast as skateboards or longboards can transport you to your college every day, without having to waste hours in the dreadful … Read more